Ok, so here's chapter one. Let me fill you in on what's going on. It's 2010. There is indeed a new Teen Titan crew. Instead of only 5 members, there are 8. If it might not seem like it's about the Teen Titans you know and love, hang in there…it'll come.


ABC-capitalized -Yelling

Abc-Italic - Thinking

Abc-Bold –over dramatize that word.

'…'-Thought or someone quoting what someone else said

>… - Sound

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"Thanks Tom, here downtown in Jump City we have finally tracked down one of the Former Teen Titans of years 2002-2008. Yes, it has definitely been a rough 2 years, until our new team came! Here I have with me Raven…uhh…'what the hell is her last name again?'…Raven from the Former Teen Titans! Raven, Is there any regrets leaving the Teen Titans in 2006? BEFORE everyone else had decided to call it quits?" Betty Tucker from news 11 said smiling an obviously fake smile towards Raven.

Raven was now 22 Years old. She had grown 3 inches in the past few years. Raven has decided not to cut her hair, since she was usually locked up in her new apartment. It still was straight and one shade darker than her eyes, but now it reached an inch above her belly button. Her figure remained its curvy self, but she was a bit bustier than before (if you don't exactly know what that means, it means her breasts a tad bigger). Her body was still skinny, but her limbs and stomach were not as toned as before when she would train, or get exercise after defeating a villain with her team. The stone on her forehead remained, as did her purple eyes. She had definitely now grown into a very beautiful young lady in the past 4 ½ years, adding to the beauty she had before she quit. She did look Goth looking, and was still one inside her. Her attire showed she was probably interrupted by WB 11 news on a stroll in the park. She wore black khakis and a tight long sleeve shirt that was black and looked a lot like her old shirt that would be under her cloak in the Teen Titan days. Over this she wore a dark navy blue hooded jacket that was only zipped up ¼ the way up. Her hair was down and was swaying with the wind. The necklace she wore everyday resembled the same color of the stone on her forehead, and was in fact made of the same stone. She had gotten it from some dear to her and that's why she wore it near her heart.

Raven looked at Betty's smile, then to her irritated eyes, then back to her smile and read her mine for the one second she had before she would decide to talk.

'God, why did he sign me up to interview Raven? I could have been doing the interview with the new Teen Titans! But no…I had to be signed with this grouchy witch.'

Raven gave her a cocky smile, already immuned to being alone, or no one wanting to be near her for long, and started to stare Betty down and aggravate her while beginning to talk.

"Well…Betty…is it?"

Betty nodded her head slowly, wanting to scream DUH at her.

"Nice name…anyway, Betty, actually I'm not regretting leaving the Titans. I mean, look at my life now! I'm healthy, alive, and I'm talking to Betty Tucker from WB 11 news! That's right, the Betty Tucker! The same Betty Tucker who is probably only getting paid 100 bucks for this interview!" Raven said sarcastically, then looking straight into the camera, knowing this whole interview was live. "Who wouldn't want MY life?" She concluded with a huge sarcastic grin and thumbs up.

The cameraman gave a light chuckle as he decided to capture the facial expression on Betty's face after Raven had said that. Showing Jump City that Betty was staring at Raven with a death glare. Betty, instantly noticing the camera was on her, suddenly gave the camera the same plastic smile she had on before and continued interrogating Raven.

"Hehe, my, What a sense of humor! I always thought Raven was a dark, uptight, emotionless girl with no life! But anyway…Why did the Titans break up?"

Raven, gritting her teeth decided to end this interview soon before she exploded Betty from emotion. 'And your point is…?' said her emotion, Humor, in her head. Raven silently agreed.

"I don't know, I heard they were growing weaker after, one by one they all kinda had different lives to attend to. Its possible that people like you who didn't support us, made us remember our other lives, and quit." Raven said with a monotone and had read Betty's mind once again to find out that she was never a real fan of the old Titans.

"Cute girl, isn't she Tom? Anyway one last question, remind Jump City of your very cool powers, won't you Raven? Maybe even give us a reminding of what they looked like?" Betty smiled.

'Just do it Raven, one last Stunt for the ringmaster and you'll be finished to end the show.' Raven's other emotion, Knowledge piped up.

"Well actually, I can read minds…" giving Betty a look that immediately explained that's how Raven knew she was not a fan of the former Teen Titans, "and I'm also telekinetic with magic powers."

Betty looked into the camera while saying, "ohhh! And explain what THAT big word "telekinetic" meant!"

"It means you can move things with your mind." She sounded irritated now. "Here let me show you." Raven let out a cocky smile and made Betty get wrapped in a black shadow and held her up about 4 feet in the air.

