"Don't have to tell me twice Robin." Electra looked towards the clear sky. Everyone watched as rain clouds started forming, soon came thunder, then lightning.

When she looked back towards the smiling Slade, her eyes were glowing yellow, electricity sparking. She waved her hand towards the sky, then clamping it in a fist.

As soon as her fist was formed, a bolt of electricity came flying down to meet her fist. Next thing anyone knew, Electra was throwing bolts of lightning towards Slade.

Robin was getting agitated; this Slade guy was still dodging everything with ease.

Electra was noticing that too, she gritted her teeth and shot faster.

"Rapid tie him up." Robin whispered to Rapid.

Rapid nodded and ran as fast as he could around Slade a couple of times.

Slade didn't even see or feel the rope until Rapid pulled it to fasten it. Slade was jerked forward, making it easy to shoot with bolts.

Electra took that for advantage and shot. It missed.

"Damn, the only time I have bad aim…"

"Nevermind that, take hold of the rope!" Robin yelled.

Rapid handed Electra the rope and sent shockwaves through the rope. Reaching Slade, a huge electric explosion occurred.

The Titans were coughing from the smoke; they made the mistake of being too close.

"Did we get him?" Raider asked.

Nightress heard his snickering. She growled and flew through the smoke, only to see the electric rope being thrown back at the Titans.

"Watch out!" She yelled.

But it was to late; the rope surrounded Robin, Rapid, Raider and Muscles, encircling them in the shock filled rope.

"Augh!" Raider yelped as the shockwaves entered her body and shook her nerves. Robin, Rapid and Muscles weren't having any better luck.

Electra looked back at Slade, the only ones left were Nightress and herself.

"Feeling lonely?" Slade asked, stepping through the smoke—only to be pulled back and slammed into a wall.

Slade opened his eye to see Nightress holding him by the neck, sheathing her lengthened molars at him.

"Oh how intimidating." Slade mimicked.

Nightress sent a series of punches to his gut, watching blood drip down his mouth.

She let go of Slade, who just slid down the wall motionless.

"That was for Brian." She murmured.

Nightress turned to leave when she heard a gun click behind her.

"And you thought you were so close…" Slade snickered.

Nightress turned around, but Slade fired the gun. Nightress fell to the floor, looking down towards her side. There, was a tranquilizer bullet lodged in her side.

She fell limp, feeling Slade step over her.


Slade loaded another gun, a simple gun that would emit water that's all.

He aimed towards the occupied Electra, who seemed to try and revive her shocked teammates.

"Sweet dreams." He said before he squirt her. He watched, as the water flooded over her electrified skin, mixing electrons that should never be mixed. Her skin shook with insanity, and she blacked out.

"Now where is my little bird…?" He joked, looking around.

Turning around, a huge truck came zooming towards him surrounded in black aura.

The truck hit him by surprise and crushed him between the indented wall and itself.

"I'm right here Slade." Raven's voice was dripping with venom. She stealthily walked towards the crushed Slade, knowing he'd emerge soon.

As if on que, Slade grabbed a hold of the truck, and with much effort, shoved it aside.

He took no time to take out explosives and throw at the determined girl. Raven blocked them ease at a swipe at the sky making a small barrier surround her while the explosives exploded.

Slade noted how eerily white her eyes were turning.

"Am I getting the lonely bird upset? Well we don't want that to happen. I merely came here to give you something to do. I mean, the rest of the Titans are having wonderful lives. Want to know what they're doing as we speak Raven?"

Raven froze in her tracks, 'How did he know?' Raven's worst fear was finding out that her friend had left her to do something amazing. But she couldn't do a thing about it, because se was the one who left them.

While she thought, Slade advanced towards her, with a small limp no doubt.

"You're scared. You scared of being alone in the end. Do you even have any friends?" Slade asked, stopping 2 feet away from her.

Raven was looking down, taking in his words when she knew she wasn't suppose to.

'He's just trying to get in your head, Raven! Don't let him get to you!' Her conscious screamed.

But how could she just ignore him? He was right after all.

Raven narrowed her eyes and looked up slowly at him, and said through gritted teeth, "I don't need friends," Raven punched him by surprise and sent him taking a step back, "I don't need my powers," She punched again, "AND I'M NOT SCARED OF BEING ALONE!"

Raven clenched her eyes shut as she felt tremendous power leave her body. Things were exploding on random, things were moving and colliding; the street was turning into a garbage lot.

