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Integra Hellsing sat perfectly straight in her chair while she waited patiently for her nightly visitor. Integra frowned as she lit a cigarette. Alucard should have visited her by now. Annoying as the vampire was, he was usually punctual with his visits to her cell.

'Perhaps tonight I shall have some peace from Alucard's pestering.' Integra thought.

Her musings, however, were interrupted by the large shadow that was detaching itself from one of the cell's walls.

Grinning widely, the vampire known as Alucard bowed before his human master. Integra merely waited for Alucard to begin his report.

"A lovely evening tonight, Integra. You know if you would just accept my offer you could enjoy the freedom of the night. Instead of being caged inside this miserable cell." said Alucard.

"You already know my answer to that vampire. Now what of that project I sent you to investigate?" asked Integra.

"Yes. As you previously thought your uncle was indeed your last living relative. However after some checking I was able to uncover a peculiar incident that involved him and a young Japanese couple named Matsuki." answered Alucard.

Integra felt her interest pique at this bit of news.

"What sort of incident?" she asked.

"One that would have become very fruitful had Richard managed to become the head of the Hellsing family." Alucard said handing a manilla folder to Integra.

Alucard waited silently as Integra read the information that was contained in the folder. What was inside the folder had shocked and angered Alucard. The vampire could only imagine how his master would react. The thought of what Richard Hellsing had planned and done made Alucard glad the man was now dead.

Integra looked up from the report she had been reading, her face pale. Shakily Integra reached for her cigarette and took several puffs before putting it out.

"I take it that you have already read this?" asked Integra.

Alucard nodded. He had an idea of what it was that had Integra upset.

"It seems that I have a cousin that I didn't even know existed. Apparently my uncle wanted a heir rather desperately after he took over for my father." said Integra.

"There is a thorough report on the boy as well in there." said Alucard.

Nodding Integra flipped through several pages until she came to the report about her cousin's life in Japan. Her eyebrows rose up in surprise as she read about her cousin's involvement in the D-reaper incident in Shinjuku five years ago.

"It appears that my cousin has some experience in fighting against the odds. Does he know about me, or his bio-logical father?" asked Integra.

Alucard shook his head. "No. He is not even aware of the truth of his parentage."

Integra smiled. "Then perhaps it is time we introduced my dear cousin to his other family."

"So what are your orders my master?" Asked Alucard with a grin.

"Go to Japan and invite the Matsukis to come here for a family visit. I think that it is high time cousin Takato and I finally met." replied Integra with a smirk.

Alucard bowed at his master and left the cell in the same manner he had come. Integra let out a sigh. Now she would have to have Walter send the Matsukis a letter to let them know that an agent of Hellsing would be visiting them soon.

Several weeks later at the Matsuki bakery in Shinjuku, Japan...

Takato Matsuki let out a bored sigh as he stood behind the register of his family's bakery. Both his parents had gone out to make some deliveries, Takato had agreed to watch the shop for them figuring that he could make some extra money.

Unfortunately what had Takato bored at the moment was that there had not been a single customer so far that day. 'Man what I wouldn't give to have a little excitement happen today.' Takato thought miserably.

Of course one should be careful about what one wishes. Especially if the person making the wish is none other than Takato Matsuki.

The sound of the bell over the bakery's front door caused Takato to look up with a start. His eyes widened in anxious hope that some one had decided to buy bread today. Takato quickly relaxed when he saw that it was just his parents returning from their delivery trip.

Mie Matsuki shifted through the mail she had brought in with them. Bills, bills, ads, letter from the Hellsing family, junkm-whataminute! Mie dropped the rest of the mail as she focused intently on the letter that had startled her.

There had been no mistake on her part. The envelope had indeed been sent from the Hellsing family. Only one member of that certain family knew where she and her husband lived. Mie felt a cold knot form in her stomach. This was the moment that Mie had been dreading ever since Takato had been born.

With trembling fingers Mie carefully ripped opened the envelope. Skimming through the letter Mie felt her dread grow. Her worst fear had come true. The Hellsing family knew about Takato and wanted them to bring him before the head of the family. In fact an agent of Hellsing was suppose to be arriving in the next few days to ensure that they cooperated. A cry of despair escaped her lips as Mie sank to the floor.

Takeshiro rushed to his wife's side when he heard cry out. Kneeling down next to her he asked what was wrong. Not answering, Mie thrust the letter into Takeshiro's hands. Reading the letter Takeshiro paled. He could understand why his wife had reacted the way she had.

"Mom? Dad? What's wrong?" asked Takato.

Takato had watched both his parents react strangely to the letter his mother had opened. He wondered just what was in the letter to warrant such reactions.

"Takato... Takato I want you to go pack your suitcase." Mie said.

"Huh? How come? Are we going somewhere?" asked Takato.

"Don't ask questions Takato just go do what I tell you." Mie said sternly.

Gulping back anymore questions that he had Takato nodded and went upstairs to his room.

Outside the Matsuki bakery a lone figure watched the bakery intently...