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With You I'm Born Again

Chapter Three: Just Desserts



Gokou yelped as a very angry Bulma tackled him to the ground. A collective gasp went up from the watching group as one of the most powerful people in the universe went down.

The only one who wasn't absolutely shocked was Vegeta, who stood there heartily laughing at the whole situation. His woman had his great rival flat on his stomach, her slender arm around his throat, knuckling her fist into his spiky black hair. The funniest thing about the whole situation was the fact that Kakarrot was worlds stronger than the tiny, fiery woman atop him was, and he was obviously too frightened to remember.

"Please Bulma, come on!" Gokou wheedled in total panic, trying to wriggle away. "I mean, you should be happy! I managed to talk him down from the nude photos!"

"What nude photos?" Bulma screamed, seizing a sizable lock of his hair. Gokou howled as she gave that lock a sharp tug.

"Chi-Chi! Help! Get her offa me!" Gokou called to his wife, who'd been standing in awe at the way he went down so fast. Shaken out of her trance, she took a step towards them. Vegeta, not wanting the fun to end just yet, quickly sidled over to Chi-Chi and whispered something to her.

"What are you telling her?" Gokou asked in a tiny, scared voice. His answer came when Vegeta gave him a nasty smile and Chi-Chi turned a pair of enraged black eyes to him.

"How dare you?" She bellowed in her trademark screech. Vegeta cringed at the sound, wondering briefly if Kakarrot's "just desserts" were worth his eardrums ringing from that woman's voice. He knew just how worth it the outcome was when his fellow Saiya-jin's "loving" wife made a running leap for her husband. She landed on top of the already struggling pair with a battle cry normally reserved for a warlord and started them rolling about, pushing, pulling, shoving and throwing up dust.

"How dare you say I'm not 'near as pretty as Bulma is'? I'm your wife, buddy! I should be the most beautiful woman in the universe to you!" She yelled, pounding him on the head.

"I ain't done with him yet Chi-Chi! Wait your turn!" Bulma insisted, straddling his back as she bent his leg upward. Gokou lay beating the ground with his fists, helplessly afraid of the two wild women who were currently beating the shit out of him.

"Uh, guys, don't you think we should break them up?" asked Krillin sheepishly as the nimbus of dust thickened.

"You really want to get between those two?" Yamcha muttered, still in shock.

A pair of intense black eyes flashed to Krillin, who went white. The small fighter shook his head vehemently, thinking the prince just might toss him into the mix for fun.

"Then mind your own damn business, Baldy," Vegeta spat, folding his arms over his chest. He leaned against a porch post and grinned, watching his lover play.

Finally, the incensed women had enough of punishing him, and all sounds of struggling had stopped. Chi-Chi stepped out of the cloud of dust first. Her neat bun was all askew, the pinned ball just hanging limply, one frog of her red Asian style top undone. "Okay Bulma, I think he's had enough." She said, smoothing a hand over her ruined coif. She flounced past the dumbstruck spectators, refastening the frog as she entered the house.

After a moment, an "oof" was heard out of Gokou from within the dust ball and Bulma stepped out, a scowl on her face. "Serves you right Son-Kun," she growled, cracking her knuckles into her fist. Vegeta gaped.

Bulma's short green dress now sported a split side seam up to her hip, one white thigh flashing from it. Her hair was tousled, dressed with tatters of grass. Her cheeks were blazing a radiant pink and one side of her lips curled in annoyance. Her entire body was smudged with dirt, but she wore such a look of regal pride that Vegeta felt a surge of arousal within his body. There was something exciting about her, a slight, Chikyuu-jin woman taking on one of the greatest Saiya-jins known to man.

That shouldn't surprise you, he thought with a wicked smile. She takes you on every night…

"Ahem, sorry guys. Show's over. Lunch in about an hour," he heard her say as she ushered the group back inside. He would have followed right away, but he just had to wait. Just had to see the look on his rival's face.

