Just a little piece that could be anyone, but we all know it's gotta be Lily/James, right? Rated PG for bad ideas. Anything you recognize belongs to Ms. Rowling, but I don't think there's anything in there.

©2005, Beatrix



I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all the times I called you names. I'm sorry for throwing paper airplanes at you. I'm sorry for making fun of you.

For throwing mashed potatoes at you. For throwing food at you. For spilling juice in your lap. For sneaking into your bedroom. For laughing behind your back. For laughing in your face. For ruining your game of Chess. For taking the last candy cane. For stepping on your feet. For eating your dinner. For eating your chocolates.

Kissing your best friend. Throwing snowballs at you. Shoving you into the snow. Getting gum in your hair. Asking you to dance, only to laugh in your face. Throwing eggs at you. Throwing pens at you. Bothering you in the library. Bothering you in class. Yelling in your ear. Talking too loudly. Whispering in your ear. Spitting on you. Licking you. Stealing your homework

…your diary

…your mail

…your pillow

…your Christmas presents

…your teddy bear

…your text books

…your best friend

…your answers

…your shoes

…your bracelet

…your necklace

…your retainer

…your blankets

…your breakfast.

I'm sorry for making you mad. For making you sad. For making you cry. For not making you laugh. For taking away your smile. Getting you wet. Dropping water balloons on you. Soaking your sheets. Covering you in pudding. Covering your hair in jelly. I'm sorry for embarrassing you in front of your crush

…in front of your best friend

…in front of your enemy

…in front of your worst enemy

…in front of my friends

…in front of all of your friends

…in front of the professors

…in front of that professor

…in front of the Headmaster

…in front of the younger students

…in front of the older students

…in front of everyone.

I'm sorry for ripping your bag. Staining your shirt. Kicking your legs. Pulling your hair. Breaking your lamp. Spilling glue on your homework. Spilling glue in your hair. Spilling juice on your skirt. Getting crumbs down your shirt. Putting snow down your shirt. Putting snow up your skirt. Ruining your homework

…your hat

…your scarf

…your mittens

…your shoes

…your shirt

…your coat

…your favorite book

…your headband

…your train ride

…your first trip off-campus

…your day

…your date

…your friendship

….your life.

I'm sorry. You may not believe me, but I really, truly am. I didn't mean to do those things. I didn't mean to make you miserable. I didn't mean to be horrible and awful. I'm sorry for it all, and the things I don't remember, can't write down or don't want to remind you of. I'm just sorry. Very, truly and honestly sorry.

Can I please have my bathrobe back now?