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"Yaaaammmmiiii! Where'd you go?" Yugi called, looking around the house. Yami had magically disappered somehow, and Yugi wondered why. He was almost sure Yami had gone upstairs thought.A few minutes before Yami had left, there was a big crash and some screaming.
"HOLY SH-" Yami yelled from upstairs.
"Yami?!" Yugi shouted, running up the stairs. When Yugi opened Yami's bedroom door, he, too, screamed, just not as loud as Yami.
"What's up!" someone who looked almost exactly like Yami, said. But this guy was a bit taller, the blonde in his hair seemed to stick out some more, and his hair was spikier and messier. And the outline of the spikes were dark dark green. Plus, his eyes had a green hue.
"Who are you?!" Yugi asked, his voice squeaking slightly.
"Yuko," the guy said.
"WHY are you here?!" Yami asked. Yuko looked dumbfounded.
"I'm you're yami, Pharaoh!" Yuko said. "Duh!" Yugi and Yami gave the new comer a weird look.
"Well, you're going to have to leave and not come back," Yami said.
"Aww, you're no fun," Yuko said sarcastically. "I at least wanna hang out with my purest part."
"You're huh?" Yugi asked.
"Gee you've got a lot to learn," Yuko said sadly. He then perked up. "Can I borrow the Puzzle?"
"No!" Yugi and Yami said in unison.
"Can I stay here?" Yuko asked.
"Sure!" Yugi said happily. "Can he?" Yami shrugged.
"I guess...It wouldn't be nice to not let him," he said, still unsure, though.

(o)(o)(o)(o)(o) Doughnuts!

Marik was walking around the house as innocently as possible.(Which isn't very innocent)Malik had gone out to do stuff that aMalik does. Marik stopped in the kitchen to get something to eat when he was blinded by a bright, black, light. 'Last time I checked, the frigde didn't do that,' Marik thought, sheilding his eyes. Once he was able to see, he saw something that suprised him muchly. (I like that word! Muchlymuchlymuchly) What had cause the dark light was someone back two inches taller than Marik, not including the spiked, blonde, sticky uppy hair. But, instead of just sticking up, the tips folded over a little near the tops. (Sorta like Bakura's hair does near the top) He had weird, but cool, blueish purpley eyes.
"What?!" the guy asked, who had found out Marik was staring at him.
"Who are you?"
"Who are you?"
"I asked you first."
"I asked you second."
"No fair."
"I know."
"Who's here, Marik?" Malik's voice rang out. Malik had just gotten home and he had heard the 'I asked you' part. Malik walked into the kitchen and saw the newly arrived uninvited guest. "Wow..." Malik said. "Who are you?"
"Who are you?" the guy asked.
"I'm Malik and this is my yami, Marik," Malik said.
"I'm Manik," the guy said.
"Hey! All of our names sound almost the same!" Marik said.
"So, you're my purest part," Manik said, looking at Malik.
"What am I?" Malik asked, looking stupid. (Which isn't very hard! JK!)
"I'm Marik's yami, so that would make you my purest part," Manik said.
"HOLD THE PHONES!!" Marik shouted. "WHEN did YOU become MY yami, exactly?!"
"Umm...Since I got here...I think?" Manik said, looking confused.
"Can he stay, please?" Malik asked, doing the whole puppy dog eyes on Marik.
"No...." Marik groaned. Malik did the pouty/puppy dog face and hugged Manik, still looking at Marik.
"Please?" he asked. Marik groaned again and then mummbled a yes.
"Yay!" Malik and Manik said in unison. They started talking.
"I wonder what Bakura is doing?" Marik thought out loud, walking towards the phone.


Ryou was lying on the couch, reading a book when the same black light went off. Ryou jumped up, but fell backwards off the couch. Ryou peaked over the back when the light had ceased. Where the light had been now stood a tall teen with the same snowy/greyish white hair, but it stuck out farther than Bakura's. And it was really messy. He had greyish coloured eyes.
"Anyone home?" the guy asked.
"Eep!" Ryou said, jumping up and holding his book out like a weapon. The other teen walked over to Ryou and look down on him. He picked Ryou up by the collar and lifted him up a few inches off the ground.
"HELP! BAKURA!!" Ryou screamed.
"Where's-" the guy started, but, Bakura, hearing his light's screaming, ran from downstairs and saw the other guy.
"Hey! Put him down!" Bakura ordered. The teen did as told and just dropped Ryou.
"Hello, my light," the teen said to Bakura.
"What?!" said a very confused Bakura.
"W-w-ho are you?" Ryou squeaked out.
"Basil," the teen said. "Don't call anything but that, my purest part." (I'm not putting purest half because there's three people in the triangle. What is the triangle? I'll tell ya later!) The phone rang. Ryou quickly ran over to it and picked it up.
"H-h-hello?" he stuttered.
"Hey Ry, it's Marik. Lemme talk to 'Kura," Marik said over the phone. Ryou looked over to Bakura and Basil who were currently trying to strangle each other.
"Well, he's slightly busy at the momment," Ryou said.
"Strangaling his yami..."
"Yami, eh? Hey, I thinks I gots one too..." Ryou dropped the phone, shocked. 'Maybe all the yamies got yamies...' he thought. 'That made no sense...'
"You don't say?" Bakura asked, reading Ryou's mind. Basil was currently shouting cuss words at Bakura. They had stopped trying to kill each other, also.
"Basil! Stop! Please!" Ryou said, rubbing his forehead were he was getting a headache at.
"Fine," Basil said, sighing. "I'd rather be destroying things with Yuko and Manik anyway." Bakura smiled a little.
"I like destroying things," he said evilly. Basil smiled also. Just a little more evil.
"Well then..You might not be as bad as I thought..." Basil said.
"Where should we start?"
"I don't know...I don't live here. Show me around, useless mortal!"
"As a matter of fact, I'm NOT mortal."
"Now you're really not as bad as I thought.." Ryou is now trying to find a way to disapper.
"So, let's go on now," Bakura said. "Ryou, I'm going to be gone for awhile, 'Kay? Kay." With that, the two evil ones left poor Ryou all alone. The phone was beeping from being off the hook, so Ryou picked it up and put it back on the hook. He had a feeling this was going to be a loooooonnnnggg day.

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