At last, the dust settled and there lay Kakarrot, face up in the dirt, much bruised and humbled. Vegeta almost lost his composure to more laughter, but only smirked. "Isn't it funny?" He asked, approaching the flattened Saiya-jin.

"Huh?" Gokou answered, dazed and pretty embarrassed.

"You, the great Kakarrot, whom none of the greatest powers in the universe could snuff out, get your ass kicked by a pair of pissed off Chikyuu-jin onnas." At this thought, he began laughing again, throwing his head back as Gokou struggled to his feet.

"Well, uh, when you're deathly frightened out of your wits all of a sudden, it's kind of hard to put up a good fight. Eh, besides, I probably deserved that," he shrugged, bending at the waist with his hands braced on his knees.

Vegeta snorted out the last of his laughter and turned away. "Oh, and Kakarrot?"

Gokou looked up at the retreating prince. "Yeah?" A split second later, Gokou found himself hoisted into the air by the front of his gi. "Eep."

Vegeta stood below him, an angry snarl on his face. "Just what sort of pictures do you have of my wife?" He asked him, clenching his other hand tightly. Gokou suddenly went the color of a dead fish as Vegeta's fist began pulsing with hot ki. "And be truthful please. I can kick your ass a lot harder than they did you know."

"No, no, no wait!" Gokou suddenly blurted hands up to shield his already beaten face. "Honest, I don't have anything like that! Yamcha used to and I think he gave them to Roshi, but I have no idea where they are!" He babbled on, trying to hoist himself out of his hand-dug grave. "I promise, I just mentioned them in passing, you know, to get the old Kai's attention."

Vegeta's glare grew hotter as he thought of the old pervert ogling his onna, or worse yet that fuck-up of a Chikyuu-jin she used to date. But, after witnessing her display of revenge, he thought of how much fun it would be to watch her kick the shit out of the bastards herself. Soon his anger died down, replaced by the strange mischievous glee that had caused his old rival so much trouble today. He dropped Kakarrot into the dirt and turned to enter the house.

"You would do well to tell those two to rid themselves of them immediately, unless they'd like a personal experience with my onna's ass kicking prowess," He said with a grin that Gokou didn't see. Behind him, he heard some kind of acknowledgement as he entered the doorway.

His eyes scanned the great room for Bulma. Chi-Chi gave him a wry look and jerked a thumb in the direction of her friend's room. He nodded and made his way down the hall, his groin burning as he replayed the image of her after her battle over and over in his dirty mind. His previous wave of lust had not subsided yet, and he didn't intend to leave himself in this state.


"Stupid sonuva…Kami dammit…" Bulma muttered as she tried to remove the smudges of dirt from her body and face. As she moved downward, she noticed the rip in her dress. "Aww, I just bought this last week!" She growled. She stripped it off and shook out the bits of grass and sod. Laying it over her desk chair, she examined the torn green material. "Hmm, I could just hem it…it is kind of sexy like this…" She grinned when she thought of driving her lover mad with lust in a dress like the one she now envisioned.

A knock at the door silenced her personal thoughts. "Onna, are you decent?" Vegeta asked.

"No," Bulma answered calmly, ruffling her hair to rid it of the dust and bits of grass.

"Good," growled her lover as he slowly pushed the door open. She gasped in surprise, not expecting him to come right in. He sucked in a hot breath as he took in her body, pale, curvy, and naked but for a pair of red silk panties. The dirt splotches still mottled her perfect skin, but they looked unbelievably sexy on her. A playful smile graced her lips and that did him in. "Gods, you are gorgeous onna." He groaned, stalking forward to gather her into his arms. She grinned and put her arms around him, nuzzling her cheek into his chest. She laughed softly.

"Vegeta, I'm pretty dirty right now," she said, trying to pull away from him. He held her fast and pressed his body against hers, letting her feel the hardness and heat of his arousal. He looked fiercely into her blue eyes with black fire in his.