With the last of her energy, she encircled Slade in her energy and sent him flying backwards.

Slade grunted loudly as he felt the air leave his body, tensing to get more oxygen. He started to cough out blood as he felt her aura move him again towards another wall.

Flamer was standing there, hoping the best for his team when he heard something from behind.

"…Who's there?" He asked.

He saw a tall figure clad in black strode over to him.

It was hard to see in the night, but he definitely saw two glowing white eyes looking at him.

"You've got a lot of power kid." Said the guy.

"…Uhh…thanks?" Flamer said unseemly.

Flamer heard the guy chuckle and say, "Don't move."

"…What are you doing?" Flamer watched as the person threw a CD looking disk at him.

Before he knew it, the disk exploded right when it touched the ice, flames were everywhere.

Slade was slumped over, but still breathing.

Raven had slammed him into a wall numerous times, making several print of his body in them.

'Just keep holding on, she will drain soon.' He kept saying over and over in his head.

Slade looked up to see Raven on her knees, hands infront of her clutching the ground as she took deep breaths looking down.

Slade smirked and wiped away the blood from his mouth with his arm.

'Its over Raven, he's almost done with…just send him a couple more time against the wall and he'll be over with.' Her conscious reminded her.

"Slade…you over-" Fear spiked her as she saw Slade's boots standing infront of her, "S-Slade?" Raven was kicked against the wall.

Her breath was already gone, making blood rise and spurt from her mouth.

"Now what would be an easy way to destroy something as pathetic as you?" he asked aloud.

"It'd-" Raven started to cough more blood, "take a lot more to get rid of me."

Raven watched as Slade withdrew a large dagger, and fingered it, making his own blood spill on it.

"Now when I will kill you, my blood with mix with yours." He laughed evilly.

Raven gasped, this was so dishonorable, not to mention disgusting. She didn't want to spend the last moment on Earth mixing blood with this vile creature. Mixing blood was either an intimate or family related subject, she didn't want to mix blood with her most hated enemy.


"Begging now are we? How low."

Raven closed her eyes and grasped at her stomach, the loss of blood from numerous cuts and rapid flow of blood from her mouth was making her incredibly weak. "Look who's talking…S-Slade."

Slade gritted his teeth, "Don't worry I'll make it short."


Both Raven and Slade looked to the side to see Flamer running towards them.

Slade just snickered and threw a new towards him. The end of the net extending and encircling him, pulling him towards the ground and keeping him there.

"Raven, move of something!" Flamer yelled.

Raven only heard the first yell. As the blood was flowing out, she was walking in and out of consciousness. Once she closed her eyes she would black out slightly, but she would force her eyes open and would be back for only short time. This would repeat over and over.

She felt something looming infront of her; she took a quick look to see two black boots, probably Slade's.

'Just close your eyes Raven, it'll be over soon.' Cooed her mind.

She did what she was told and rested her head on the cement floor, still slightly awake listening to Flamer's rants, yet her eyes were closed.

Slade smirked as he watched Flamer trying to escape. He sent another net around his first one, just incase he tried anything.

Flamer gritted his teeth, he still couldn't use his powers just yet, though he was grateful for the person who freed him. He surveyed the area to see the rest of his team lying there helpless.

Slade started to snicker, 'Insolent children…'

Slade turned back around to face Raven, but almost jumped out of his skin, and that was rare for him.

There, standing in the small area between Raven and himself was a muscled man clad in black and blue. His short hair was parted down the middle, and his mask covered his eyes totally leaving two narrowed white holes glaring daggers at him. This man was taller than he was, but only by an inch or two.

The man grabbed Slade by the cloth near his neck and brought him nose to nose.

"Tell me why I shouldn't kill you now." The man said in a low threatening voice through gritted teeth.

Flamer watched as the man who saved him from becoming totally flameless in the alley stood infront of Raven, protecting her from Slade. 'He seemed so much angrier now than in the alley,' thought Flamer watching intently.

"Who are you to threaten me?" Slade snarled. He had to admit this guy was beginning to get intimidating.

The man holding him suddenly smirked, "What? You don't remember me Slade?" The man let go of Slade roughly, almost knocking him over, and took out a bow-staff and twirled around his fingers.

"Getting an idea?" The man joked around.

Slade narrowed his eyes, then quickly was brought to reality and snickered.

