Author's Note: This is the first crossover like this, I've ever really considered doing. It was a strange idea that came to me, I couldn't resist, not with these two characters. ;) Its in this Catagory, because even though it's a cross over, and starts THIS way, it's mostly a story about Sands.

Unbeta'd all mistakes mine.

He was in Mexico to find a man. A man that Logan knew wouldn't be alive, when he walked away. The dry desert sun glared down at him as he moved down the street towards the bar. This where his contact, told him the man was. Logan cracked his knuckles. Other wise known as the mutant Wolverine, Logan wasn't about to let his prey disappear from his sights again.

Pulling the cowboy hat lower, he entered the darkened building, feeling the heat of the sun leaving his back as the stale air, laced with beer and urine entered his nostrils. He looked around the bar and saw the man he wanted in the corner. He also noted another man, younger, dressed in black at the bar, a shot of tequila in front of him and a cigarette in his gloved hand, sunglasses sitting low on his nose. He was eyeing the bar top, as if he'd had a long day. Logan made note of him, and the gun the younger man was carrying in the shoulder holster under his jacket, as he moved back towards the man in the corner.

Perhaps he should have registered it as a trap. But as he moved closer to the man he was after, the fool leapt to his feet. "You'll never take me alive, Wolverine!" The man pulled a uzi from under table, opening fire. Logan threw himself behind table, as he pulled it vertical to shield himself from bullets. The young man at the bar had thrown himself behind it's corner and Logan watched him peek out from the edge, eyeing the situation. "Evans!" Logan yelled with a growl. "You thought you'd come to get me, Wolverine!?" The man was nervous and scared, Logan could smell it from here.

Out of the corner of Logan's eyes, he saw the young man move with a cat like speed from behind the edge of the bar to behind a table he kicked up as he slid into it, taking cover behind it. He watched the young man pull the twin guns from inside his coat. Then Logan noticed what the other man had. Three men were moving into the bar, armed to the teeth, guns in Logan's direction. Logan swore. "Evans, this is between you and me!" Logan yelled. "Not any more!" Evans replied, opening fire and splintering the top edge of the table Logan was hiding behind.

The young man suddenly opened fire and Logan spun on his knees, to see two men coming through the back door, ready to jump Logan. One of the men lunged to escape the young man's bullets, but he lunged in the wrong direction and he spun to attack Logan, who threw himself into the guy, extending his claws through the man's wrist, causing him to drop his gun. Now Logan was in the open for Evan's fire. He grabbed other man, spinning, shielding himself with the man he was holding as Evans opened fire. The young man fired on the other man who was trying to get at Logan, dropping him to the floor, then he turned, standing and fired on Evans.

Evans was taken back at someone else firing on him and he turned on the young man, opening fire. The three men with Evans also opened fire. The young man sprinted with that cat like speed again and flung himself on to the bar, sliding down the way, until he came up right beside one of the men and fired pointed blank. As the man dropped, he rolled off the bar and came up behind the other man. With a wicked grin, he tapped the man on the shoulder and as the guy turned, the young man in black decked him hard with the butt of one of his guns.

Before the other man or Evans could react, the young man had both guns trained on them. "You know," He said with a drawl, and wickedly amused grin. "I came in here to get a quiet drink and you had to bring your attitude in here, being all big and bad, with that, 'look at me, I got an uzi' attempt. You REALLY put a damper on my day." The one man started to take a step and the young man in black whipped his head around to give the man a stone cold look. "Make a move motherfucker, I dare you." He hissed.

Logan had to admit, the kid had guts, was standing before a man who'd killed many as if he did this every day and it was nothing more then a walk in the park. But he had done one thing for Logan, he'd drew Evans' attention away from Logan. With a growl, Logan extended his claws and lunged at Evans.

Evans spun, surprised and with a yelp, grabbed his last lackey and threw him into Logan. Logan threw the man from his way as Evans opened fire on the younger man and sprinted towards the door. The young man in black ducked behind a stack of crates near the door and fired back on Evans, but both their attempts to get at Evans proved in vain as Evans fled into the streets. Logan sprinted outside, looking up and down the street, but it was usual. Evans had appeared to have disappeared. Teleported most likely, to a safe location. He swore vulgarly and turned going back into the bar, hoping one of the men was still alive.

He was in luck. The young man in black was crouched next to the man Logan had thrown out of his way, both guns resting lightly on his knees. As Logan approached, the man in black suddenly stood, turning with grace, both guns raised and aiming at Logan. "Whoa." Logan growled calmly, holding up both hands in surrender. The man narrowed his eyes, watching Logan closely. Again, Logan was reminded of a black cat and he took in the young man's appearance. 5'11 at the least, sable hair to the shoulders. Black cloths and black cowboy boots, the kid looked eccentric, especially with the sunglasses and Logan couldn't see why ANYONE sane would wear black in this place.

"He wont say anything." The man spoke and Logan watched the kid nudge the man on the floor with his boot toe. "I'm used to that." Logan said, moving over and he reached down roughly and grabbed the man by the throat, jerking him roughly to his feet. "Care to tell me where Evans went?!" Logan growled. The man spit in Logan's face and Logan slammed him into the wall, bringing up one hand. He extended his claws slowly, to give the man the full effect. "Let's try that again..." The man still glared, almost taunting Logan. Logan knew he wouldn't get anything out of the man, and right now, he wasn't here to kill this fool.

