New scene! Jacen has entered the employ of Queen Tenel Ka, pretending to be a young maid named Jaysa. And it seems that Tenel Ka has a duty for him to perform . . . one that he finds slightly unpleasant, to say the least. Scene V is very long, so I'll put that up on Friday, to save my own sanity. Enjoy!

Scene IV. The QUEEN's palace.

Enter ALEMA, and JACEN in woman's attire

If the Queen continue this kindness towards you, Jaysa, you are like to be much advanced; she hath known you but three days, and already you are no stranger.

You either fear her humour or my carelessness, that you call in question the persistence of her partiality: is she constant, Jedi, in her favours?

No, believe me.

I thank you. Here comes the Queen.

Enter TENEL KA, ZEKK, and other Jedi

Tenel Ka
Who saw Jaysa?

In your attendance, milady; here.

Tenel Ka
Stand you a while silent. Jaysa,
Thou know'st no less but all; I have unclasp'd
To thee the great desires of my heart:
Therefore, good maid, present my case to Fel;
Entreat him to listen, and dare not budge,
And tell him, there thy fixed foot shall grow
Till thou have audience.

Sure, my noble queen,
If he be so abandon'd to his scheming
As it is spoke, he never will admit me.

Tenel Ka
Be clamorous and create boisterous scenes
Rather than make unprofited return.

Say I do speak with him, milady, what then?

Tenel Ka
O, then unfold the passion of my love,
Unfold my depthless infatuation:
It shall become thee well to act my woes;
He will attend it better in thy youth
Than in a messenger of more grave guise.

I think not so, milady.

Tenel Ka
Dear girl, believe it;
For they shall yet belie thy happy years,
That say thou art a lass: Han Solo's lip
Is not more rough and stubborn; thy deep pipe
Is as a man's own voice, both low and rich;
And all is semblative a masc'line part.
I know that thou will play thy role correct
For this affair. Some four or five attend him;
Tolerate them if thou must; for they are fools
And not worth thy notice. Prosper well in this,
And thou shalt live as freely as thy queen,
To call her fortunes thine.

I'll do my best
To woo your colonel: Aside yet, a tricky strife!
For I wish rather that thou be my wife.