For: Sami


Her lips were what attracted her to Hoshi in the first place. Full, lush, they showed emotion when nothing else about her did; pressed together when she was angry, barely closed when she was impressed. The way the corner of her mouth would twitch slightly when someone said something stupid, saying just how much humanity was wearing on her emotional wall.

But it was the fact that the communications officer was willing to swear on the crew's life that she knew Hoshi was watching her, the little bit of a pout that would appear when no one else was looking, the extra sway when she turned to leave the room that held her attention, that was what made it into more than a passing attraction.

And then it happened. Better than in any of her fantasies, the sub-commander showed up at her quarters, kissing her, needing. The door closing behind her, leading to a night she'll never forget. And she was sure that the Vulcan had felt the something that had passed between them.

But it all must've been in her head, because T'Pol is with Trip, and Hoshi's heartbroken.