With a disgusted growl, Logan dropped the man on the floor and turned his back on him, moving to where his hat lay. He was bending down to pick it up, when the shot rang out through the room. Logan spun. The man was dropping to the floor, a wicked looking dagger in his hand, on the other side of the room, the young man in black stood, a smoking pistol in his hand. Logan looked at the kid.

'I've never seen some one cause so much shit in such a short time, and that's saying something, because usually it's me, startin' the shit." The kid said, holstering his guns.

"Trouble tends to follow me." Logan growled picking up his hat and dusting it off.

"I think that makes two of us." The kid said, searching the man on the floor. He sat on the balls of his feet, crouched beside him, going through the man's wallet. Logan watched the kid take the man's money and a business card and pocket them. He frowned, but that wasn't his concern. He had to go pick up Evans trail.

He headed towards the door, but was stopped by the kid's voice. "You wont find him." Logan looked over his shoulder. The kid was standing and turned slowly in Logan's direction. "You underestimate me." Logan replied, turning back to the door. "I don't underestimate any one." The kid answered and Logan heard him moving towards the door. "Least of all, some one" The kid stopped in the door way and thumped Logan in the shoulder. "But I've been tracking Evans for weeks now. This is the closest I've been in all this time. So if you go out there, thinking you're going to find him today, you've got another thing coming." The kid started out the door.

Logan cocked his head to the side and was watching him. "Yeah, so what do you suggest?" Logan asked him. The young man stopped in the sunlight and looked back at him, pushing the sunglasses up his nose. There was a long moment of silence, when the two watched each other.

Finally the young man stepped back up to Logan's side. "We'll both benefit from finding Evans, so I'm thinking...two heads are better then one." He said, taking a cheroot from his vest pocket and lighting it. Shutting the zippo, he looked up at Logan as he took the cigarette from his mouth, exhaling slowly. "You've got your reasons for finding him, I've got mine. But this is a bad town and someone's gonna catch wind of what happened in here and they're gonna come gunnin' for us. So I think it's only fair, that...we exchange information."

Logan eyed him, "You got a name, bub?"

"Sands. SJSands." The young man introduced himself.

"I see, Sands," Logan said with a tone. "And what makes you think I'm going to trust you?"

Sands shrugged. "Trust has nothing to do with it." At least the kid was honest. "This is all about business, Slick."

Logan snorted. But, there was one thing this Sands was right about. Logan wouldn't be able to track Evans successfully, if he didn't have the information he needed.

"So what da ya say, Gramps, deal?" Sands asked, grinning that wicked grin again.

Logan growled a foul word. "Don't call me gramps, Sport."

Sands shrugged in an amused away, burring his hands in his pockets. "Let's get a drink, eh? Down the street." He turned and started off down the street not even turning to look to see if Logan was following. Amused himself, Logan followed. If anything, Sands might prove to be useful, at the very least entertaining.

Sands came back to the table in the corner with a bottle of tequila and two shot glasses, a lime in one hand. He sat down at the table across from Logan and put the bottle and glasses on the table, leaning back in his chair and taking a small pocket knife to the lime. "So, first off and foremost, there isn't anything about me, you need to know." Sands said, cutting the lime into wedges. Logan poured a shot of tequila and looked at Sands.

"Correction, there's one thing I need to know about, or we don't deal." Sands glanced at him briefly, but said nothing, still cutting the lime and Logan went on. "I need to know what you want with Evans."

"It's personal." Sands replied. "As I imagine your business with him is."

Logan nodded, downing the shot.

"I don't care who kills him," Sands went on. "But he has something of mine, I want back."

Logan eyed him. He was satisfied not to know what that something was for the time being.

"Evans moves location ever three days if he feels he's been found out. He's been moving in a steady line south. I'm guessing we can probably jump one town ahead of him. Cut him off, give him a bit of a surprise." Sands told Logan as he leaned forward, pouring himself a shot of tequila.

"Sounds like a plan." Sands nodded in agreement as he downed the shot and slipped a wedge of lime into his mouth.

After a moment of sucking on the slice of lime, he took it out of his mouth and sat a little straighter.

"But Evans isn't working alone, as you may have noticed. I'm thinkin' he's got friends in higher places, so to speak. Namely a few drug cartels around this area."

"That sort of figures." Logan replied.

"Don't worry about the cartel, sweetcheeks," Sands said with a grin as he lit a cigarette. "If they get close, I'll take care of them."

"Wonderful reassurement." Logan growled.

Sands winked, "Hey, it's my job."

"Yeah, and what's that?" Logan asked.

"You're talking to CIA Officer Sands, my friend. Wolverine, was it?" Sands cocked his head to the side. "Nice name." He remarked.

Logan gave him a dark look. "It's a sort of nickname." Logan growled. "That's cool. But there something else I can call you?"

"Logan." Logan answered

"That's better."

Sands leaned back in his chair. "So do we have a deal on this. Temporary partners till that son of a bitch is down?"

Logan looked at him. In an odd sort of way, he liked the kid. "Deal." Logan said after a moment.

"Groovy, just peachy keen." Sands said with a grin.

He took a business card from his jacket and slid it across the table. "My privet cell phone number. Give me a ring in the morning. We'll meet here and go from there." Sands said, suddenly all business, he was eyeing the people coming into the bar. Logan took the business card and pocketed it.

"Buenos noches, Logan. See ya in the morning." With that, Sands got up, heading for the door, not before tossing some cash on the table. Logan watched him go. He sat back as the agent disappeared in the coming night. Eventually, Logan would have to find out what the kid was after from Evans, but for right now, he was willing to play the kid's game.