"My my, what do we have here? A Titan's reunion?" Slade smirked.

'A reunion?' The man thought, but quickly dismissed it as Slade kept talking.

"Robin's all grown up now." Slade said slyly.

Robin didn't like how he was acting, "It's Nightwing now Slade."

Nightwing roughly smashed his staff into Slade's head. A sickening crack was heard, even Flamer cringed.

"Come now Robin, if you want to get in here, "Slade pointed to his head, "You'll have to try and break through the metal."

Nightwing gritted his teeth; "It's NIGHTWING!" Slade was tackled by Nightwing's advances.

Slade was instantly brought to the floor, having a lot of energy taken from Raven's battle.

Raven opened her eyes slightly.

'I'm not dead yet…?'

She looked up to see if the boots were still hovering infront of her, but they weren't. Raven was still unfocused and couldn't see past two or three feet away, though her healing powers were barely keeping her alive.

Raven sat up slightly, now using her hands as supporters. She looked up again to see two moving figures, but it was hard to see. The blood loss would slowly take her, if Slade wouldn't.

Raven was burst out of her thoughts as a large amount of blood filled her lungs. She doubled over and clutched at her stomach again, coughing out more blood loudly.

The numerous coughs brought everyone out of their stupor. Nightwing, Slade and Flamer all looked towards the source to see Raven doubled over coughing more.

"Move aside Robin, do you really want her to die a long agonizing death of blood loss, or let me kill her in a few simple seconds." Slade smirked. He was desperate to kill someone, and he knew he was becoming more psychotic, but he didn't care.

Nightwing still had his eyes trained on the cougher. She looked so familiar, yet to unfamiliar. She had dark hair, which's all he could tell since it was dark and she was hiding her face as she coughed.

'Who-' Nightwing was interrupted in thought as he heard the boy he saved earlier speak out to the woman.

"C'MON! GET UP! DON'T DIE RAVEN! Man, Nightress will KILL me!" Flamer yelled, secretly scolding himself for joking around at a time like this.

Nightwing's eyes widened, "Raven?" he murmured.

"That's right, your precious Raven is dying right infront of your eyes." Said a cold sinister voice from behind Nightwing.

Nightwing swerved to the side as he heard the fire of a gun. He now faced the bullet; he looked to see it was only a tranquilizing gun so he caught it with his fist encircling it.

His fast reflexes surprised Slade, but quickly got over the shock as he felt the tranquilizer enter the artery in his neck. Nightwing had run forward and threw it with the acceleration and momentum from his running.

"And you didn't even use a gun…" Mumbled Slade.

"You will be the one to die Slade." Nightwing said through gritted teeth.

Slade pulled a bomb out of his belt and threw it in between the two fighters.

Nightwing had already rushed forward and ran threw the smoke, his mask protecting his eyes.

But it was no use, Slade was gone.

Nightwing threw his staff in anger.

"I let him go again. How many more people will die because of that careless mistake." Nightwing gripped his hands into fists and looked downward. "The old bat won't be happy."

"Hey…uhh…dude?" Flamer called out to him.

Nightwing turned around to face him.

"Yeah...uhh I hate to yell at you and all, but DON'T JUST STAND THERE, RAVEN'S BLEEDING TO DEATH!"

Nightwing's eyes widened, 'Damn how could I have forgotten?'

He rushed to raven's side and dropped to his knees, slightly shaking her.


Raven had her eyes closed.

'That… that voice sounds so much like-' Raven's eyes snapped open.


Raven blacked out from blood loss. Plus, the shock was too much for her.

Raven woke up in an infirmary.

'It didn't change at all…'

Raven sat up; her healing power had helped her fully heal along with several medicines and bandages.

"Oh, you're awake."

Raven jumped, and clutched at her heart for breath. "You scared me."

"Sorry." Nightress laughed.

"…Is he…Is he here?" Raven asked.

Nightress looked at her; 'She almost seems scared.'


"You know who." Raven deadpanned.

Nightress smiled and shook her, "Yup."

Raven sighed and looked down at the blankets and fiddled with her hands.

"Raven!" Nightress stared at her, "Why would you want to do that!"

Raven sighed again; she was beginning to feel how her friends would feel when she would read their minds.

"You can just sneak out when he's waiting for you! He stayed over night just so he can see you in the morning!"

Raven managed to wrap a cloth around Nightress's mouth with her mind.

