I too have Dreams

You always pushed right past me

Your words always cut right through me,

You said I was annoying

You must have thought I was just toying,

Even though I said I love you,

I walked alone that empty avenue,

Couldn't you see my tears?

See right through to my fears?

I know you had your dreams,

As gruesome as they seemed,

But didn't you know I too had dreams?

I wanted to see your face beam.

Didn't you know I too had dreams?

I wanted to us to remain a team.

But here you lie before me,

The scene around me gory.

Tears streamline my face,

Remembering how you wanted to leave without a trace.

Everything has grown so cold

Those scares across your body still have stories to be told

Don't you know I too have dreams?

To turn back time to when we were teens?

I remember the minute I learned your name,

Why couldn't everything just stay the same?

If I could just turn back time.

I wouldn't mind that your steps always came before mine.

If I could have just one wish,

It'd be that things didn't end up like this.

If I could have just one wish,

I wouldn't even mind if you ended up with that priss,

But this is how things did turn out,

And it's not like I can grovel and pout.

My world is slowly crashing

My dreams are quickly dashing.

Don't you get it?

My life is falling bit by bit.

I can't go on without you

Your blood it soaks my hands through.

They're gonna have a fit,

But do they really think I can grin and bare it.

I know this choice is probably wrong,

But I can already hear the death song.

I pick up the knife,

Here comes the fife.

I plunge it through my heart,

It's where you've been from the start

I'm gonna see you soon

Even if it means my utter doom

Don't know I too have dreams?

But without you, they are but simple hymns

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