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A Walk Down Memory Lane (What the hell is with this title!)

Chapter 15: Survival of the Fittest

"Talk about near death experiences," Raven grumbled under her breath as she studied the next picture.

"Oh, quit being a drama queen! You were fine! Hell! If anything you were worse than me!" Beast Boy said pushing Raven playfully.

"I meant for you. I could have killed you," Raven said as she pushed him back a little more forcefully than he thought she would.


"I think we all could have killed you both," Nightwing grumbled as he too looked at the picture.

A small green and black jeep was stuck in a pile of snow just at the foot of a mountain. All the power seemed to be off and the jeep looked like it had been sitting there for sometime as snow had gathered a heavy coat on the roof of the vehicle.

"Yes... I wasn't very pleased about it either,"Starfire said with a small sigh.

"I didn't want ta kill 'em," Cyborg spoke up, " I mean, I heard the story but it didn't really affect me in any way." He gave a small shrug to show how it didn't matter to him.

"You didn't have to spend the night with him," Raven said as she lied back onto Beast Boy's lap still fiddling with her rose between drinks of Pepsi.

"I don't know why you complain about me when you clearly care about me," Beast Boy said rolling his eyes.

"It's a mystery... You drive me insane, but with out you... I'd drive me insane."

"So, you guys gonna tell the story or are we gonna go on to the next?"


"Oh Dick. This is wonderful!" Starfire exclaimed as she collapsed down onto the frilly comforter of the hotel bed.

"Yup, just you and me... and a bottle of champaign," Nightwing said as he laid down beside Starfire holding a very well aged bottle of champaign.

She pealed off his mask and placed it on the bed-side table.

"This will be the best honeymoon of my life," She whispered as she played with the wedding ring on her finger.

"Hopefully it will be the only honeymoon of your life," he grinned before giving her a small kiss. She smiled another of her sweet signature smiles as she pulled him closer to her.

Not long ago the couple where married on the Titans own island away from prying eyes and reporters. The wedding had gone off without a hitch and Beast Boy did his best to plan them the perfect wedding. He seemed to be good at it. Not long before Nightwing and Starfire had gotten married, Beast Boy had planned Donna Troy's wedding with Terry Long. it was one of the most beautiful weddings that they'd ever seen.

"Misses Kory Grayson... Doesn't that not just have a ring to it?" Starfire was just as excited now as she was at her wedding day. The thought of spending her entire life with Dick Grayson, the man she loved, was her drug... Much like the sun, giving her eternal energy.

Meanwhile ----

"I swear, Raven. You're gonna love this trip! We'll hike up through the Rocky Mountains and see the Columbian Ice Fields... It'll be great!"

"You've been saying that for the last 2 hours... Are we there yet?" Raven's lac of enthusiasm didn't bother him at all as he changed the subject.

"So? Have you given it any thought yet?"

"Given what any thought?" Raven asked as she turned slightly to face the green man in the drivers seat.

"About our future. I mean. Are you always just going to be the Brides Maid and never the Bride?"

"Depends on who's asking," Raven said as she turned back to her original position so she could look out the window.

"So, sometime down the line you might consider it?"

"Why? So we can have mutant children? Beast Boy, You don't need to spend tons of money on a wedding just to be with someone. We've been doing it for free for years now."

"I know, I know... Call me old fashion, but I like the idea. Besides, there's still time for us to think about it."

"Correction. There's still time to convince you otherwise," Raven droned. Beast Boy ignored her comment as they continued on down the swerving road that now seemed to be getting more and more dense with higher and bigger mountains. "Where are we?"

"Um... Well, I'm sure we'll figure it out as we go along."

Raven sighed, "What is it with you and directions? Pull over and wait for a car to pass so we can ask for directions."

"We'll be fine Raven. Besides we have over half a tank of gas. There's sure to be a gas station around here somewhere. When we fill up I'll buy a map."

"It's easier to just ask you know," Raven said in more of a statement then a question.

"Yeah, maybe so. But I don't want to stop yet."

Minutes turned into hours as the small little jeep was now parked on the side of the snow covered road, out of gas and in the middle of no where.

"Yeah... Great trip," Raven droned as she pulled her jacket up around her shoulders.

Back at the tower----

"Rrrr!" Cyborg grunted as he lost another match of air hockey against the one and only Bumble Bee.

"What's the matter, Sparky? The puck movin' to fast for ya?" She made a small pout fallowed by a slight smirk.


