This is a drabble I wrote in response to a challenge by ranalore, to use the first line of one of her stories. Some of you have already seen it, but I thought I'd put it up here for the sake of completeness. Hope you enjoy.

Also, I've signed up for the remix challenge at www dot livejournal dot com slash users slash remixredux slash 5262 dot htm (sorry for the long-windedness, this site doesn't seem to like URLs), and it would be really great if lots of seaQuest writers signed up, so please go and take a look ;).


It ends this way, with fire and ash and shadow. On the horizon, the sky is turning black. With the wind the way it is, the clouds will spread towards them soon, where they stand on the shore, watching as the last day goes down into darkness.

There are two of them, the old man and the young. Many silences have passed between them, but there is no more time to speak. As the wolf swallows the sun at last, as the black snow begins to fall around them, their eyes meet in the flickering light, and all is forgiven.