"Umm…yes, that's nice. You may put me down now…it turns out this reporter is afraid of heights! Hehe!" Making sure she didn't embarrass her self by trying not to show too much fear to her viewers.

Raven decided to put her down on her feet, until she changed her mind and let go of this bitchy reporter 6 inches off the ground. This made Betty break her heel to her high-heeled shoe, loose her balance, and fall flat on her face.

The cameraman chuckled, while accidentally let the camera shake. He went up right into Betty's face. Raven noticed that it seemed Betty had just given up and laid there while reaching for the microphone, as she mumbled "Back to you Tom…"

Raven just walked away.

"Hahahaha...dude, that Raven lady rocks!" Said a Teenage boy.

His name was Blake Underwood. He joined the New Teen Titans, because he loved his city, and he grew up loving and admiring the Teen Titans. You could say…he was the "blonde" of the group. He got very ecstatic to find out they would not need to go to regular high school if they didn't want to and would get a tutor. His Working name was Rapid. He had the power to move at lightning speed while leaving behind a trail of whatever he felt was right…or what ever he could reach into his belt first. In his belt was a dust that if mixed with his fast motions, would cause a trail of fire. Another dust was for a small tornado if he wouldn't mind getting dizzy running in circles for a minute or two, and also a liquid that would poison the villain with an evaporating invisible gas. The gas would only attract to the evil it was pointed at and with a touch of that to the villain's flesh would make the villain lose control over that part of their body. He also had a small rope in a back pocket. His outfit was orange with one big white stripe down the middle and split in two when it got to his legs. The belt was orange as well. He had pale green eyes and strawberry blonde shaggy hair. He was 15 years old and did have muscles, not big…but if compared to Beast Boys, you could tell they were bigger.

"You are just saying that because you have not found something about Betty Tucker good." Said his friend and one of his fighting partners, with intelligence.

"Yeah…well…not ONLY!"

"And because you think Raven is good looking, yes?"

"Damnit Achandra, stop always being so right!"

"Hehe…" Achandra chuckled.

Achandra's Real name is Alexandra Von Talon. She had long reddish/brown hair that reached her hips. Her eyes matched her green attire perfectly. She was just as tall as Rapid, if not taller…being at a height of 5'2. She was 15 as well. Her outfit kind of matched Green Arrow's outfit from the Justice league. The shoulders were made of a metal painted green and were pointed outward. Her skirt was a little higher than her knee and was able to twirl if in wind, but just incase wore green spandex shorts underneath. The shirt was sleeveless and had the same buttons as Robin had but were green. Her hat was exactly like Green Arrows, which was a shade darker than her green attire matching her arrows, arrow bag (that always stayed on her shoulders), and her bow. She possessed archery, as her power. Perfect aim, and grace, as she would take down the bad guys. But inside her was a warrior, since half of her origin came from the Vikings. Even though being a Viking, she was living proof that the rumors about if Viking warriors were dumb as hell, was wrong. She was the smartest on the team, and her father trained her to speak correctly (kind of sounding like starfire, when she wasn't naïve). She was mostly always right, but they cut her a break when she would make a few mistakes, since she was the brain of the team. She decided to make her Titan name a mix of Archery and Her name, Alexandra. Her body was well toned and skinny after training with the team, but didn't have noticeable curves. She only fought, to see what it would be like. Also to protect Justice.

"Don't say that! The day that would happen is when the world will crash into the moon!" Said another boy from behind the couch that Rapid and Achandra were sitting at.

"Technically, Flamer, there would be more of a chance of the Moon hitting than what you said. But let alone that whole incident wont happen in our life time." Achandra smiled at him.

"Yeah…I'll remember that." Flamer said eyeing her weirdly.

Flamer's real name was Steven Donahue. But everyone called him Flamer, for obvious reasons. His power was indeed Fire that he could start in his hands. He had black hair, with red tips that fell on his amber eyes. Being the only skater of the group, he was the most troublesome. He was 5'5 and pretty well toned not much…but maybe half an inch more muscled than Rapid. He fought because he liked kicking ass, especially if it were for a good cause. His attire were black shorts (that looked like khakis) and a red shirt with flames at the bottom. He wore a mask in the shape of small flames on his eyes, but you would still be able to see his handsome amber eyes that turned dark orange/red that started to spark when he got very angry or when he used a huge amount of fire. He can also bring heat, lava, or even other fires to where he is.

"She kinda reminds me of Nightress, doesn't she? A telekinetic with magic powers and can read minds? Doesn't that sound like her? Even the black clothes!" Rapid asked.

"Actually, Nightress is more of a rocker than a Goth. Cant you tell?" Flamer said.