"Don't be so loud…"

Nightress glared and tore off the cloth. "C'mon Raven he deserves a conversation."

Robin2 was drooling, Nightwing was staring.

"If you grow to look like me I'll be damned." Nightwing said, one eyebrow cocked upward.

"C-can I have your autograph?" Robin2 asked shyly, not hearing what he said.

Nightwing just stared at him for a second, then smiled ruffling his hair. "Your funny kid."

"So tell me…How long has Raven been here?" Nightwing asked.

"Only a couple of days. Raven and Nightress were talking a lot." Robin2 answered.

"They have a lot in common."

"How do you know?"

"Random guess."


Silence came over the two look alikes.

"How is she?"

"I don't know, I'll go check up on her." Robin2 got up and left to the infirmary, leaving Nightwing to be tackled by the Titan girls whom just ran in.



"Um hello? Can I come in?" Robin asked.

Nightress went over to the door and opened it.

"Hey Robin." She greeted.

He smiled back at her, making both of them blush for a second but returned their attention back to Raven.

Raven rolled her eyes, 'I wonder if I was that bashful when I was her age. Well technically I don't think I'll ever be her age…'

"He wants to know how you're doing." Robin said to Raven, standing side by side with Nightress.

"No one ever told me how everyone got back to the tower." Raven said.

Nightress and Robin exchanged looks, asking who wanted to explain it.

"Ladies first" Robin smirked.

Nightress rolled her eyes, "I think Nightwing and Flamer either took turns carrying us, or they got someone to drive us. But Nightwing dressed all our wounds and fixed us up. He was up most of the night. He fixed you as well."

Raven looked down at herself and looked under the covers. She sighed in relief that her shirt was still on, as well as her pants.

Robin snickered, "I don't think he's like that Raven."

"You didn't know him when he was your age…"

It had been an hour since Robin left the infirmary to tell Nightwing Raven was fine. It had been 45 minutes since Nightress had left Raven alone in the infirmary. And it had been 30 minutes since Raven had teleported to Nightress's room and packed a few belongings so she could sneak out.

It was now in the middle of the day, and Raven new half the Titans were either wandering around the tower or were in town.

She figured Robin2 had shown Nightwing around the place already, or atleast was just finishing up.

This would be a goo time to leave. Raven left the note for Nightress on her bed and dissolved into the floor, heading for the basement. She knew there was an exit door down there, it was waiting for her.

This would be the second time she would sneak out of the Titans Tower. The second time she would be running away from her problems. The second time she would never turn back.

Why was she running away? Why cant she just face it, and get it over with? Why does she just go to him, tell him what's going on in her life now a days and say good bye? Raven shook her head from these thoughts.

'The more I see, the more I want to see him. It's like a drug, so I'm stopping the source. If I see him now, all my trouble of getting over him will just rebirth.'

But she couldn't help but wonder…was he married? Did he have children? Who was his wife? Did he marry Starfire? Is he in the Justice league? Or is he working by himself? Was he partners with Batman again?

Raven had, for the second time, successfully left the tower without anyone noticing. She turned to gaze at the large tower. She would definitely miss it. It was nice to stay in for a couple of days. Maybe I should visit more often.

She looked downward, were they really her friends? Did she really become so desperate she had to make friends with a bunch of hormonal teenagers?

Raven sighed as she turned around to leave. Her feet lifting off the ground and her hair could feel the wind picked up. Raven loved flying now a days, the adrenaline was over powering the sorrow in her.

She was about at the same height as the tower when she felt a rope wrap around her ankle and yank her downwards.

The sudden movement made her lose concentration and she lost the ability to fly for the moment. She couldn't get it back, she need to relax first. And she was not relaxed.

Nightress walked into her room just in time to see the remaining shadow on the floor. That usually happened when Raven would dissolve into the floor. Nightress looked around to see Raven's few belongings like extra clothes gone, and found a note on the bed.

She read over it quickly and bolted out of the room. Nightress turned the corner and smacked right into Nightwing himself, who was heading to Raven's room shared by Nightress.

"Oh, sorry Nightress." Nightwing apologized and moved around her, but Nightress caught her arm.

"You have to go get her!"

"What?" Nightwing asked.

Nightress shoved the note in his face as he quickly read over it.

"Where is she heading?"

"Her apartment is next to the park."

"Thanks." And with that Nightwing ran down the stairs.

"Um…we have an elevator."

