Mana: SO I make a lot of mess ups, and so do the yugioh cast...Whats more fun the making fun of it! n.n I don't own yugioh.
Bloopers for Chapters 1 to 5

Yugi: (walks up stairs) (bright blinding light goes off) O.O

Pegasus: BOO!


Pegasus: (blinks)

Mana: YOU AREN'T EVEN IN THIS STORY! (bashes Pegasus with baseball bat) (pauses) At least...I don't think you are.

Marik: (walks into ktichen) (bright dark light goes off) (falls on knees) I'M SO SORRY RA! (sob sob sob)

Mana: (blinks) (grabs microphone and turn it really deep) What did you do, Marik?

Marik: (blinks) Uhhh...Don't you know?

Mana: O.OUUU (whispers) How thick is this guy?

Marik: (walks over to microphone) GASP! MANA!

Mana: I can explain! Seriously!

Marik: I never knew you were Ra! (glomps) n.n I know a god!

Mana: O.o

Ryou: (sitting on couch reading) (light goes off) GASP! YOU CAN'T HAVE MY SOUL! (goes to run but trips and hits camera crew who get smashed by camera stuff)

Mana: You're such a klutz...

Ryou: Runs in the buddy system. (read my profile about me)

Mana: (pouts) Thats meanie.

Yuko and Yami: (glaring staring at each other)

Yugi: (blinkings)

Yuko: (in really weird voice, kinda like he's going to say a trick question) Hey Yami?

Yami: What?

Yuko: Are you...afraid of butterflies?

Yami: HOW DID YOU KNOW? (sob sob, tear tear)

Yugi: O.O

Yuko: O.O

Mana: O.O

Yugi: (picks up the phone) Muto Residents, Yugi speaking?

Bakura: I know what you did last summer!

Yugi: Shut up, Ryou, I know its you.

Bakura: (gasp) >:( THIS IS BAKURA, THANK YOU!

Yugi: (deaf) Ow...

Bakura: THERE IS MUCH DIFFRENCE BETWEEN ME AND RYOU YOU (insert lots of cuss words in here)

Mana: Lets keep it Teen, people! And Bakura! SHADDUP!

Bakura: n.n I've had my momment.

Malik, Yugi, and Ryou: (on the phone with each other)

Yugi: Um..Out of curiousity, did you somehow get an unexpected person that looks like your yami in your house?

Malik: As a matter of fact, yes. He's name is- MANIK! MARIK! STOP THAT!

Yugi: What exactly are they doing? ;)


Yugi: n.n And proud.

Malik: You guys just messed up the whole scene!

Mana: (picks up phone so they are all on the same line) Start over!

Bakura and Ryou: (running as fast as they can from Basil)

Basil: (laughs insanly) (pulls flamerthrower out of pocket)

Bakura and Ryou: (in a tree now)

Bakura: O.O Holy shizerbums! (my word! take I...sue. I think)

Ryou: We're all gonna die...

Mana: (chasing Basil) PUT THAT DOWN!


Basil: (puts arm around Ryou)

Ryou: (glares)

Bakura: (opens door) O.O Am I...interupting something?

Ryou: (bites Basil..hard...Hard enough to draw blood)


Mana: No abuse! And Bakura! Don't switch places with Ryou anymore! Ryou, same for you!

Ryou, who is acually Bakura: n.n

Bakura, who is acually Ryou: n.n

Marik's Mind control guy: (stares at Malik and Manik)

Malik:...He's staring at us.

Manik: Yeah...

MMCG: (starts doing the Hokey Pokey, 'cause its really what its all about)

Manik and Malik: O.OUUUU

Mana: (giggle) Cut!

Manik: (has Malik up against the wall)


Manik: O.OUUU

Mana: o.o

Yami: (comes inside late at night)

Yugi: (comes down stairs and hugs Yami from behind)

Yami: (scared) AAAAHHHHHHH! THE ATTACKER! (passes out)

Yugi: o.OUU

Yuko: So, what are we doing tonight?

Basil: Haven't we aleady told you?

Yuko: Yup.

Manik: Remember that room? The dark one, with the door?

Yuko: Uhhh...No.

Basil:...You don't.

Yuko: (shakes head and smiles stupidfly) Nope. n.n

Manik and Basil: (swap weird looks)

Mana: Yuko! Stop playing stupid!

Manik: He doesn't have to play stupid.

Basil: He is stupid.

Yuko: AND PROUD! n.n n.n.n n.n n.n n.n n.n n.n See? Those are my little happy friends!

Basil, Manik, Mana: O.oUUUU Theres something terrible wrong with him.


Imani: (blows kazoo) WOOT WOOT!

Mana: I was one writers block...I needed to do something!