"There are actually a lot of differences, by analyzing Raven's powers, I could tell she came from a different planet. Which planet I don't know yet. Also she has ordinary magic, and Nightress has Black magic. Which is far more of a mystery. Plus, Nightress is half Vampire. And I guess that obvious physical look; Goth vs. rocker is another difference. Hehe and I can really tell Raven is highly civilized. Not like Nightress ISN'T civilized, but I highly doubt Raven would make appointments to the tattoo parlor." Piped up Achandra.

"Haha, dude I love this girl, she's a walking encyclopedia! Take THAT Rapid" laughed Flamer.

Achandra blushed heavily…obviously having her crush say that made her heart pump a little faster.

"Please Flamer, I'm no where NEAR an encyclopedia."

"Don't 'Please Flamer' me! You're that smartest ass in this whole goddamn city!" Flamer smiled a charming a smile.

"Wow Flamer, you sure know how to charm a girl." Achandra said sarcastically, while walking into the kitchen.

Flamer followed her, hoping he would be able to make her laugh more. He loved it when she did.

"YEAH! Just leave little ol' me alone in the livingroom!" Yelled Rapid. "Fine, ill just go see what the other guys are doing."

He found his other friends sparring in the training room. One of them obviously being a combat professional was looking like he was winning. Until his super-strengthed friend finally managed to punch him.

"Hey guys! What's up? Just cam here to boost these beautiful muscles here." Rapid said with a cocky smile.

His friends stopped sparring and burst into laughter.

"What's so funny?" Asked the confused runner.

"Sorry man, just thought you were serious for a second…" Said the super-strengthed one.

His Name was Jonathan Rich. Everyone called him Muscles, for his strength and physical appearance. He was WAYYY more buff than Rapid, even more than Flamer. He had super strength and the ability to shoot a toxic liquid from his eyes. He had Dark brown hair that was wavy on top of his head. His blue eyes were as clear as the water itself. He was the one who cared about his looks most out of the group. His bathroom was filled with products and brushes. Even now in the training room his hair was nice and gelled. His Attire was something like a biker dude, except way more expensive. He wore a Leather Jacket and blue jumpsuit (like Rapids) underneath. He wore a black belt that held his gadgets, and even a few for hair spray. He would attract the ladies with ease and loved it. He was also at a height of 5'6 at age of 16. He joined for showing off his precious looks, and half denied fighting for justice and this retched town.

"Well, excuuuuuuusseee me! I do need muscles to run you know…" Rapid said crossing his arms over his chest.

"Are you saying you don't have any now?" Said the fighter of the group.

His name was Brian Cunningham. Also know as the second boy wonder, he was the leader of the group. He proudly also went by Robin. They were exact replicas, except for the eyes…you couldn't tell, but he had hazel eyes, and not stunning blue like his idol, since he wore a mask also. He did not get trained by Batman, but was trained well. He wouldn't tell anyone how though. Everyone asked how he fought so well, but to no avail. He wasn't as buff as his sparring partner, but still more buff than the other two guys on the team. He would probably the most cocky team member, but everyone loved him for it, especially that cocky smile of his. He stood at a height of 5'6 and was 17 years old. He fought for justice, just as plain as that.

"I so do have…" Rapid was unable to finish his statement as he looked upon his friends, who were way buff than him. "…Muscles?"

"Oh yeah, Nightress wants to see ya." Said Muscles

"Tell her I said Hey while your there" Robin (2) said.

"Sure, lover boy. Any who, ill see you guys later…a lady is in need of my help." He said giving them a cocky smile as he left the training room with a Robin, gritting his teeth, staring at him.

"Oh hey girls, what's up?" He said passing by Electra's room with Electra and Muscle's sister Raider in it.

"Hey Rapid. Mind doing us a quick favor?" asked Raider

"Anything, what is it?"

"Ask Achandra next time you see her if I can borrow her eye liner." Said Raider.

"Why? You look beautiful enough!"

'Raider was right, it was obvious Rapid a crush on Raider…haha' Thought Electra

"Boy, I suggest you leave before your mouth starts drooling…" laughed Electra.

Rapid just stuck his tongue out at them and left her room.

Raider's real name was Sarah Rich. She was Jonathan's (muscles) twin sister. She had mid-length dark blonde hair, since she dyed it that way. She also had Electric blue eyes, and stood at 5'3 in height. She usually put her hair in a low ponytail when she was fighting or wanted to concentrate. She possessed the power of also super-strength, but also had an element of surprise and could easily sneak some where without anything detecting her. Her outfit consisted of a leather jacket, but the sleeves where Rolled up to her elbows, it was also glittery. Under that she wore a dark blue tight tee that showed of her well-toned midriff. And on her legs she wore baggy navy shorts. She always wanted to fight along side her brother, and finally got to have the chance. She was also 16 years old, still pretty innocent.