Nightwing exited the building to see Raven floating away, he quickly unfastened the grappling hook like weapon from waist and shot it in the air, making sure it fastened down on her ankle. He shoved downwards, in the process bringing him upwards a good five feet. He was used to doing that with the grappling hook, he actually longed to do it again when he got back to Gotham.

(AN: Well actually two ANs. But one: I don't know any of Nightwing's weapons, if you know please list them for me so I cant use them in the sequel. 2: When I mean pulling downwards and him flying up a little is when, if you look on google, you'll find a lot of Comic book covers where he's pulling down and his legs are outward, and he has this stupid grin on his face, that's usually drawn like he's swinging through the air. That's what I mean.)

He watched as Raven came falling down. "Whoops…"

Nightwing made a dash to catch her, ending up on his stomach in the process, but he did manage to catch her.

Raven quickly got off of him and stalked away. Nightwing following closely after he stood.

"Hey Raven. How's it going? I haven't seen you in a long time."

"Good for you,"

"Not really. I missed you, where were you?"

"At my apar--house. Where were you?"

"Well I was in Gotham-"


"Raven would you stop walking away and look at me?" Nightwing stopped walking and turned Raven around. She stood there, staring up at him almost boredly.

"How are you?" he asked sincerely.

Raven narrowed her eyes; "I'm fine."

"That's good. I was worried about you when I found out it was you that was hurt by Slade."

Raven's eyes widened, "Did he go to jail?" She asked curiously.

This was the most emotion he'd seen her give to him; he would feel bad making it disappear.

"Well, no. He ran away before I could get him." Nightwing mumbled.

Raven's face saddened slightly, it killed him to watch.

"Ok." She said monotonously.

There was a small silence, before Nightwing perked up, "Oh hey I brought something of yours. Or well actually I had someone drop it off but…"

Nightwing turned around and broke into a run towards the tower.

Raven stood there. Should she fly away now? Can't she just leave before he comes back?

'He'll just find you at your apartment.' Raven nodded and stood waiting.

'…He's gotten a lot handsomer.' Raven rolled her eyes at her conscious. 'Well of course he has. He was handsome back then as well. It's only reasonable he'd grow tall, become masculine, and have awesome hair.' '…Awesome hair?' She asked herself. 'When did my vocabulary become so awful?' 'Those damn teenagers are getting to me.'

Nightwing entered the Tower and grabbed a book sitting near the stairs. He came back out and saw Raven standing there looking slightly uncomfortable and awkward.

(AN: Talking about book in Chapter 3.)

He snickered, 'Atleast she didn't try and run away…'

Nightwing looked back down at the book. It was still in the perfection condition that she had 'given' it to him. He didn't know why, but he wanted to give it back.

He looked back up at her and started to study her. She had filled out in places he thought she was already filled out in. Her long hair was now cascading down her back, while her face had gotten wiser, but more exotically beautiful.

He jogged up to her, watching as she looked the book over.


"Yeah, I still can't believe I've kept it this long." Nightwing handed it to her outstretched hand.

Nightwing and Raven had sat down and looked through the book. Eventually they talked lightly of old memories, and what was happening now.

He filled her in on what the other Titans were doing.

Apparently, Starfire had gone back to Tamaran this year, but was invited to join the Justice league. She agreed as long as she can join when she gets back.

Beast Boy had actually grown muscles, and he lived near Nightwing to this day. They sparred every once in a while, and Beast Boy had actually won a couple of times. He teamed up with a team of high quality scientist who are now working on Terra's statue. They're pretty close.

Cyborg had gotten married to Bumble Bee and relocated to the Justice League Space Station. Bumble Bee is now pregnant and glad she moved to the safety of the Justice League Space Station, a lot of worthy babysitters.

Raven wasn't surprised that Cyborg got married to Bumble Bee, they bickered like a married couple the first time they met.

She was surprised about Beast Boy's part. First, she couldn't imagine him beating Nightwing in a spar. Never. And second, she was surprised that they started on Terra's statue. But she was glad; she remembered how jaded he felt when she was trapped.

There was more silence that filled the air. Raven quickly took that for granted and stood up.

"It was nice talking to you Nightwing." Raven turned and walked away.

Nightwing sat there for a second, the reaction was so fast he didn't even realize she had stood up. He followed her, almost stumbling over his own feet.


