Welcome to my first ever fic, A Walk Down Memory Lane. I know, I know, Cheesey title but I'm a cheesey person.

Summery: The Teen Titans are growing up, and with growing up comes memories. After stumbling apon an old photo album the memories come flooding back and the stories are told. BB/Rae Ro/SF R&R

Each Chapter will be a different story told by a different person, up until I run out of ideas, which wont happen very quickley, so I hope you guys enjoy.

I don't own teen Titans, and if I did BB and Rae would have a romantic realationship. Hell I probabley don't even own this title, I've heard it somewhere, just can't remember where...Anyway. On with the fic!

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Chapter 1: Photo Album

"I don't see it, Dick. You sure you left it down here?" Cyborg asked lifting another box above his head and scanning the area below it before placing it back down.

"Positive," Taking out a small flashlight from his utility belt he began to scan through another box. The lighting in the basement was bad to say the least as the five teens rummaged through boxes they had forgot had existed in their years of living in the Tower.

Years had slowly gone by but as slowly as they did, they seemed to whip by for the five friends. Robin was now 19, and went by Nightwing but not much had changed about him, He was still determined and stubborn, although his personality hadn't changed much except for his level of maturity, Nightwing's Physical stature had definitely changed, and anyone with eyeballs could tell. He was Taller now, just Shorter Then Cyborg and his muscles were now very well shown through hard constant training. But perhaps the biggest change was that of his love life, He and Starfire had gotten married just months ago, rate after his name change.

Cyborg also hadn't changed much, He was of course more mature now but he was still as immature as ever. He spent a lot of his time with Sarah Simms and the kids, but he'd never admit his love for the women, no matter what Beast Boy did to beat it out of him. His biggest change of all must have been when reality struck him and he realized that becoming the Cyborg that he had hated for so long, had suddenly become a blessing to him. If it had never happened, He never would have met the Titans, Never would have met Sarah Simms and would most likely never would have patched up that hatred for his father.

Then of course there was Beast Boy, who had gone through one of the most dramatic changes the Titans had seen. He was Taller now, not quite as Tall as Nightwing or Starfire, but pretty damn close. His now years of training were starting to show as he now had muscle that definitely hadn't been there before, and a certain purple haired girl had noticed. As far as his personality goes (which isn't very far) He was still immature and spontaneous, although he did have his moments. When crime had gone down in the city he had tried acting as a career to spend the time, and lets just say, that didn't work as well as he had hoped.

Starfire was to say the least, adapting to Earth. Not quite as naive as before but still had a few slips of the tongue that reminded them of older days. She was now taller then before, about the same height as Nightwing and her hair was slightly longer, but her eyes still held the hope they always did and never seemed to fade away. A lot of her Time was spent with Nightwing, She lived for Nightwing, his love made her thrive into the young woman she is now.

Raven was still somewhat withdrawn, even after the death of Trigon, she did not trust herself to be completely free with her emotions and decided that she'd play it safe. Even tho she still kept her emotions in check she did allow herself to indulge in the emotions Beast Boy had brought about, and for once she was truly happy. She, like Starfire was now also a young woman, but with hair slightly past her shoulders. She was slightly taller now as well but now she was the shortest of the Titans. It came quite a shock to everyone when Beast Boy had finally passed her.

"What exactly are we looking for again?" Beast Boy whined as he stripped off his now sweaty shirt and accidently smeared dirt and dust one his forehead.

"The thing that's gonna change our future for ever," Nightwing said. He too was now shirtless.

"Like I said, 'What exactly are we looking for again?'"

"The Deed... Can't believe I'm lettin' it go.." Nightwing said dumping a box upside down and spilling the papers on the floor before rummaging through them.

After Nightwing and Starfires marriage they had decided to move out and possibly start a family, and now they had to find the Deed to the tower so that he could officially put Cyborg in charge. Although Nightwing and Starfire would still help out on missions it was difficult to give orders if you weren't living in the same house anymore, and there for it was best to put Cyborg in charge.

"Get over it, you're puttin' the place in good hands," Cyborg said looking through another box.

" Don't Worry about it Dick, Cyborg can handle the place without you here," Starfire said wrapping her arms around Nightwing from behind.

"I know, I know. It's just gonna be weird... you know... Not barking out orders any more."

"Hell, I'll let you boss us around every once and a while," Cyborg said pulling a stack of papers out of a box before going through them.

Raven was going through a small box when she came upon a brown photo album. She payed no attention to the others conversation as she opened it and glance at a few pictures. before she was startled from her thoughts.

"whatcha' got there Rae?" Beast Boy said when he decided to give up on the search for the missing Deed.

"Huh? oh, a photo album I guess...I don't believe I've ever seen it before," Raven said looking the cover over. In big gold italics it read Memories. She glanced up to the man now sitting beside her on the cold floor, and she blushed at his newly found muscles. He caught her in her blush and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. Their newly found relationship wasn't hard for the other Titans to spot as Raven seemed generally happier and Beast Boy seemed to be away from the Game Station a lot more often.

"Probably one of Starfire's, you know how she liked to take pictures when she discovered the camera Nightwing uses for investigations. Open it up."

She did as he said and opened it to the first page. The book caught the eye of the other Titans and one by one they came and sat on the floor as memories and stories came flooding back to them with each picture.

" I remember that..." Nightwing said, and the stories began.

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