Steal City had been quiet for over 3 weeks and seeing as it was safe to leave the City on it's own for a bit the Titans East team had come over to help Cyborg take care of Jump.

Mas and Menos where playing video games while Speedy and Aqualad did their usual- Argue.

"I never said that! I said I used to be afraid of fish!" Aqualad cried out desperately.

"How can you be afraid of something that you're famous for? That's like me being afraid of an arrow," Speedy said as he leaned back in his chair.

"Well you would be if it were coming at your head!"

"So... you were traumatized as a child cuz a fish swam at your head?" Speedy asked in a sarcastic tone.

"Calm down, Sparky. It's jus' a game. It's not like we're fighting for our lives... although... if we were- you would have died 11 times by now."

Cyborg was upset, very upset. 11 games were played and not 1 was his win.

"Look, I could kick your butt any day!"

"Oh yeah? Try it," She provoked him with a smirk and a confident hip to the side.

Okay, so maybe leaping at her wasn't his best plan, but after losing 11 games in a row, Cyborg was desperate for a win. He landed flat on his face as she side stepped.

"And to think, You were gonna be our leader," Bumble Bee shook her head in disappointment and Cyborg looked to the floor in shame.

Meanwhile... again.----

"What are you doing?" Raven asked in a heavy sigh.

"Taking off my shoes. Why?" Beast Boy asked momentarily glancing up while untying one of his shoes.

"You plan on torturing me before killing me?" Sarcasm dripped from her words while Beast Boy glared daggers into her eyes.

"Look, This would be a lot easier to get through if you'd quit complaining."

"It's one of the few things I like in this world..."

Beast Boy groaned as he chucked his shoes into the back of his little jeep which he and Cyborg had coined the "B-Jeep"

"I'm cold... Did you have to turn off the heater?"

"If I didn't we would have drained the battery... Then we'd be stuck here longer. Just keep your eyes on the road and watch to see if anyone's coming," Beast Boy said without any enthusiasm what's so ever as he rest his chin on the palm of his hand and looked out the window.

Silence passed, and it was getting harder and harder for Raven not to complain.

"Could you put your shoes back on... the odor is giving me a headache," Raven mumbled.

"Your nagging is giving me a headache."

"Oh, that's rich."

"Would you be quiet. This wasn't my fault," Beast Boy said then took a breath to relax, "... I don't think anyone's coming," Beast Boy said as he glanced down each end of the road.

"Well, duh. We're in the middle of no where."

"Well I'm sorry I wanted to give you a nice little vacation, Raven. But I guess my efforts will always be in vein!" Beast Boy turned from her and looked out the window. Raven didn't need to see his face to now he was glaring.

"Did you just say vein?" Raven asked as she turned to him with an interested look. There was no answer and Raven didn't bother to continue knowing he wasn't going to give her any response anyway.

I can't believe he used the word vein. He's really growing up. She glanced at him then back out the window, " Do you think maybe we should try to contact Cyborg?"

Still no answer. She sighed heavily and unbuckled her seatbelt before leaning over her seat and into the back. She unzipped her duffle bag and dug around inside looking for her communicator.

Finding it, she plopped back down in her seat and rubbed her hands quickly to keep them warm. Damn, why did Canada have to be so cold. She thought before opening her communicator and calling for Cyborg.

Once again... Back at the tower----

"So... can I challenge you to another tongue wrestle?" Cyborg asked. Both him and Bumble Bee where laying beneath the air hockey table. How they got there was a mystery to everyone.

"You think you can beat me?" She said in a mocking way.

Okay, so maybe they were both to stubborn to actually admit to their feelings. So they covered that up with their incredible need to compete. Yes... a good old fashion match of tongue wrestling...

"Any time, any place," They were much to busy to realize the beeping sound coming from Cyborg's right arm, " But remember... It's not who wins, it's how you play the game."

She smirked playfully before laying another one on him and ignoring the "Eww!" sounds coming from the twin brothers who had accidently stumbled across the two.

Back at the jeep----

"No answer... I'd call Star and Nightwing but they're on their honeymoon..." There was a pause and Beast Boy didn't respond, "So are you just going to ignore me until we get back home?" Still no answer, "Fine." Raven said as she looked down at her nails to inspect them.

"You know, I just wanted to do something nice for you. You don't always have to be so selfish," Beast Boy mumbled.

"I'm not selfish," Raven mumbled back.

"Yeah you are. Give me one example of a time you weren't," He said giving her a knowing look as he turned back towards her.