"Nightwing. I can't just see you out of the blue because I won't see you tomorrow. Or the next day, or the next day! Do you know how long it took to get over the fact that I wasn't going to see my team again? I had to concentrate so hard so I wouldn't end up destroying my apartment!"

"Apartment? Why don't you just come and join the-"

"Justice League?" She finished for him. She looked down, holding her arm with the other and rubbing it gently, "…I have to go Nightwing."

But he pulled her a little closer, "Why weren't you accepted?" he asked gently.

"I don't know." She tore out of his embrace and stalked away. "It was nice seeing you." And with that, Raven left him standing there as she melted into the floor.

It had been 2 weeks since she last saw Nightwing. She left everytime he would ring her bell. She would turn the other way everytime she felt his aura.

Raven looked towards the sky as she stood on her balcony. Slowly, she turned to look at her cabinet.

She knew what was in there, and she hadn't told anyone about it. Not even Nightress knew about it. Because what she was considering was dangerous, and probably illegal. And since Raven knew she wasn't going to be invited to the Justice League anytime soon, why not give it a shot?

"Agh…what am I thinking…"Raven laid her head in her hand. "What worthless choice."

But the thought didn't leave her. She looked back at her cabinet and walked towards it slowly.

She looked at it as if it were going to bite her. Raven reached it, her hand was hesitant, but it grasped the handle and opened the cabinet.

Raven pushed through her normal clothing to a secret compartment in the back. She opened it and took out a brown box.

Sitting down on her bed, she opened the box and held the cloth material in her hand.

She remembered the day she found it, it was only a week after she left the Tower years ago.

Raven had no where to go so she stayed at Brian's warehoused room, where she had stayed before. She had accidentally stumbled, and in result her hand shot out towards the wall for balance but her hand shot through the wall. It turns out the wall was hallow, and there was a small brown box sitting there.

When she opened it, a Red X suit was folded neatly there.

'Why would this one be different from the others?' She remembered thinking.

Raven carefully unfolded the suit and gasped; it was a suit for a woman.

Ever since that day, Raven wondered if Red X had ever wanted her to carry out his name. So she kept the suit, not thinking she would. She never knew the reason why she kept it. But she did.

Heck, she even tried it on, and it fit like a charm. In her spare time, she even made her own X mask that went over her mouth and nose, only exposing her amethyst eyes.

"Maybe…Maybe it's time I give up this Raven lifestyle." She said outloud. "What's here for me? What's wait here for 'Raven'?"

Raven remembered her first love. Maybe she needed to do this for him. She loved him.

Raven looked down at the necklace he had given her; she lightly brought it to her mouth and kissed it.

"He was all I really wanted…" She mumbled.

"…All I really wanted."

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SUMMARY of the sequel:

Ever since she learned that Nightwing had had an accident with the Joker, and lost different parts of his memory, Raven was left to do the unthinkable.

Flashback: '"Maybe…Maybe it's time I give up this Raven lifestyle." She said outloud. "What's here for me? What's wait here for 'Raven'?" End Flashback.

Half a year later, Gotham's calm streets (thanks to Nightwing's patrolling), are being disturbed by a new thief. Or should I say thiefstress? Nightwing, being very experienced walks into battle with his head held high, but how is it that he leaves battle with his tail between his legs? Going back on a little history about this thief, it turns out that this particular thief was the best. Sly, slick, cat like movement prevented this thief from ever being caught. Nightwing thought he would be the one to change that. But how does this thief know exactly how to get under his skin and provoke his nerves? Everytime Nightwing comes in contact with this thief, a new old memory pops into his head everytime he stares down into the thief's amethyst eyes….

PREVEIW of the sequel:

Nightwing's POV

I knew she didn't know I was there, watching her do her job. She was a thief, and I knew the museum was her next target.

I though that if I caught her off guard, I would definitely catch her, and throw her in jail like the others.

But it was getting harder and harder to concentrate. Just like her profile said, she was sly, slick, and silent. Heck, I could barely see her, clad in black with only a small red x on her chest. Her catlike movements were putting her in different light.

I watched from the shadows as the thief sprayed an invisible liquid, making the rays of laser triggers, which would alarm the police if anyone crossed, visible.

She leapt from side to side, doing acrobatic stunts to weave through the visible lasers. She finished off with a handless cartwheel. The thief landed in a crouched position. I watched as she stood up slowly taking in her surroundings.

