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summary: Wendy's grandaughter is stuck between proving herself to her tough parents and dreaming of Peter Pan. But when Pan himself shows up at Emily's window and takes her to the Neverland, she has countless adventures that other children only dream about. But the time comes when she has to make a choice: will she stay in Neverland or go back to London and break Peter's heart again?

Rating: PG-13, cause fighting and kissy scenes might get me in trouble if I post this as a PG fic...

author's note: Okay, so I've always loved Peter Pan. Just the thought of flying and never growing up makes me want to go to Neverland and fight alongside Peter and defeat Captain Hook time and time again. But alas, I'm thirteen and growing up against my will. But I've vowed to be a child in my heart. So, enough of this personal talk. Onto the story!

I saw the 2003 movie in theaters and was instantly in love: one with the storyline and two with Jeremy Sumpter. Okay, maybe Jeremy first, but that doesn't matter! So when the DVD came out I just had to have it and I got it for Christmas '04. I've watched it everyday since, and that's not an exaggeration. So after memorizing every expression of every word of every actor/actress in every scene, I moved onto the bonus features. I watched the alternate ending and went "Ooh! Story idea!" So this is what emerged. Hard to imagine an anime-fic writer writing a Peter Pan fic, ain't it? Oh well, enjoy!

((PS: this takes place in the December of 2004, so its present-day stuff, well, most of it))


chapter one:

Emily Darling-Smith walked home in the late afternoon rain, her books tucked under her arm. She walked as fast as she could so as her homework wouldn't get wet. She knew Mum and Dad would be terribly upset if she was late getting home again, so she sped up her pace a little more, narrowly avoiding a large puddle.

Emily lived in a large three-story house on the corner of the street with her mother Jane, her father Marcus, her twin brothers James and George, and her grandmother Wendy. There was also the dog, Nana and Emily's cat, Tiger.

Marcus Smith was the CEO of a large company in central London, who believed that children should be disciplined strictly, just as he was when he was growing up. He worked hard, pushing the rest of his family to do so as well, and knew the right punishment for every wrong performed. But his did not mean he was a harsh father; by all means, he was quite nice and pleasant to be around, so long as you were talking about either money or sports.

Jane Darling, having kept her maiden name when she married Marcus at her mother's insistence, was a teacher who made sure that all her children had straight A's by report card time. She was full of laughter and smiled all of the time, save for when she graded papers. But Jane also had a strong sense of right and wrong manners, and would not tolerate smart-allick children in her house.

Both of them were about as down-to-earth as a ton of lead tied to a bird's feet.

James and George were eight and as much alike as twins could be. Both of them were excellent students, something Emily would never have. They were always on the good side of Mum and Dad, a place Emily would never be. They were never late to school or late to gettting home, whereas Emily nearly always was. They were everything that Emily wasn't. Their only difference was that James had a gigantic interest in sailing and planned to join the British Royal Navy, while George spent most of his freetime saving or counting money or helping Dad with taxes.

And then there was Grandma Wendy, who Emily so lovingly called Gran. Grandma Wendy spent most of her days in Emily's room, sitting at the window and doing needlepoint (something Emily had never been good at, no matter how hard she practiced) of faeries and pirates and wild boys. She hardly ever spoke to anyone in the family, except Emily, and Emily took great joy in this. It meant that Emily was appreciated by someone. But for some reason, the moment she and Emily were alone in the room together, Grandma Wendy would come alive with stories of her childhood adventures. You see, Wendy Darling was a great storyteller, even in her old age. Emily loved to listen to her grandmother's stories. They were always about a boy who never, ever wanted to grow up and his adventures with the faery Tinker Bell and the Lost Boys. Grandma Wendy said that she herself had been on adventures with Peter Pan when she was a girl, and everytime she said so, she would look at her grandaughter with a pleading blue eyes that begged Emily to believe what she was saying. Emily wanted to believe so badly, because somehow her Gran was the only person she couls imagine flying, fighting, or giving thimble kisses to boys who had no parents and never wanted to grow up. But sometimes Emily couldn't believe, despite how much she wanted.

As she hurried home, her thoughts drifted to the elfin boy that often visited her dreams.

Emily had always dreamed about Peter Pan, ever since she could remember. She dreamed she was fighting alongside him agianst the notorious Captain James Hook, who was Peter's sworn enemy. When she wasn't fighting Hook, she and Peter were flying all around Neverland. But alas, they were only dreams, and dreams were very hard to make come true.

She sighed as she walked up the front steps and opened the door. Her daydreaming had made her late. Emily groaned when she heard her mother call her name from the living room.

"Perfect," she mumbled, and she stepped inside.

She never saw the leaf-clad boy hovering in the branches of a nearby tree, his bright green eyes sparking as he watched Emily walk inside.

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