She glared at him and it was silent for a moment, "My whole god damn life."

He cocked a brow because she didn't continue to clarify her answer, "Yeah... sure."

"Beast Boy, I've sacrificed every emotion I've ever had to ensure everyone's safety. You may not realize this, but every time you laugh, you cry, you yell or you smile, I envy you. I don't have your kind of freedom. If I wanted to, I could kill every living thing within 100 miles with a single outburst."

Beast Boy was silent.

"So don't ever tell me I'm selfish," Raven slouched down into her seat and closed her eyes in silent meditation to rid herself of her negative vibes. Raven could feel the guilt radiate off of Beast Boy but he didn't say anything, he was to stubborn, like her, to admit they were wrong.

The silence was broken when Beast Boy took Raven's communicator off of the dash board and called up Nightwing.

"This had better be important!" Nightwing said with clear anger in his voice. Beast Boy could guess why, a light pink colored lipstick was smeared on his leaders face and he seemed some what disheveled.

"Um... We need a pick up..." Beast Boy said sheepishly.


"What! Dude, Raven and I are stuck in the Rockies, we're out of gas and it's getting really cold!"

Nightwing sighed heavily, "Have you tried Cyborg?"

"He didn't pick up," Beast Boy said glancing at Raven who was still had her eyes closed and refused to look at him.

Nightwing was clearly annoyed. The look on his face actually scared Beast Boy slightly so he gave a small sheepish smile.

"Call back in half an hour," Starfire's voice this time and Nightwing grinned before closing the communicator.

Beast Boy sat with his mouth slightly agape, "Eww..." He took another look at Raven then took the nerve to kiss her cheek. She didn't move but simply stated that he hadn't said sorry yet.

"What! If anything you should say sorry to me!"

"For what... I didn't do anything wrong."

Meanwhile... again... for the millionth time.----

"I had a rabbit once... but I got rid of it when I saw Beast Boy making eyes at it," Cyborg said matter-of-factly.

"That's disturbing... Aqualad set all of our fish free," Bumble Bee said taking a sip of her cocoa.

They had long since retired their game of tongue wrestling after all the other guys started to bet on who would stop first and things got awkward. Now they sat around telling pet stories.

"My first ever cat, Ginger, some how got in between the drywall when I was a kid and we had to cut a whole in the wall between my room and my parents..."

"That's even more disturbing... Ok, I once had a pet turtle that I set loose in the tub once... Needless to say the hot water killed it."

"How... attractive?" Cyborg didn't quite know what to say, "My pet mongoose tried to eat Beast Boy once and Nightwing made me get rid of it."

"Hmm. So why didn't just get rid of Beast Boy?" She cocked a brow.

"You know I was thinking the same thing."

As their weird conversation continued... ----

Nightwing's communicator went off again and he picked it up as he pulled on his shirt.

"What?" Beast Boy's face popped up onto the screen and Nightwing could here Raven nagging at him in the background.

"Can you please come get us! I don't think we can handle each other much longer. She keeps shutting me down and making fun of me."

"Well I'd stop if you'd leave me alone and stop trying to cheer me up with all your lame jokes..." Raven drawled out.

"Nobodies found you yet?" Nightwing asked annoyed.

"We haven't see a car in hours!... Get out of here!" Beast boy said clearly batting away Raven's hand.

"Let me talk," Raven said as she tried to take the communicator away from him.

"Not a chance," Beast Boy struggled for a bit before placing his bare foot to her chest and pushing her against the door so she couldn't get to him.

"Great, now I smell like feet."

Nightwing watched with mild amusement and cocked a brow before sighing, "Well you're going to have to hang tight until tomorrow morning."


"Well it's not like we can just suddenly appear there. We'll fallow your signal. Keep your locator on," His voice was clearly not happy as he cut off.

"Wonderful... Star, do you think this could be considered justifiable homicide?"

"Oh, absolutely," Starfire said with a grin before giving Nightwing a kiss on the back of his neck

"Let's go..."

Do I really got to say it? ----

"Do you think they'll find our frozen bodies hundreds of years from now and display us in a museum?" Beast Boy asked with a straight face.

Raven turned to him with that are-you-serious look then shrugged, "Probably," He could tell by the tone of her voice that she was getting tired.

"Go to sleep, I'll keep watch for cars..." Beast Boy said. She looked just to damn cute in her sleep to pass up and opportunity, besides with her asleep it would make it a lot harder to argue with her.

