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'Come on girl run' She kept running down the alley into the next one 'why on earth did I try to vanquish that demon on my own.' She could here the footsteps behind her and she turned around to see how far behind they were. She turned her head back but it was to late the footsteps decided to shimmer out and appear in front of her. She crashed into the demon and she bounced back on the ground.

"Damned watch where you shimmer" Backing up she crawled back on her feet. "Why did you run? Didn't you have any fun anymore?" He said to her smirking. The demon walked closer to her still backing up from him she felt the wall in her back.

Not able to move or use her powers because of fear she saw him coming closer. Sliding down the wall she covered herself with her arms waiting for the demon to attack. Hearing a loud scream and feeling some heat she looked up.

Staring in his eyes she smiled "Told you not to go after that demon alone" He scolded at her "Yeah, yeah thanks for saving me and I promise I won't do it again" He gave her a look "I mean it Charlotte" She sighed and rolled with her eyes "I said I promised Chris" She turned around and walked away from him.

"Come on Charlotte we discussed this at the manor. You knew how powerful he was and still you decided to go down here on your own. Do you have a death wish or something?" He walked after her and grabbed her arm. "Hey I asked you something" Charlotte turned around and stared at him "No I don't have a death wish you know me better then that" she pulled her arm loose.

"That's it Charlotte you're acting so weird lately that I don't know you anymore. What happened?" He asked softly brushing her cheek.

She turned her face away from him so he couldn't see the tears appear in her eyes "Nothing" she said softly and she black orbed out.