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BY Howling Wolf

In the shadows of the alley by the Matsuki bakery Alucard grinned as he listened to he confusion and panic that Walter's letter had caused. Alucard planned to give the Matsukis a little time before making his appearance. He was about to leave when he noticed one of the windows above the bakery open.

Takato was confused by whatever it was that was going on with his parents. First their scared now they want him packing his suitcase. Something strange was going on here. Takato just wished he knew what. Deciding to pay a visit to Guilmon, Takato carefully snuck out of his room's window.

'So the boy sneaks out for a stroll.' Alucard thought as he observed Takato. 'But a stroll to where I wonder?'

Alucard silently followed Takato, curious as to where the young Hellsing was off to. To his surprise Takato stopped several times looking over his shoulder. Seeing nothing behind him Takato would shrug and continue on his way.

"Heh, heh. So he can sense my presence. Not a complete surprise. After all the boy is a Hellsing." Chuckled Alucard.

Takato felt the strange shiver run down his spine for what seemed to be the eighth time since sneaking out. Takato didn't bother to turn around. He knew that he wouldn't see anything behind him.

"What the heck is going on here?" muttered Takato.

Quickly making his way through the park to Guilmon's hut Takato bumped into a tall figure. Starting to stammer an apology Takato stopped as he got a good look at who he had walked into.

The stranger was dressed in turn of the century clothing. A red trench coat and matching fedora completed the outfit. The man looked down at Takato and grinned widely. Takato gulped in fear. Fangs, the stranger had fangs.

Alucard couldn't help but grin even more widely at Taakto's reaction to him. Enjoying the boy's fear for a moment longer the vampire finally offered his hand. Before Takato could take it a large red blur rammed into Alucard.

Guilmon had been waiting for Takato to visit him when he caught his tamer's scent. Seconds later Guilmon's eyes grew wild, there was something dangerous near Takato. Running out of his hut Guilmon growled as he saw the figure standing before his tamer.

Seeing Guilmon standing before the stranger and him, Takato blinked. Getting to his feet Takato reached for his d-arc and cards. He didn't know who the stranger was, but he was ready to back his partner up if a fight did start.

To say that Alucard was confused would be putting it mildly. Of course he had not fully read the report on Takato's life in Japan. If he had then Alucard would have known the worse thing he could have done was to appear threatening to Takato.

Uncertain just what the red dinosaur in front of him was Alucard pulled out his jackel. Pointing it at Guilmon, Alucard spoke calmly.

"Step away from the boy."

Guilmon blinked. Whatever this man was, it wasn't digimon or human. Determined to protect his tamer Guilmon stayed between the stranger and Takato. Takato himself was confused as to what was happening. 'Man what's going on? One minute this guys is scaring the pants off me. The next he's acting as though he's trying to protect me.'

With a grin Alucard started pulling the jackel's trigger. Seeing this Takato didn't hesitates.

"Digimodify! Hyper Speed activate!" Takato said slashing a card through his d-arc.

Guilmon's increased speed caught Alucard off guard as the dino used his tail to knock the gun from Alucard's hand.

Taking advantage Takato swiped another card to boost Guilmon's strength.

"Power Activate!"

Feeling his strength increase Guilmon launched the most powerful Pyro Sphere that he could. The attack threw Alucard back into a couple of trees.

Unaware of their son's current predictement Mie and Takeshiro were busy worrying over how to tell Takato that he wasn't actually a Matsuki. A subject that the two had hoped would never come up.

"Why did this have to happen to us now?" sobbed Mie.

Takeshiro held his wife as she cried. He too thought it was unfair for fate to treat their family this way. They could have lost Takato any time during the D-Reaper incident. Was this their fate then? Not to lose their son to a rogue computer program, but instead lose him to the true family that he had never known.

Alucard laughed as he got to his feet. The boy had passed the test with flying colors. There was no doubt that the boy was a Hellsing. Although the strange dragon creature was one that Alucard was unfamiliar with. Still the partnership the two shared was obvious even to him.

Dusting himself off the vampire grinned at the shocked Takato.

"Not bad boy. I think you'll do just fine." said Alucard.

"Huh? I'll be just fine for what?" asked Takato.

Alucard laughed. "You shall see soon enough."

Before Takato could ask any further questions Alucard vanished from sight. Guilmon sniffed the air bit could not find any trace of the stranger's scent.

"Takatomon are you all right?" asked Guilmon.

"Yeah I'm fine boy." Takato said still staring at where Alucard had been.

"Hey Takato!"

Takato turned to see Henry and Rika running up to him. Both of his friends had their d-arcs and cards out ready for action.

"Hey guys what's going on?" asked Takato.

"What's going on? Takato we just saw you and Guilmon attack a human being!" said Henry.

Rika snorted . "Henry that guy took a powered up Pyro Sphere and got up like it was nothing."

'Great I didn't think that any one had noticed us.' thought Takato.

"Who ever he was, he certainly wasn't human. Perhaps it was some new type of digimon?" Renamon asked as she appeared next to Rika.

Takato shook his head. "I don't know my d-arc didn't go off to any bio-merging. Who or whatever he was, I think he was folowing me earlier."

"Takato maybe it would be a good idea for you to head back home." suggested Henry.

Takato nodded. He still had to find out where his parents were sending him. As he started to walk back Takato noticed that Rika and Renamon were following him.

"How come you're following me Rika?" asked Takato.

"Hmph. I'm just making sure that you get home without getting attacked by another weirdo." snorted Rika.

London, England

Sir Integra's cell...

"Well Alucard?" inquired Integra impatiently.

Alucard's chuckle echoed through the phone.

"The boy has some interesting skills." admitted Alucard.

"Hmm. If I didn't know better I wopuld say that young Matsuki managed to surprise you." said Integra.

"A little perhaps Should I arrange for another test..."

Integra shook her head. "No. Make contact with the Matsukis. Inform them of who you work for. Oh and Alucard, make certain that they know they are invited with Takato."

"Of course, master." replied Alucard.

With out even seeing him Integra knew the vampire was grinning widely. There were times when she thought that Alucard enjoyed his game of taunts more than he should.

To Be Continued...