AN: A few weeks ago, I jokingly wrote part of a letter from Qui-Gon to Lucasfilm complaining about their treatment of Tahl. Bits and pieces were added, and when it was finished oba told me that I had to post it – because it made her giggle and because I'd never written anything before TPM. Enjoy!




Dear Lucasfilm Licensing,

I am composing this letter to complain about the unfair treatment of my Jedi love, Tahl. You had no right to kill her off in such a fashion! Did you even consider the effect that her death would have on myself - her only true love – or her apprentice Bant, among others?

Tahl was not just a character to be thrown about lightly, like one of those expendable villain types from any of the books in the series. She was a strong female, a role that had been lacking somewhat in the earlier books. She gave me a reason to rethink certain Jedi ideas and principles, and provided Bant with an excellent example to follow by.

But did you consider all the great things that she brought to the Jedi Apprentice series? No. You killed her off because "Jedi aren't supposed to have love interests."

What about Anakin? What about Obi-Wan and Siri? Didn't think of that, did you, you JERKY JERKFACES!


I know that I am not the only character within the realm of SW fiction to hold great anger about your decisions. Tahiri Veila was downright suicidal when you ordered Anakin Solo to be killed because his name too closely resembled that of my padawan's apprentice. Han Solo has never been the same since you allowed R.A. Salvatore to kill whichever minor character he so desired.

So I am sending this letter to inform you that a rebellion is rising within the ranks of the GFFA. No longer will we accept your idiotic, misinformed mandates. No more will we allow you to terminate our loved ones merely because "George said so."

This is war, buckaroos. And if you kill off Siri Tachi in one of the Clone Wars novels, I will support my padawan in whatever he does – whatever "crime" he may commit.

You deserve it, you kriffin' losers.


Qui-Gon Jinn,
Jedi Master