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Jarod stood on the porch of the two-story house that his parents owned. He owed everything that he had done and everything that he had because of Agent Miller and Agent Thompson. He had worked with the Agents and with the other Agents in the building bringing down the Centre. They kept their word that they wouldn't arrest Miss Parker, Broots and Sydney. They had arrested Mr. Parker, Mr. Raines, Mr. Lyle and the others for what they did. Angelo was living with Sydney and Michelle. Nicholas was still working with children.

The papers and news stations were telling people about a corporation that stole children and used them for their dirty work. They showed pictures of Miss Parker, Jarod, Sydney, Broots, Mr. Parker, Mr. Raines and Mr. Lyle. They were all invited to share their stories with the talk shows, but they never did. The media never were told of Jarod's clone, or Ethan.

A few weeks later the FBI found and reunited the Charles family. The reunion was very tearful for Jarod and his mother. Jarod's clone was glad to see Jarod again and so were Major Charles and Emily. At first they shared one house to catch up on everything, but then Jarod and Emily found their own houses and settled down there.

Gemini who was now called Jeremy moved out of the house and started college. He moved into the dorm room and he loved it there. He liked the chance to stay in one place and be able to experience life as a normal young adult. He was a little sad that Jarod never got the chance to do this, but he was happy that he was no longer inside the Centre and Jarod had given him that.

Ethan had found the Charles family after they settled down. Major Charles told his wife everything that happened. She embraced Ethan into their lives just like she embraced Gemini into the family. Ethan spent time spending time with the Charles Family and time with his sister.

Miss Parker had kept her mother's house in Blue Cove and lived there. Without the Centre in her life she now worked at a law office. Jarod and Miss Parker had slowly became friends like they used to be as children. She was saddened that her father was in jail, but when the evil that he was involved in came into light she didn't know what to think.

Broots still lived in Blue Cove with his daughter and was now working at a local computer business. He loved his life now that the Centre was gone from his life. He felt safer. He was no longer worrying about his safety and his daughter's safety.

They all had a difficult time in adjusting with the media hounding them, but then finally they all got tired of them and started chasing other stories after everything cooled down.

Jarod still did various pretends because he liked helping people, but he loved that he could go back home. He spent time with his family and also time with Miss Parker.

The End.