I decided that I wanted to put up the lyrics of the song that inspired this fic. It's a song from Scarlet Pimpernel the musical, or at least at one point it was, it may have been taken out. Anyways, now that I'm finished debating with myself, here are the lyrics.

Now When The Rain Falls

Now when the rain falls, its heavy and gray

It tumbles and pitches through space.

I can remember when rain was soft

And you kissed the rain from my face.

Now when the rain falls, I run from its touch

With you, wind was silk on my skin.

People in love walk inside the wind,

Where nothing can hurt you, it holds you too close,

But now I'm outside looking in.

One day, all my world circled about you.

Now when I move I'm without you.

Nothing on Earth is the same.

Do you remember the sweep of the rain?

The sound of it strumming the sky?

People in love walk inside that song

But now when I listen, the melody's changed.

The rain only whispers goodbye.

I don't want to cry when I think of you.

But now when the rain falls, I do.

So, it's a little depressing-ish. But its so gorgeous that I couldn't resist writing something about it. Linda Eder, who sings the version that I know, has the most amazing voice and makes it really emotional. Anyways, just wanted to share!