"Yes, aren't we both," he uttered with a strained growl as he descended on her, claiming her lips in a passionate kiss. She quickly returned his fire and struggled to pull his shirt away from his body. His hand swept up and encased one of her warm, plush breasts, rubbing his thumb roughly over the nipple. She growled as she finally stripped his black shirt over his head. Lurching forward with a growl, she latched her lips onto his chest, nibbling one of his nipples sharply. His knees shook violently and his shaft tightened under her ministrations. "Uhn, tell me Bulma. Did that tussle get you as hot as it did me?"

Bulma looked up at him through her deep beryl-blue lashes, the sheer sultriness he saw making his knees go soft again. "Oh, so that's why you're up here ready to ravish me, eh?" She asked, feeling a little more brazen after her scuffle.

Vegeta's lips spread in an evil grin and he scooped her up into his arms, relishing her excited cry as her moved swiftly to their bed. He dropped her onto the mattress, loving her laugh as she bounced a little. The movement caused her lovely breasts to bounce and he removed his jeans and underwear swiftly. He climbed atop her and let his erection glide against the soft fabric of her panties.

"You have no idea how sexy you were out there. Seeing you take down the greatest rival I've ever known, your fierceness…I loved it." He moved himself against her, the silk of her panties becoming wetter with every word he said. "You were my Valkyrie, my warrior queen. Good Kami, I want you now," he groaned, falling on her with hot, wet kisses. She writhed beneath him, urging her clothed pubis against his hardness. With a feral sound, he reached down and pulled the flimsy red thing away from her. The thin material ripped a little and she whimpered in slight protest. He shook his head. "I don't care, I'll buy you new ones. Just let me—"

He was cut off when she bucked her hips upward. He felt the head of his erection slip against her ever-moistening opening and he moaned in helpless abandon. She responded to this by seizing his hair and yanking him down on her for a deep, wonderful kiss. He began moving in a thrusting motion, not penetrating, but simply sliding against her soft, wet folds. The motions made his hardness rub against her clitoris and she shivered beneath him, beginning her own bucking movements. For many minutes, they just moved harmoniously, drinking in the beauty of their passion.

Vegeta felt the beginning of his climax and stopped at the last moment, breathing shallowly as he tried to bring some control over his protesting body. Bulma looked up at him, her eyes begging him for more. He recognized the look and shook his head. She glared at him, her breaths hitching as she felt the first throbs of her own plateau.

"Don't…don't you tease me, Saiya-jin," she snarled, and Vegeta felt his head spin in response to the ferocity of her voice. It alone almost sent him over the edge.

"You think you're so innocent of teasing, brat? That's all you were doing to me out there," he admitted, his voice thick. Hoisting himself up on his hands and knees, he crawled backwards down her body. His strong hands dragged over the shivering mounds of her pillow-soft breasts, kneading her stiff, darkening nipples, along the lithe, velvety length of her torso. When his fingers reached the silky nest of blue hair, he stopped and lingered there, twirling his fingertips into the tight curls. Bulma's body writhed in a sensuous ripple and she moaned, powerless to stop the blazing inferno in her blood. For many moments, he just gazed at her beautiful paradise, memorizing the deep, roseate color of her swollen vulva, the pearly pink knot of nerves and each curl of indigo hair. In a swift movement, Vegeta grasped her soft thighs in his hands and looped her legs over his shoulders. With a soft growl, he sank his tongue into her core.

A strangled gasp escaped her as she felt the fleshy muscle flex within her. Indescribable sensations surged through her with every swirl of his hot, raspy tongue. He drew away and fixed his eyes on the straining pearl of her clitoris nestled in those velvet folds. Something that resembled a purr rumbled in his chest and he fastened his mouth to it, flicking his tongue over it rapidly. Sparks of intense heat shot through her, making her emit sharp, excited cries.

