I Am A Psycho Star Fox Fan
The Second Ode

By: Firefury Amahira Note: I do not own Starfox. Nintendo does, and I grovel and kiss their feet for it. Some of you might recall the first ode, written in a fit of madness before Dinosaur Planet was released. ) Well, there's a new Starfox game on the horizon, and lo, the madness has returned!

At long last! The time is near!
A new Starfox will soon be here!
With guns and lasers and flying galore!
And fighting with a silly stick, no more!
The new Arwing looks really slick
In the air it's nimble and quick!
And the Landmaster tank looks quite strong
With it, I'll mow through the enemy throng!
But wait, there's stuff where you run around?
Without a mech, alone on the ground?
That was Dinosaur Planet, so what the hell?
Oh wait, I'll have guns, so okay, that's swell!
And how cool is this? Krystal is back!
Flying an Arwing and on the attack!
But what's the story, now I wonder?
Against what villain will my weapons thunder?
And now so much to do, in so little time!
To abandon my pre-release madness would be a crime!
After all, I have several games to play
And long-defeated enemies to once again slay!
The Great Commander, my old enemy!
And Andross on Venom in oldskool SFX chip 3-D!
Then Star Wolf trying to stop me, oh PLEASE!
I'll go back and thrash them with the greatest of ease!
Then again on to Andross and his freaky brain core
With which I'll rapidly mop the floor!
Then in the midst of explosions so vast
An impossible escort by a familiar voice from the past!
Then skip ahead to a few years later
To a primitive planet with a lizard dictator!
A lout you might recall from my first ode
Who made his home planet freaking explode!
General Scales was quite the ass
But so very fun to mercilessly harass!
And then there's Prince Tricky, the little jerk
Had to put up with him to make things work.
Surprise, surprise, again it's Andross
One more time, the final boss
And cool, there's Krystal, the second chick to appear
In a game franchise that spans several years
Wait, I have to amend that line
Fara Phoenix was a favorite character of mine!
What? You've never heard of her before?
From the Nintendo Power comic? Man, she was hardcore!
She flew a really slick black and orange Arwing
(Though it got trashed and her new one was this pink thing.)
Oh silly me, here I digress
With so much Starfox over which to obsess!
My poor friends will once again suffer
My growing madness as it gets rougher!
And this insanity shall not abate
Until that very special date!
February 14, 2005, Valentines Day
And there WILL be violence if it meets a delay!

End comment: Feel free to comment if this gave you a laugh. Feel free to flame me silly, too. I'll just laugh at you if you do )