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Chapter One: And the Hero Will Drown

Harry Potter lived a dull, mundane existence.

It was a simple fact he couldn't ignore. He was stuck in a rut of boringness that seemed to seep into every single aspect of his life. At first glance he seemed to have it all. A high positioned well paying job at the Ministry of Magic, a lavish penthouse in London and his calendar was constantly filled with gala events, dates with countless women and nights out with the lads. In truth however if he wasn't so stressed out with work there would've been the possibility that the Boy Who Lived would have most likely shot himself a long time ago.

Yes he was depressed. And rightfully so. He didn't seem to enjoy any aspect in his life. Oh he tried very hard to see the silver lining, he truly did. It's just that no matter what, no matter how hard he tried he couldn't muster the strength to pretend. He just couldn't lie to himself.

So once again he was on another date, miserable as ever. The woman (Cho he thought her name was) was beautiful, successful, charming and lovely enough. But she didn't even get Harry remotely excited. So he sat there, sipping his wine listening to her attempt small talk with him. The date seemed to drag on tediously as if some higher power purposely wanted Harry to die a slow, boredom inflicted death.

"I'm sorry Harry," she said finally, rising from her seat sounding quite crushed, "I can see that you're clearly bored. I should just leave now before I embarrass myself further."

Harry shook his head feebly, "No please stay Cho. You're not boring me at all"

However his attempt to make her stay was quite pathetic and feeble, and after a hefty debate about the bill she left even more embarrassed and pissed off. Harry ordered another bottle of wine, drowned it down within a few mere moments and left the restaurant.

The icy London weather hit him and Harry tugged on the collar on his overcoat. The wine hit him suddenly, causing him to stumble onto the road. Drunkenly he staggered down the road forgetting about the car he parked outside the restaurant. His head was swimming and he couldn't keep his balance. It was as if his body was giving up on him. Even worse his eyesight, which were already bad enough, seemed to be failing, he couldn't focus or make out anything in front of him. A bright light blinded Harry for a moment as he looked out. Suddenly a car horn beeped at him. Harry, being drunk and all, didn't react quickly enough and the car had to swerve out of the way which in turn made Harry fall backwards and onto the sidewalk.

It was there on the sidewalk he realised that he had just hit rock bottom.

"I'm going to do it tomorrow," he made a vow to himself, "I'm going to end it all tomorrow"

Filled with a twisted new sense of determination inside he slowly pushed himself off the pavement and continued his way down the sidewalk thinking that within hours it would all be over for him.

But first he had to make a quick stop somewhere.

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