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One month ago...

One day a fight broke out. It was the last remnants of OZ making a final stand. And as per normal, the Gundam Pilots were called on to take care of it. OZ's troops didn't stand a chance.

"An exercise in futility" one reporter called it. The Pilots had varied opinions on the uprising but they all had one in common-'This Ends NOW'.

There was only one problem. After they suited up, headed to the field, and faced the enemy, something happened that none of them ever expected: Heero Yuy was killed.

OZ went down quickly but far from quietly. They had few weapons and even fewer real troops. But before they were all killed, one man got in a lucky shot. Everyone was thought dead or incompacitated as the Gundam Pilots climbed out of their cockpits to survey the damage. And that one perfect moment of silence was shattered as a dying man used his last ounce of strength to sight his gun and pull the trigger. And as everyone looked around for the shooter, one more body fell to Earth to join the dead- Heero Yuy.

Duo was inconsolable in the coming days, not that Quatre and Trowa didn't try. All Duo could do was sit in silence at the funeral, watching quietly as Heero's casket was lowered into the ground in a small, private cemetary on the backside of the Winner Estate.

"It's fitting," Duo had said when Quatre offered to set aside the space for Heero and subsequently them all.

"Heero would've wanted that. We travelled life together, We'll travel death together."

That part had worried the Arabian even more, but then, at least, Duo had been talking. Now, as Quatre watched Duo, the only things issuing for the brown-haired American were the tears trailing down his face.

'I suppose it's a far cry from when he saw Heero's body falling from Wing Zero,' Quatre thought. 'And at the hospital...' Quatre shivered at the memory...

If someone had told Quatre that Duo really WAS Shinigami and that he had sprouted wings, he wouldn't have doubted them. That's how fast Duo had almost literally flew to Heero's side.

"Heero? Heero, speak to me! Heero!"

Duo flipped the Japanese young man over as he spoke and gasped. Blood. Blood was everywhere. The worst gore was seeping from two spots: the wound in his chest where the bullet had penetrated his flightsuit, and his head where he had landed head-first on the pavement from his Swan dive of death. Heero's eyes opened for a moment and focused on Duo.


And that was it. Heero passed back out.


Duo gathered Heero into his arms and yelled at Trowa to get them to the hospital, pronto. Wufei stayed behind to finish clean-up of the battlesite as Quatre cleared the way for Trowa and his bloody cargo. When Quatre caught up to Duo he was standing outside an Emergency Operating Room oblivious to Heero's blood dripping off of his flightsuit. Trowa was trying to get him to go clean up but Duo was having none of it.

"No! What if they need a blood donor? What if he wakes up? Huh? No, I'm staying right here until he wakes up and tells me he's f-fine."

Duo choked on the last words and Quatre laid a hand on the American's arm.


"What, Quatre?"

He didn't even look away from the curtain hiding the Emergency crew that was frantically working on Heero.

"Duo. Calm down, please?"

The pleading tone in Quatre's voice finally drew Duo's gaze.

The young Arabian continued,"The medics are doing everything they can for Heero. If they need anything I'm sure they'll let us know. And when they DO let us see him, they'll NEVER let you go in covered in all that muck!"

Duo looked down at himself finally noticing the condition of his flightsuit. He grimaced, looking at his hair.

"Man, I'm a mess. I even got it in my braid."

Quatre held up a hand, holding Duo's emergency set of civilian clothes from Deathscythe and took Duo's hand with the other.

"Come on, Duo. Let's go clean you up. Trowa will let us know if anything happens."

Trowa nodded and Duo let Quatre lead him away. Trowa watched the young Arabian and American disappear around the corner. A small smile curved his lips as he thought of Quatre and how sweetly he always tried to take care of everyone. No one could resist the young Arabian and he had quickly taken up residence in Trowa's heart. Fortunately the feeling had been reciprocated. The Gundam Pilots were already living together at the Winner Estate so it wasn't hard to go from 'just friends' to 'a couple'. It was no suprise then that Duo had taken advantage of the close quarters to convince Heero that he DID have a heart after all. The suprising part was that Heero had responded so well. The two of them had become a steadfast couple. And, although Heero didn't show it well, anyone who really knew them could see that they were most assuredly in love.

