A/N: Firstly: this was written way before the fifth book! Just so that's clear. It's ancient. Actually, and personally I don't find it very well written. Kind of cool idea, but ….
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If Harry's Parents Really Could Be Alive Or If Harry Had A Family

Godrics Hollow, 28th of July 1981.

-James? Lily turned around in the bed and faced James.
-I know what can save us. James sat up and looked at her.
-What? How? Where?
-I found this book about... About my kind... About our kind… and in there I found a spell. A very advanced spell, but then, we weren't Head Boy and Head Girl at Hogwarts for nothing. She stared at the ceiling.
-How does it work?
-First we put a spell upon ourselves, and then we have to drink a special potion three times a day. I can probably make the potion tomorrow or the day after.
-What about Harry.
-He cannot take it. Children under the age of five can't take it, except if a woman drinking it is pregnant. Then the child will be fifteen years old when they come back to life, or die.
-Fifteen years? James looked questioningly at Lily.
-Yes. That's the downside. It'll take fifteen years for us to 'regrow' our bodies. So we wont see Harry for fifteen years...
-But... We can't leave him behind! Voldemort will kill him!
-We can and must leave him behind. He'll be sent to my sister Petunia.
-But what about Dahlia, Violet, Sirius, Remus..? Lily's husband sent her pleading looks.
-Dahlia and Violet are unable to live without me. Our powers are knit together. Remus is a werewolf; he will never be allowed to take Harry. And Sirius, I don't know but something tells me that won't happen.
-Ok... But about leaving Harry behind...
-I reckon you will die first, saving me. Then I'll die saving him. Then Harry will have both of us protecting him, and that combined to his own powers will probably turn back even The Killing Curse.
The Killing Curse? And you are sure Peter will...
-Yes, and it hurts me. If I had known before the charm...
-Yeah... But how shall we tell Sirius?
-We can't.
-We can't?
-We cannot reach him, you know that! I might be able to tell my sisters. They will die as well, and taking the potion might save them.
-Can't they tell Sirius, or Dumbledore?
-They are hidden as well. And they, as well as us, need the extra protecting magic of the charm. That will strengthen our possibility of living. It's not sure we'll stay alive you know.
-I know. But if we don't do this we will surly not be alive to celebrate Harry's birthday.
-Yes, Harry's birthday. We will take the potion the day before his 1st birthday, and the day before his 16th we will come back to life if everything goes according to our plan.
-We'll talk more in the morning alright? I'm terribly sleepy and...
-Ok. Goodnight James.
-Night Lils.

Lily made the potion, they put the spell upon themselves and kept drinking what might save them for three months, and on Halloween, 1981, Voldemort came to Godrics Hollow. He 'killed' Lily and James Potter and little Harry Potter rebound the killing curse and Voldemort fled. Violet and Dahlia, Lily's sisters, died the day after Lily. Sirius was sent to Azcaban after supposedly to have killed Peter. Harry was sent to his relatives. There he lived for ten horrible years before he found out that he as a wizard.

In his 1st year at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry he made friends with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger and found an enemy, Draco Malfoy. In the end of the year he confronted Voldemort for the second time and fought him off again.

In his 2nd year Ginny Weasley, Ron's sister, came to Hogwarts. She was ensnared in Voldemorts evil doings and Harry confronted Voldemorts sixteen-year-old self, Tom Riddle, and fought him.

In his 3rd Harry learned a lot of his parents history. Sirius Black, Harry's father's best friend (though Harry didn't learn till the end of the year), escaped from the wizard prison Azcaban. He had been put there for killing Peter Pettigrew, another friend of James Potter. At the end of the year Harry learned that this as well were not true. Sirius Black is Harry's Godfather as well. Remus Lupin, a third friend of James', thought at Hogwarts, and was a werewolf. Harry evebtually found out that Sirius was innocent in betraying his parents to Voldemort, instead the betrayer was Peter, who was actually alive. Sirius had to flee, since almost none believed that of his innocence since Peter fled.

In Harry's 4th year the Tri Wizard Tournament was held at Hogwarts. Each of the three schools, namely: Hogwarts, Beaxbeatunes and Durmstrang, got a champion with in the tournament. From Durmstrang Victor Krum, a world famous quidditch player, was chosen. From Beaxbeatunes Fleaur Delacour, a girl one forth veela, was chosen. And form Hogwarts Cedric Diggory, Huffelpuff seeker and prefect, was chosen, and to everyone's surprise (especially Harry's) Harry was chosen as the second champion. In the last task Harry and Cedric were brought to Voldemort. There Cedric was killed. Voldemort arosen but Harry managed to flee with Cedrics dead body.

In his fifth year the wizarding community lived in fear. At first the ministry had denied any rise of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, but when the Minister of Magic as killed the ministry looked at everything form another point of view. Arthur Weasley, Ron's and Ginny's father, was elected the new Minister, something which made the before poor Weasley family rich. Peter Pettigrew was caught and Sirius Black freed. He now lived in his best friend Remus Lupin's house, since he again thought at Hogwarts. Harry's two best friends, Hermione and Ron, were now officially a couple, something that made Harry a third wheel and he got closer to Ginny Weasley.