"I would if I could..." Raven said hold her jacket close to her body for warmth.

She was clearly shivering and Beast Boy suddenly felt bad for her. She didn't have the option to grow fur in an instant.

"Here," he said, "hope into the back."

She looked at him funny, "Those seats are colder than the one my ass has already warmed up," Raven said. He sighed in annoyance.

"Come on," He ordered as he hopped over the seat into the back and placed their bags onto the floor. She just looked at him funny as he held out his hand. But sighing in defeat she took his hand and he helped her climb in between the two front seats and into the back. He leaned against one of the doors and pulled her up close to him before changing into a black bear. Sure they may not be as warm as a polar bear, but they took up less room. He held her close and let her absorb his warmth.

All the while she wore a confused but tired look on her face. Why is he suddenly trying to be nice? Did he cave? Either way she wasn't going to argue about it. She hesitated before finally telling him, "Thanks..."

He grunted in response and she lied her head down onto his heaving bear chest.

Morning came quickly and Raven stirred when she felt Beast Boy move to get more comfortable. She opened her eyes slowly and glanced over her shoulder. Beast Boy had long since changed back into his original state and was drooling onto his shoulder.

"Yummy..." Raven said aloud.

"I told you you'd like tofu, Rae," Raven cocked a brow at his mumbled statement.

She poked him slightly to see if she could get his attention. She was battered with guilt the whole night. After being such dicks to each other Beast Boy still cared enough to keep her warm through the night and she didn't have anything to give him back in return except an apology. Which to a female, means "I said sorry, now it's your turn."

"Beast Boy..." She prodded him again with her finger. He stirred again before peeking his eye open just a crack.

"Okay, Raven. Just a quicky but then we've got to go see that zombie 4 movie," judging by his response, Raven could tell he wasn't quite fully awake yet so she waited a little while longer until he realized this was the real world. "Can I help you?" He asked as he rubbed his eyes, completely forgetting his last comment.

"I just wanted to say... I'm sorry. I know you've been trying and I've been a jerk about it... So I'm sorry." It was like vomit coming out her mouth. It tasted bitter and foreign to her but she had to get it over with so that horrible feeling would go away.

He wiped a small strand of hair out of her face before replying, "It's okay Raven, I forgive you."

She stared at him for a small eternity, "Well?"

"Well what?"

"Aren't you going to apologize?" Raven crossed her arms as she sat up completely.

"For what?" He gave her a weird look.

"For getting us stranded out in the middle of nowhere, calling me selfish, making me listen to your dumb jokes and making me smell like your feet," she stated in a nice flow of words.

"Oh right...that," he scratched his neck sheepishly, "I'm uh... sorry..."

She sighed slightly in annoyance.

"What? I said it!" She gave him a small smile that said you're-an-idiot and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Finally! Now we're talking!" He pushed her over to the other side before he continued to kiss her and push her to the seats. But as luck would have it the door to the back opened and Nightwing and Starfire stood outside eyebrows raised in an accusing look.

"You guys aren't getting along, huh?" Nightwing said rubbing it in Beast Boy's face that he made it sound so dramatic.

Beast Boy smirked, "Come back in half an hour," before closing the door again leaving Nightwing and Starfire in the snow.

"Can we have a new honeymoon?" Starfire asked.

"Yeah, but next time we're going across Ocean."

End Flashback.

"You know, in away I think we all learned a lot from that," Cyborg said, "Star and Night both learned that Beast Boy can be a pest even when he's not near you, I learned that women are competitive and good at tongue wrestling and Raven learned that Beast Boy's feet smell."

"Trust me even if you were locked in a room full of elephant shit you could still smell his feet," Raven said casually fumbling with her rose.

Beast Boy not liking the response took the rose from her hands and held it just out of her reach.

"Hey!... Okay, I'm sorry... Even if you were locked in a room full of donkey shit you could still smell it..." She smirked.

"Thanks, Raven..." Beast Boy said dully before unconsciously sniffing the air to see if it was true.

"Ok, I'm sorry. Can I have my rose back?" He brought it back down and gave it back to her before she began to feel the soft peddles like a kid with velvet.

"Yeah, thank god we're moving out of this place. I can't take all the interruptions any more," Nightwing said when he noticed Starfire locking her fingers in with his.

"Yeah, I don't think we liked them much either," Cyborg said pointing to the next picture.

Nightwing and Starfire sat kinda sheepishly while staring at the next picture. in the book.

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