Title: A Strange Fate

Author: Karina

Rating: Strong PG-13 for description of torture and general dark themes.

Summary: Once Arthur and his knights descend into Marius' dark dungeon, they find a third survivor who was deemed a horrible monster, feared by the Romans and treated as such. Was it truly so? How can this being help change the course of the future for Arthur and his knights?

Warning: Cross over with the Lord of the Rings :) It begins just before the movie but swiftly moves in cannon with the story we know. Post ROTK, movie/book cannon, KA movie cannon. Somewhat... it is a crossover... ;)

Disclaimer: Recognizable dialogue belongs to its respective universe (Lord of the Rings or King Arthur) If there are any discrepancies or any errors whatsoever, please let me know! I'd love some criticism is you have

Author's note : My first new story in nearly three years! I appologize to those waiting for my next chapter of The Space Between in the LOTR section. It's coming!

I'm trying to keep this story as faithful as possible to both universes, but of course with the coming of my mystery guest, things are bound to change for Arthur and his knights (hint hint!). Still, I'm following the movie only with this additional character, yet his coming does change the course of events. I'll let the story take flight and go where it will.

My knowledge of King Arthur is essentially limited to the movie, so if I make a mistake (like saying Bors has a hawk and Tristan has 11 children) please let me know! I know more of LOTR, but I'll do my best. This is more of an experiment, so it's a risk for both you and me. Oh yeah and I'm starting it with a typical setting, third survivor out of Marius' dungeon. What can I say, I think it's one of the easiest places to insert an extra character, but I think it fits well enough.

Extra general warnings : I always tend to explore dark themes and usually my stories are filled with symbolisms. I try to dig deeper and have a deeper meaning, something we can try to learn from. In this story, needless to say, it's acceptance towards those who are different and defeating prejudism. I'm sure there are more themes that will cross our path, but for now these are the main ones.

Some parts may be a little dark. There is implied torture (mental/physical) and this story is a bit of a healing type story, healing through learning from other people I guess. Though there will be nothing graphic, though maybe a bit of retelling, but that's all. Oh and there's no slash whatsoever, nor is there any romance, at least the only romance is cannon to both universes (save for one implied one much later on and it's not really important, but just to warn you ahead of time!)

Phew! I always tend to ramble for a very long time before the story starts, but at least it's only for the first chapter... I think that's all and we can now go on with the story! I'm including the first chapter along with the prologue since the latter is so short. Thanks!

A Strange Fate

This story has recently undergone a few changes. Most chapters have been modified. Please take the time to skim through them quickly, if you like! Thanks

Prologue: Shadowed Stranger

Some thousand years before Britain was forged at the United Kingdom, it was a larger vaster island, where the lands that would be known as Scotland and Ireland were once fused with the main isle. To the West, Britain was populated by ancient beings thriving long before the Roman Empire even came to be. They were the beings of legend, whispers of nameless fears and shreds of mystery passed through the winds. Since the West was hardly visited, there was no belief in any of these lost legends and forgotten tales. The world had changed, much that once was, was now lost, for very few lived to remember it. History became legend, legend became myth and some things that should not have been forgotten... were lost. Faith was lost, and the desire to believe and dream was just another passing thought.

The stars shined brightly above in the ever ending sky, almost taunting those living down below with thoughts of freedom. For the stars were free as they twinkled merrily, so high and mighty they were, rejoicing in their freedom.

In the dead of night, where all that was alive were the creatures of darkness and the twinklingstars above, a lone shadow crept from the mist towards a warm fire were sat a man attempting to remain awake. His comrades had long ago given way to the world of dreams, save for his predecessor who was too happy to be relieved from his watch. At last, once his ale-fogged mind cleared, the soldier noticed the unwelcomed visitor who, he would swear later on, appeared magically across the flames.

"Hey you!" he shouted, his hand reaching for his sword. "What do you want?"

The mysteriously cloaked being recoiled slightly, his threatening appearance losing none of its potency. Upon seeing the slightly inebriated man, the cloaked and hooded shadow flashed his own bit of steel.

"What do you want?" The standoffish soldier repeated his question, but pulled his hand away from his sheath when he saw the stranger was only interested in information.

"I am searching for someone," the shadow whispered hoarsely.


Taking the proffered invitation, the mysterious stranger sat down.