Sly as a Fox

"I love him more!"

"No I do!"

"No I do!"

A harried looking blonde rushed into the small room where two young girls stood, screaming at each other. "What is going on??" Quatre Raberbra Winner asked, looking around at the war zone that had once been the guest room.

"I think they were fighting over who loved you most." A tall boy appeared and looked over his shoulder, ignoring the long bangs that hung in his eyes "That's the only thing I've heard them talk about since I met them." Trowa Barton looked at his lover's nieces, biting the inside of his lip to keep from smiling. Usually he had no problem showing his sense of humor to Quatre, but today there were witnesses, and he had a reputation to protect.

Quatre glared at him then sighed, and shook his head "Would you take them and keep them busy so that I can clean this room up?" he asked, rubbing his temples. His nieces had been staying with him and Trowa for two days now, and he hadn't been able to get any nookie since they arrived. So, needless to say, he was a little annoyed.

"Come on girls." Trowa said, lifting the two five-year-olds up "You can help me make Christmas cookies." He glanced at Quatre as he left and couldn't help the small smile that appeared. Quatre's frown was so adorable that he couldn't help but smile. He sighed as he went downstairs, carrying the little girls. Every part of Quatre was adorable, but that rarely seen frown…oy gods. If he wasn't careful, he would end up being a hopeless romantic like Duo. And then where would he be?

Quatre gazed around the room bemused. He wished someone would explain to him how two five years olds could make this much of a mess in two minutes. At least they hadn't managed to dig out Trowa's Christmas present, which was had he had been afraid would happen. He glanced over his shoulder to make sure that Trowa was gone, then glanced toward the loose floorboard that covered his present. He smiled, shook his head, and got to work.

I'm gettin' nuttin' for Christmas
Heero and Wufei are mad
I'm gettin' nuttin' for Christmas
'Cause I ain't been nuttin' but bad

Duo Maxwell bounced around his apartment, singing his slightly slightly adapted version of 'I'm gettin' nuttin' for Christmas', and hugging a small fox. Heero Yuy stalked into the room followed closely by Chang Wufei.

"Duo!" Heero snapped "If you get Quatre's present sick Trowa will kill you!" he grabbed the tiny fox cub and put it back in its cage.

"Aw, c'mon Hee-chan!" Duo whined, "The little guy was getting bored! Imagine, spending all your time in a cage…" he shuddered, then looked at his lovers imploringly.

"Where do you think he gets these half baked ideas?" Wufei asked, looking at Heero.

"I think it's the braid." Heero replied "Cuts off the oxygen to his brain."

Wufei nodded, attempting to look wise and only managing to look evil "So then we would be doing him a favor if we cut it off, right?"

"Right." Heero replied, smirking.

"Ahh! Not the hair! Not the hair!" Duo ducked past them and ran into the bedroom, giving them no choice but to follow him. Still grinning evilly his two lovers gave chase.

"He did WHAT?" Trowa yelped at the vidphone screen.

"He took it out of its cage and danced with it." Wufei repeated grimly. "Heero and I told him not to, but you know Duo…"

"Unfortunately…" Trowa muttered, his eye narrowing. "Wufei, please make sure he doesn't do that again! If it becomes attached to him, then Quatre will be heartbroken…" Trowa sighed, his super-bangs drooping slightly.

"Don't worry." Wufei replied grimly. "We have him under lock and key, so it won't happen again."

"Wait, the fox is under lock and key?"

"No, Duo."

Trowa stared at Wufei in disbelief, then smiled "In that case, would you like to help with something? Since you won't be distracted…" he leaned forward and began muttering, and soon had Wufei's approval and support.

"Trowa? Trowa, where are you?" a desperate pleading voice somehow managed to fill the whole mansion. Trowa still didn't know how such a small person could make so much noise, but he had slowly become used to it.

"What, Quatre?" he yelled back, rummaging through his dresser drawers "I'm a little busy!"

"Please! You've got to come help me!" he sensed the tears in his lovers voice and sighed. It had been so hard for him lately…he closed the drawer and trotted out of the room, heading toward the small blondes voice.

Quatre sat in the middle of the living room, tape stuck in his hair and wrapping paper flung around various parts of the room "I can't get it to work!" he whimpered, motioning to the tape stuck to his hands, face, sweater, pants, and just about every where else. He had small pieces of paper stuck to the tape, and looked a like a gift himself. In front of him lay a pile of gifts; a gift certificate for a years worth of beer for Duo, a new laptop for Heero, a box of white chocolates for Wufei, a dart board with Heero's face on it for Relena, a model of Deathscyth for Lady Une, "The Phantom of The Opera" for Zechs, a glass rose for Trieze, a disk containing pictures of Zechs for Noin, a new medical kit for Sally, and an eyebrow plucker for Dorothy.

Trowa sighed and shook his head "Come on." He said kindly, helping the blond stand up. "Quatre, how did you manage this?"

Quatre whimpered "Its not my fault! The tape is possessed!"

Trowa gave his lover an odd look, then smirked "Obviously. You go change; I'll clean up in here."

Quatre smiled "All right. Is Duo still coming over to help us bake Christmas cookies?"

Trowa nodded "Of course. He would never break a promise. I think Heero and Wufei are tagging along, though."

Quatre smiled "The more, the merrier." As he turned to leave, a scream split the air.

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