Electra's real name was Marianna Cobstone. She was 5'3, 16, and had stunning Hazel eyes, they were Very light colored. She also had dark brown straight hair, which was 2 inches off her shoulder. She had a ghetto/curvy body and loved it. She was transferred to a goody-goody place that was full of only white people. She fought racism (being ½ black) pretty well, and took the opportunity to get outta there by joining the Teen Titans. Since she was only half-black, her complexion was like milk chocolate, which's why her school friends used to call her milk chocolate. She possessed the power of electricity. Which also allows her to control storms and the weather. Her outfit resembled a one-piece bathing suit. It was purple and had one flash of yellow lightning diagonally starting from her shoulder, ending at the side of her hip. Her cape was also Purple, but her mask (which you could still see her eyes) were bright yellow. She was rumored to be related to Static (static shock) so she, also, flew on a disk.

>Knock Knock Knock

Rapid Knocked on Nightress's door and could hear her sighing as she answered the door.

Nightress's real name was never told. She had another life before she came to Titans Tower. She didn't join; they had asked her to. She lived on the streets of Jump City, did no harm…but had powers. They figured she should stay and join the team. Maybe one day she'll trust someone enough to tell her forgotten life. She was 17 years old, tan/Grey skin and stood at 5'3 in height. She had Brown hair with black tips that reached her hips. She also had cut her own hair to have bangs, which did look nice. They sometimes fell on her eyes though, but she wanted it that way. She hated her eyes, even though they would be the most beautiful things you would ever see. They dismatched everything about her, because they held innocents. Her eyes were Grey/light blue with 3 red flecks of dark red in each one. Red meant she was indeed, half vampire. They would be thick flecks and an exact replica of blood's color if she were full vampire. Her attire was also like a one-piece bathing suit, but it was strapless. It was black with a Grey corset over it (matching her eyes). She had a cape that was black and faded to Grey to the bottom, same with her gloves. She also wore Grey leg warmers. Nightress was not allowed to take off the necklace she wore unless she wanted the inhumanity of her to unleash. It was a Gothic looking cross that was black and red stones that matched the flecks in her eyes. It was long enough to wrap once tightly around her neck, and then hung loosely to the right of her heart. With out it, she would be sucking blood left and right and would not be able to walk in the daytime. Only Half-Vampires were allowed to have it. Though it could not take away her teeth, people would still be frightened, except her new team. She had possessed the black magic from her mother, and her father gave her the vampire origin. Having black magic made her a lot like Raven, but was trickier. Black magic was more mysterious, that even she didn't know its full limit.

"Hey Night, Muscles said you wanted to talk to me…" Rapid told.

"Oh yeah, Member that lady you liked on the TV, Raven? Find her. I sense something about her interesting. And I think the team would also like to see/talk to her, wouldn't you? I mean, she did live here at one point. I'll collect the team; you get her to come. It might be hard though, I sense she wants to be alone now." Instructed Nightress

"Yes Ma'am!" Rapid saluted her and was about to leave when he remembered something. "Oh yeah night, Robin says 'Hey' " Rapid imitated Robin's cocky smile.

Nightress just blushed and shut the door, to let the darkness of her room consume her again.

Rapid sped away making a wind.

Raven was walking home after she got interrupted from Betty. She suddenly same a blur of orange pass her, making her hair sway to the side.

"Someone's in a hurry…"

She Suddenly Saw the Orange blur stop, as she noticed it was a teenage boy.

"Umm…are you Raven?"

She slowly nodded her head and looked at him up and down…She figured he was part of new Teen Titans.

"Perfect! Hi, I'm Rapid. I'm part of the-"

"Teen Titans. I know, you want to know if I could come over and talk. No." she started to walk away.

"Please? My friend and teammate Nightress wants to talk to you…she says something about you is 'interesting'. Rapid pleaded.

Raven stopped in her tracks as she quickly read his mind, finding out Nightress was a lot like her. 'What would be the harm of going?' asked knowledge.

"Ok, ill go-" Raven got cut off as he took her around the waist and put her over his shoulder as he sped off.

Yeah, I'm done with this one. Off to sleep. Hope you liked it. Sorry it was kinda long, it took a while to introduce and help you visualize the new characters. If you hadn't noticed by now, some of the character were based on some characters in DC comics…if that's some how illegal, please tell me…I'm not fully aware with what's illegal/not illegal on this site. Advice on what should happen next or constructive criticism is advised. Unless you liked all of it, then go ahead and boost my mood. : D

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