Vegeta was drowning in the sensory overload he experienced. She tasted incredible and sweet, her musky, womanly scent penetrated his every fiber. Her inner muscles squeezed his tongue and her pubic curls brushed against his sensitized skin as he sampled her again and again. Her cries were music to the beast in his soul. Moving up to her clit again, he suckled it hard and plunged his finger into her moist satiny womanhood.

"VEGETA!" He shivered in response to the scream that echoed in the room. Her hands shot out involuntarily and sank into the sheets, her fingernails ripping into the material. Her entire body convulsed mightily and he continued his oral caresses. She cried his name many more times as each wave slammed into her, cumulating into a massive orgasm. Her toes curled into the mattress and she raised her still clenched hands to the ceiling, taking a goodly amount of shredded sheets with her. "VEGETAAAAAAAAH!"

Vegeta's body responded to her primal shriek, her scent, the sight of her fists full of the ruined sheets and her shuddering body nearly breaking his thread-thin control. He growled loudly and raised himself up onto his knees, straining to maintain himself. His own toes curled, his black eyes screwed shut, and his entire body clamped down on the release it sought.

Gradually, Bulma's body regained control over itself. Her sight cleared and she raised her head a little. The sight of her king's perfect body tensed, trying to hold off his pleasure, made her feel a little selfish. The sight of his throbbing, engorged erection also made her desire for him awaken from the euphoria he'd just bestowed on her. She pushed herself up and sat against the headboard for a moment to collect her thoughts. Finally, she positioned herself on all fours and began crawling slowly towards him.

Vegeta felt the mattress shifting as she moved and opened his eyes. He watched her silently, albeit appreciatively, as she slinked toward him like a cat, a lustful smirk flashing her white teeth. Her eyes smoldered, stoking the craving in him that he thought he'd had under control to a dizzying blaze.

"Well, well," she whispered in a sultry voice, "looks as though the ruler of the mighty Saiya-jin race is in need of some…assistance." She slipped around his body, feeling him stiffen as she placed her hands on his shoulders. She leaned into his back, crushing her soft breasts into him, tickling her pubic curls against his tailspot. He shuddered out a growl and wavered on his knees as she gently breathed warm air into his ear. She placed a hand on his cheek and turned his head to look into his eyes. They looked like a fire stirring among coals. She noticed the way they locked onto hers, and she used his captivation to coax his body onto the bed. Their eyes never lost focus as she eased him onto his back, carefully propping herself up so as not to touch his still hard member. In the same way he had, she crept down his body, her fingers worshipping every inch of him. They glided over his tough pectorals, brushing feather-soft over his nipples, trailing down his rippling abs. She stopped there and bent to adore his navel with her tongue. He purred deeply in response, feeling himself melting into the sheets.

She rose up a bit and let the tip of her tongue graze down the dip in the muscles leading down to his genitals. She sat back on her heels, drinking in the sight of his thick, long erection, flexing with every breath he took, its head almost crimson with blood. She let her eyes travel down to the hair covered sack between his legs, regarding how very close to his body it was. Her hand floated down to it, gently curling her fingers around the organ. Vegeta let free a growl and bucked his hips up against her hand. She very softly raked the tips of her nails through the veil of hair and wrapped her hand around the base of his penis, extremely thrilled to find her fingers couldn't quite go all the way around it. Settling comfortably on her knees, she leaned down and breathed a long breath over it, earning a tremble from her lover. His eyes rolled back, hands tangling into the tattered sheets as she pressed the tip of her tongue against the cap of his member. "Uhn."

She drew back for a moment and regarded the sound quizzically. "What?"

"Onna," he repeated more clearly. She shook her head slowly and deliberately, slowly kneading her way up his length.

"You want me to stop?" she asked, arching a thin, midnight brow. He shook his head spasmodically, pounding the bed with powerful fists. She smiled sexily and pumped her hand down on him. "Then you say my name." Without waiting for a response, she braced her legs against the mattress and took him into her mouth.

