Pain, and misery, and all things horrible.

I wondered for a moment why, why, why Vicky was going so far out of her way to torture me. Why? Why would she hate me so much?

But Vicky never needed a reason…

Summer camp. It was supposed to be fun. It was supposed to be a glorious thing, free of crazy teachers and homicidal babysitters… but Vicky was there. Vicky was a counselor, along with a group of other teens. Vicky couldn't be my counselor, of course, that was a weird, quiet boy named Danny. But Vicky was head counselor. Head. As in, in charge of all the others. How the heck had she managed it? What other reason than to torture me had Vicky conspired to be the head teenage counselor on the boy's side of camp? I didn't even think they let girls in, turns out I was wrong…

The boat, that Vicky had tossed me in and pushed out into the rapids, had been rotten straight through. It gave me nightmares for a week, nightmares of being tossed across the sharp slimy rocks in the cold, dark water… If my godparents hadn't been there, I might have actually died… They got me onto the shore, but couldn't do anything else, since I was knocked out and couldn't wish for anything. My counselor, the nice one, Danny, found me and helped me out, dried me off and got me to the infirmary. I tried to tell him about Vicky but he wouldn't listen.

So I wound up with a cold for my suffering, and without a moment alone to wish myself better. Besides, everyone knew I was sick by now. So I had to stay that way, cold and miserable and alone… nearly alone. I couldn't even talk to Cosmo and Wanda—how could I? I shared a cabin with five other boys, none of whom I knew. And that night… tonight Vicky was taking our cabin on an overnight hike.

I might as well be dead.

"I wish I was dead…" I muttered fervently, anything to get away from Vicky and her evil… then I realized what I'd just said. A collective gasp rose from my godparents, now hidden in my backpack somewhere. No, I didn't mean it, you know I didn't mean it! Why weren't they listening? Why wasn't I saying these words with my voice anymore?

Cold overtook me.