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Chapter Three: Please Send Me Someone To Love

Harry sat alone in his office, avoiding the office party Christmas party occurring outside. He could hear the drunken hoots and cat calls outside he guessed that the Dean Thomas had stripped again. 'Speaking of stripping' he thought to himself, 'I should visit Hermione again soon'.


The very thought of her brought a smile to his face. Three weeks after their fateful meeting and he couldn't stop seeing the dark haired beauty that captivated him so. Hermione was his last thought as he drifted into sleep each night. She was always present in his dreams (usually doing things that Harry would never mentioned out loud) and she was always in his mind when he woke up. He hated to admit it, but he had become quite obsessed with her. He had gone to visit her most nights when he wasn't busy with work. It had become quite a ritual. She would strip for him, he'd pay her and then he'd walk her home. The more time they spent together, the more he hoped that she would grow to like him, perhaps love him.

Lost in his trail in thought he didn't notice Draco drunkenly slam open the door into his office. The relationship Draco and Harry shared was a strange one. By no means were they enemies anymore like they were back at their Hogwarts days. During their Seventh Year it was discovered that Draco had secretly joined the Order after the brutal and unjust murder of his mother Narcissa. After the defeat of Voldemort Draco and Harry became friends realizing that they did have a few things in common. Harry was even one of Draco's groomsmen when he married Ginny Weasley. But they of course had their moments.

"Typical Potter typical," Draco slurred letting himself in "Being the antisocial, boring tight-ass you are you choose to hide out in your office"

Harry rolled his eyes,

"Gee nice to see you to Draco. Oh of by all means come in, make yourself comfortable"

"Don't mind if I do actually." Draco stumbled into a leather chair in front of Harry's desk. "So Potter what are you doing in here? No work tonight Potter, only partying! Didn't you get the letter? Scarhead I demand that you go out there and have a good time! I'm married so I need to live out my bachelor fantasies through you…. On second thought forget I said that. The missus won't be too happy if she finds out I said that"

"You better bloody hope she doesn't, or better yet hope I don't tell her" Harry and Draco faced the door to see Ron Weasley leant up against the doorframe. Draco mentally swore to himself, Ron and Draco did never stop disliking each other. In fact things had gotten increasingly worse once Draco had married Ron's little sister.

"Oh look it's the Weasel," Draco pointed accusingly at Ron, "he's going to go tattle on me!"

"Oh please Draco I have better things to do with my time!"

"Oh like what Weasley, go back to your love life? Ginny told me you don't have one!"

"Shut up Malfoy!" Ron sneered.

"Oh how very mature Weasley" Draco scoffed. While the two men argued immaturely an owl had flown into Harry's window and landed onto his desk. Harry looked at the bird wide eyed in curiosity. He stared at it for a good few seconds until he realized that they're was a small piece of parchment tied to the owl's leg. Untying it and letting the owl fly away he unrolled it and read the contents within,

Good day Mr Potter,

I've decided that you just walking me home every night isn't quite sufficient enough. Perhaps we could have a proper date one time. Yes Mr Potter I am asking out, because you are too chicken to do it yourself! Hope you're coming to watch me tonight. I need my best client there.

Write Back,


"Hello what's this?" Draco asked curiously. Before Harry could react Draco snatched the parchment from his hands and read the letter. Draco's eyes widened, "Harry since when did you have a lady friend?" Draco smirked as Harry ripped the parchment from Draco's grasp, "who's Hermione?"

"She's…" Harry struggled to think of the right words to describe her.

"Your girl?" Draco offered.

"Harry you never told me you were seeing someone." Ron sounded hurt that his best friend didn't tell him this important piece of information.

"We're not" Harry admitted, "I haven't quite asked her out yet."

"Well do it!" Draco insisted, "You don't want to end up sad and desperate like this prat here" Draco pointed at Ron.

"I'm not the one who's sleeping on the couch at the moment" Ron snapped back. Draco's face fell,


'I can't believe I actually went on this stupid blind date,' Harry thought to himself as he sat with his shoulders hunched over at the bar the next evening, a half drunk martini in front of him. 'I should've just told Hermione to meet me here so we could scare off the date,' he thought, downing the last of his martini.

"Another one Mr Potter?" the barman asked, taking the empty glass and pulling out his wand to conjure up another martini.

"Keep 'em coming," Harry said gloomily. 'Stupid Draco has to stick his bloody nose in my love life,' he thought angrily, sipping the martini. 'He's already married, why would he bother to try and help me?'

He sighed and looked around the room, to see if his date had arrived yet. He couldn't see anyone by the description Draco had given him so he turned back around and stretched. But a certain person caught his eye as he turned his head back. He looked around again and saw …


'Get a bloody grip Potter,' Harry thought angrily and turning back to his martini. 'Now you're imagining things.'

But then he heard her voice. "Why, hello Mr Potter. I thought you were busy tonight." He turned around to see her standing there with her hands on her hips, her eyebrow raised very seductively.

"Hermione," Harry whispered, looking up at her.

She frowned and said, "You okay?"

He shrugged and said, "No. My friend sent me here on a blind date and I couldn't get out of it."

Hermione grinned and said, "Well, we'll just have to get you out of it, eh."

"How are you gonna do that?" Harry asked with dismay as he saw his date enter the pub. "Oh shit here she comes."

Hermione smiled and leant down and whispered, "Leave it to me. What's her name? And the name of the guy who set you guys up."

"Pansy. And Draco."

"Okay." Hermione left him and walked across the pub towards the girl. "Pansy?" she asked, reaching her and holding out a hand.

"Yes," Pansy said uncertainly, her nose stuck up in the air.

"Hi. I'm Harri. As in Harriet." When Pansy's eyes widened Hermione laughed to herself and said, "Didn't Draco tell you I was female?"

"No," Pansy said, scowling. "He left that information out."

"Okay. Well, do you want a drink?" Hermione asked gesturing to the bar behind her.

"Uh, no. I think I'll just be going home," Pansy said, before walking quickly away from Hermione and out the door.

Hermione smiled and walked back to Harry.

"You are wonderful," Harry said grinning at her.

"Thankyou," she said, sitting in the vacant chair next to him. "So, you need a date for tonight?"

Harry smiled and said, "Just as long as it's you."

"Good. Barman! Another martini. Same as Mr Potter's here."

"Coming up," the barman said, pulling out another glass and waving his wand.

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