"BULMA! Holy shit…BULMA!" he roared as she dragged her tongue along his entire length as she bobbed her head up and down his straining sex. She went down to the base and came up slowly, twirling her tongue around and around as she did. Her hand returned to the furred sack and tickled it gently as she continuously raised and lowered her mouth onto him. Bringing herself up, she wrapped her lips in a tight ring around the underside of the swollen tip and fluttered her tongue lovingly against it. That sensation caused him to convulse and moan out her name in a shaky voice. She went down again, loving the feel of him filling her mouth, the pleasing taste of the steadily flowing liquid from the slit, the scent of him making her dizzy. The very impact of what she was doing made her own heated sex begin dripping with wetness. She wrapped the other hand around him again and began pumping him up and down as she continued to suck him.

The sudden acceleration of sensation made him buck and grind against the mattress, losing his mind in the feel of her hot soft mouth and the grip of her slender hand milking his hard flesh. White explosions rocked his head as he felt the onslaught of his climax. His hands kneaded the bedclothes and he felt Bulma's hands clasp his as she finished him off with her sweet mouth alone. The memory of how she looked after her last climax and the wonderful things she was doing to him now assailed his brain and sent him over the long-awaited edge. He gripped her hands tightly and pulled in a long, audible breath. "BUUUULLLMAAAAAAAAAAA!" He roared, releasing a shot of hot, creamy come into her mouth. Another convulsion seized him and he emitted again, harder this time, groaning her name. Yet another, and finally she just held him inside the cavern of her mouth, letting him spill all into her.

Slowly, she dragged upward, releasing him from her lips. She swallowed the gift he'd bestowed, savoring the unique taste and the fact that she alone could do this to him. He lay before her, spent and gratified, his great chest heaving. Now and again, he would spasm and smile contentedly, his ink black eyes hidden beneath the veil of his eyelids. When he finally opened his eyes, there was no focus in their raven depths. It was as if he was under a spell. Bulma grinned, because he was: her spell.

Focus returned to his eyes and he looked at her. She still sat kneeling, her hair mussed, her breasts full with pride, a small drop of his seed on the corner of her smiling lips. "Cocky little siren," he growled, sporting a grin of his own. She raised a hand to her lips and wiped her thumb against the remaining come on her mouth. With a brazen smile, she licked it from the digit, earning a growl from her recovering lover. He reached for her, and she, feeling playful, scooted away. "You think you can get away from me?" He lunged for her, catching her off-guard. She'd nearly forgotten how quickly he bounced back. He grabbed her around the waist and wrestled her onto her back. "I win, onna."

Bulma leered at him. "From what I just witnessed, I think I won."

"If you remember rightly, I got you off first."

She smiled blissfully, remembering extremely clearly. "Who could forget? Just look what you made me do," she said, indicating the sheets. He shrugged.

"Can't help it. I told you it's that fierceness… It turns me on. I could hardly hold back a while ago." Replaying what she did to him, his eyes closed and he lay gently atop her. "That's what you do to me," he told her, pressing his already hardened shaft against her thigh. She smiled, shifting a little to let her slippery opening touch the tip of his manhood. He groaned, nuzzling his cheek against her downy breasts, turning to take a nipple into his mouth. She hummed in pleasure as he tenderly suckled her, his other hand toying with the flesh of her collarbone, tracing a line down to the opposite breast. This one he circled with the tip of his finger, enjoying the satiny flesh of the darkened areola. He drew away and lowered his lips to hers, clinging to her in a sensuous kiss. She wrapped her arms and legs around his body and held him to her, pressing the swells of her breasts against him. Softly, she rocked her core against him, lathing him with moisture.

