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Chapter 7

Again: Another time; once more; anew.

"Eriol, I-" Kaho began.

"Now I told Sakura that I'd get my revenge on all four of you, and that's what I'm going to do," Tomoyo laughed.

Kaho looked back at Tomoyo. "Yes, back to business. I believe I said that I'd kill one of you guys, and so… it will be you seeing that you were the one who caused this whole mess," Tomoyo continued.

"Fine," Kaho nodded and shot another arrow at Tomoyo.

That arrow barely grazed Tomoyo's cheek. Tomoyo rammed Kaho against the wall and tried to stab her with her dagger, but Kaho grabbed Tomoyo's arm and pushed it to the side, forcing the blade to get stuck in the wall. Now Tomoyo was unarmed, and Kaho began shooting the arrows rapidly. Tomoyo ran across the room and shielded herself behind one of the couches. Tomoyo peered around the edge of the couch. Eriol was watching the fight, 'Why isn't he doing anything about this,' both of the women thought. Tomoyo saw a glass vase on a side table near the sofa. All she had to do was throw the vase at Kaho, and hopefully not miss, in order to stall Kaho for the moment. Tomoyo dashed out from behind the couch and seized the vase. She threw the vase and amazingly, it hit Kaho on the head. She fell to the ground, unconscious. Tomoyo panted for a second, then looked up at Eriol, "What are you doing here?"

"T-Tomoyo…" he started.

Tomoyo came closer to him, and stepped over Kaho. "I got you pregnant, didn't I?" Eriol looked down unhappily, "That's what I killed."

Tomoyo kissed his forehead, "That day you guys threw me into the water… I was going to tell you then."

"Tomoyo, you shouldn't kill Kaho. You should kill me. I deserve it more than her," Eriol pleaded.

"No, I couldn't. Ka-" the sound of three arrows being fired interrupted her.

Tomoyo fell against Eriol. He looked down, and along her back were three of Kaho's arrows. Blood slowly oozed from the wounds. He looked up and saw Kaho weakly leaning against a wall. Tomoyo pushed herself off of him and dragged her feet towards the red-haired woman. Along the way she pulled her dagger from the wall. Tomoyo's face looked soulless, and her eyes were dead. She pinned Kaho against the wall with one and plunged the dagger into Kaho forehead. Eriol flinched at the sound of Kaho's skull cracking, and was even more disturbed by the sight of Kaho's murdered corpse. The red liquid seeped through the stab and dripped to the floor. The dagger kept her standing up and pinned to the wall. He then looked at Tomoyo. Her back was covered in blood as well. He rushed over to her side to see if she was all right. She tried to remove the arrows from her back but they were too deep inside of her body. "Eriol?" Tomoyo asked.

"What?" Eriol brushed the hair out of her face.

She closed her eyes and smiled, "I forgive you."

He stayed with her until she died, then he left the two bodies in Kaho's house.


Eriol walked up to Tomoyo's grave, and looked for the names that Syaoran was talking about. Tomoyo got her revenge on all of them. Syaoran got his heart broken, and would probably never find another like her. Sakura lost the most important person in her life, and now became known as a whore. Kaho was murdered. Eriol… Eriol lost Tomoyo again, but this time, it was for good. He found the names but the strange thing was that all the names were already crossed out.

…1 year later…

Sakura and Eriol were volunteering at a carnival. They were serving ice cream to everybody. "So any word from Syaoran?" Eriol enquired.

"I've told you a million times, I haven't spoken to him for ages!" Sakura sighed handing a little kid a cone.

"Oh well," Eriol shrugged.

Sakura had given up on love after a few more attempts with other guys. Eriol had also given up. A hand slid some money across the counter, "One vanilla ice cream cone please," the familiar voice ordered.

Eriol scooped some vanilla ice cream out of the bucket and put some onto the cone. He turned and gave the cone to a young woman with dark hair, amethyst eyes, and pale skin. She looked exactly like… "Tomoyo?" Eriol asked.

The woman laughed, "Yeah, I get that a lot here!"

A small three-year-old girl ran up to her, and tugged at her dress, "Mommy! Is that mine?"

"Oh! What a cute little girl!" Sakura squealed, "She kinda looks like…" Sakura looked up at the mother then gulped nervously, "She looks a lot like her mother."

The girl tugged on her mother's dress again, "Mommy, is the ice cream for me?"

"Yes sweetie," the woman handed her daughter the ice cream. She turned to Eriol and smiled, "Thank you."

He watched the woman walk away, observing every detail about her. She was so much like Tomoyo Daidouji. She knelt down and dug into her purse. She handed something to her daughter and pointed at Eriol. The little girl nodded and skipped over to the counter. The little girl smiled at Eriol, "Here ya go," the girl placed a white rose on the counter, and added, "daddy."

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