What is her reason for stealing? Is she psychotic or just plain selfish? Was it something that happened in her childhood? Or was she working for someone?

As I saw her turn the corner and out of my sight, I soundlessly threw a small pyramid shaped mirror towards the censors, making them bounce off and create a narrow passageway to slip through. I walked through it with ease, having to practice everyday.

Raven's POV

I knew he was following me, watching my every move. Did I care? Not really. I had trained myself not to show emotion as a teenager, though I took off my chakra stone from my forehead, I can still keep it up.

I easily skipped through the heat censors and forwarded on to the next obstacle.

Nobody knew, but this thief wasn't an ordinary athlete, getting away with acrobatic skill. No, this thief had the powers of telekinesis. I had the shadows on my side. I knew when someone was behind me, hiding from me. I knew it all, and I can read their radiating emotions and aura like a book.

I had memorized his for a long time. I wasn't an amateur, I knew he would follow. So I let him.

I turned the corner and quickly backed up against the wall, waiting for him to get through.

He didn't seem to see me standing beside him until it was too late. He looked at me with surprise for just standing there, but released it and quickly came forward, ready to attack.

I smirked slightly; he was always so vigilant. A vigilante in the making. He was melting hearts left and right, just as he was melting mine. But I knew I was giving him memories, just with the view of these familiar amethyst eyes that he fell in love with years ago.

But I want him to return the favor.

I want to see his eyes, giving me memories I thought I would never remember.

But I knew it would be hard. When I heard the news that he had lost different scads of his memory due to an accident with the Joker, I was devastated.

I was now determined to help him remember.

Nightwing's POV

She easily escaped my fist, moving silently to the side. She walked ahead, showing her backside to me as if I weren't there on the offensive.

I scowled and charged towards her, but again she just sidestepped me.

I grabbed her cape, and for the first time ever I saw her body tense in surprise as I pulled her backwards.

She fell right into my arms, looking up at me surprised.

Again, I stare down at her weird colored eyes. I had seen many different colored eyes in this business; most of them were contacts. But something told me these were real. Another annoying memory came to me as I stared down at her eyes.

The memory was short. The person was holding this amethyst colored eye girl, in the exact position I was holding this one. And the person quickly stooped down and brushed his lips against hers.

Nightwing recovered from the memory by the sound of her voice.

"Don't push away, what you want to remember."

Her voice was like satin against my cheek. Velvet, yet with slight disinterest, almost monotonously spoken.

"How can I remember something that never happened to me?" I asked, ignoring her comment's weird timing. It was as if she read my mind and said it. But she said stuff like this all the time, and all her comment had the perfect timing, so I ignored it. Quick thinking led me to twist her arms around her back and push her front against the wall.

I heard her grunt as she turned her face so her cheek rested against the wall.

I watched her profile as she chuckled and looked at me out of the corner of her eye.

"How do you know it never happened to you?" She said.

I gritted my teeth. The fact was, I didn't. I ignored these memories, because it hurt to remember them. She always got into my head like this. Always, and that's why she would distract me. Yet…intrigue me.

'Was that why I always volunteered to go after her?'

The silence was unnerving. But suddenly, it was broken. I watched as she closed her eyes and smiled through her mask, starting to say a poem she always said right before she would teleport away and leave me questioning. The poem she would say to fluently made me remember so many things…and sometimes, if I concentrate hard enough, I know it myself. The words would pop into my head, as if I had written it.

Raven's POV

I started to say the poem I always said before I would leave him. I said it, so he would slowly remember. I would say a little each time. And I knew he was starting to remember. This always made me happy.

'…Don't be scared, I'll be there

Whether you're falling or you're diving from a cliff, because I swear

I'll push myself in between yourself and the earth, I'll be there—'

I was cut off as he pressed his body against mine, pinning me to the wall.

"I know everytime you say that stupid poem you transport away. But not this time, you're going to jail like you're suppose to." He held on to my wrists tighter, and I knew I couldn't transport away, so I finished the poem…waiting for my chance to leave.

'…Taking the pain, taking the burden of the rocks against my back

But I don't care; you'll be there, letting me hold you through the air—'

I was cut off again, but I didn't stop talking. Instead, I heard him finish the last line in unison with me.

'…As we fly, together, through the sky not caring for the earth below us…'

I tried to look at him through the corner of my eye. And when I did, I saw him smiling with his eyes closed, as if he was relieved.


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