Trowa looked at the curtain hiding the E.O.R. and frowned at what little he could hear. It wasn't going well. Trowa cast a slightly worried glance in the direction Quatre and Duo had disappeared.

'I certainly hope they're successful in putting Heero back together. I know how tore up I'd be if something were to happen to Quatre, but Duo, he'll be devastated if Heero dies.'


Inside the bathroom, Quatre was almost done cleaning all the blood from Duo's hair.

"Your hair is so beautiful, Duo. But I could see where it would take you forever to get through it on your own every morning."

The American's brown locks fell well past his waist when not braided. Duo chuckled.

"Yeah, that's why I enlisted Heero's help. He grumbled at first but I knew how much he liked my hair. You know, I joked once that I'd just cut it off so he didn't have to help me anymore." Another chuckle. "He came unglued."

Quatre smiled shaking his head. "I'll bet you paid for that."

Duo smiled warmly at the memory. "Yeah, but I liked it."

Quatre finished braiding the thick plait and told Duo,

"O.K., finished. Now, let's go see how that knucklehead's doing. We've taken so long in here that they're HAS to be some type of word by now."

Duo smiled following Quatre into the hall. "I'll bet you're right. Let's go."


When they found Trowa he was still outside the E.O.R. but now he was talking with a doctor.

"Hey," said Duo excitedly, "there's news!"

He all but ran to Trowa and the doctor. Quatre however, could tell by Trowa's expression that the news wasn't good. Much of the noise from the O.R. had been silenced. That fact didn't seem to escape Duo as he neared the two quietly talking figures.

"Trowa, Doc, What's going on? How's Heero? Can I see him?"

Duo's questions came tumbling out one after the other before any of them could be answered. The doctor looked at a loss so Trowa cleared his throat.

"Duo...Heero's surgery didn't go well."

Duo looked at him questioningly.

"What do you mean 'didn't go well'?"

He looked at the doctor quickly.

"He's gonna be alright, isn't he?"

The doctor sighed.

"Mr. Yuy's injuries were pretty severe. He..."

At that moment the curtain was drawn back and the orderliles started wheeling out Heero's guerney, with the sheet pulled all the way up. Duo went from horrified to livid. Before the other two Gundam Pilots could stop him, the American had latched onto the doctor's lapels and started shaking him.

"What are you DOING? Where are you TAKING HIM!"

Trowa and Quatre managed to pry Duo off of the terrified Doctor.

He sighed again and said simply,"I'm sorry. He didn't make it."

He shrugged, lost for words a moment. Then,

"It wasn't just blood loss but the severity of the injuries. We have plenty of blood for transfusions, but we couldn't stop the bleeding. Whatever Mr. Yuy hit split his skull clean open. Normally we could deal with that, no problem, but the impact trauma caused his brain to swell incredibly which caused even more hemmorhaging. Not to mention the bullet wound. It went in at such an angle that it barely even touched the ribcage but still went straight through the left ventricle of his heart. And if that weren't bad enough, the bullet bounced around after going through the heart and lodged in his spine between the eighth and nineth vertabrae."

The doc took a breath finally, and said,

"IF Mr. Yuy had survived, not only would he have been a parapalegic but he would've been in great pain every day for the rest of his life. Be thankful your friend died quickly."

Duo just stood there motionless, then,

"No. It can't be. It can't be Heero. He's too stubborn to die. He's not dead."

Duo walked over to the guerney and pulled back the sheet, intent on proving it wasn't Heero. What he saw there made him sink to his knees. And the baleful sound that issued from him broke Quatre's heart.

Quatre shook himself out of his reverie as those present at the funeral started to file past, hugging, shaking hands, and offering condolences. Duo barely responded to anyone or anything. His grief was pent up but still so incredibly appearent that not even Wufei said anything about his behavior. On the contrary, when the services were through and everyone but Duo had headed back inside, Wufei offered to help Quatre and Trowa haul Duo back into the mansion.

Quatre shook his head, saying, "Thanks, Wufei, But no."

Trowa nodded, adding, "It's probably best if we just give Duo some space and time to think."

With that the three pilots headed back into the estate.


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