"Make love to me Vegeta," she murmured. His head fell against her collarbone and he raised his hips to meet hers, entering her in a smooth, languid motion. She moaned, her fingernails biting his shoulders as he sank deeply into her. His eyelids fluttered, and finally closed in supreme satisfaction. Relishing the feel of her around him, he placed his arms more completely around her and clasped her to his body, letting their heat mingle through their skin. She rubbed her hair against his forehead, completely lost in the fullness of him deep inside her.

He began to move within her, smooth, undulations of his pelvis that drew moans from her delicate throat. Gone was the intense inferno the pair had begun with, replaced now by tenderness and sensual passion. She met his gentle thrusts with a soft rocking of her hips, her hands wandering carelessly over the expanse of his back. Spasms moved through them like tides, rising and falling sinuously. Vegeta lowered his mouth to her and drank her in with a long, slow kiss that made her sigh into his mouth. Drawing back, he laid his cheek against her breasts and continued his movement inside his lover's paradise.

Soon, Bulma felt the slow build-up of ecstasy reaching its peak and she pulled Vegeta up to look into his eyes. He felt her muscles begin to knead him erratically and leaned close to her throat, casting a longing glance to her mark. She pushed herself up, latched her lips onto his red circle of union, and suckled it firmly. He groaned raggedly in response and with a purr that was nearly a growl, descended onto the juncture of her neck. His sharp teeth fit into their previous imprint and the feeling made Bulma scream against his skin. She saw red and sank her teeth into his flesh. Vegeta's sex flushed with blood and he let out a loud growl that vibrated into her body. Finally, the pair moved in a moment of harmony and each followed the other into an abyss of pleasure. Bulma clenched him tightly and her head fell against the pillow with a scream that came out as a sigh. He breathed her name as his vision clouded over from their completed ritual. Spent and racked with spasms, he removed himself from her sheath and lay beside her, gathering her into his arms. She trembled in his embrace as the final moments of her climax left her.

When cognitive thought returned, Bulma was the first to raise her head and gaze upon her lover's face. His heavy brows for once were slightly raised on his forehead. She smiled, loving how serene the normally tensed Saiya-jin looked at this moment. As if sensing her examination, he lifted heavy lids from his eyes and looked her way. A smile spread over his lips and he wordlessly drew her face to his. Their kiss surpassed the finest love. His arms pulled her close to him as she brought her hands to his face. They pulled back to regain their breath and came together again almost immediately, more strength in the kiss this time. Her hands ran through his flame of dark hair and his rested on the small of her back. Finally, they parted and simply held each other for a long time, neither saying a word. Words weren't needed.

"Hmm," Bulma hummed, as if in deep thought. Vegeta looked down at her.

"What is it?" He asked. Bulma looked up at him, laughter dancing in her sapphire eyes.

"Maybe I should beat up Gokou more often," she grinned.

Vegeta threw his head against the pillow and laughed hysterically at the memory of his former rival on the ground, his eyes rolling about like a buffoon. Bulma giggled and snuggled into him, sharing his amusement. His laughter crescendoed and he hugged her tightly to his body, rubbing his face into her soft crown of teal hair. He rocked her to and fro on the bed, tears of mirth dripping into her hair.


"Oh come on Gokou! Lemme keep 'em! There's no harm in it!"

Gokou whirled around to face Muten-Roshi, the scandalous photos of Bulma crumpled in his fist. "No harm? Did you see what happened out there? She practically mowed the lawn with my ass! She finds out you have these and you can bet you'll get worse! If you're lucky, Vegeta didn't tell her about these yet!"

"WHAT? You told him I had them! I had enough to worry about if Bulma found out!" The old master yelped, his bony hands flying to his domed head. Gokou frowned and focused his ki into his fist, burning the pictures into ashes. Roshi gazed at the falling black dust with teary eyes. "Aw, man! Now all I got is trashy magazines! At least Bulma had class!"

"You really need to find a different hobby Roshi-sama," Gokou sighed, shaking his head, blasting off to rejoin his family.


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