Time: 5:24 p.m.
Date: October 12th
Place: Teen Titan's tower

"Robin? Are you here?" Starfire asked the metal door. She had been knocking on Robin's door for a few minutes, and had gotten no response "I must speak to you, Robin!" she said, more forcefully. They had returned from Tamaran a few days ago, and she wished to speak to him about his odd behavior on their trip "Robin!" she cried once more, then sighed and turned away from his door.

The door slid open to show Robin wearing his usual uniform "What is it, Starfire?" He snapped, his eyes narrowing.

A bright smile lit up her face as she turned to face him "Robin! You have opened your door!" she said joyfully "I have not seen you since we have returned to earth." She said, in her usual sweet, playful voice.

"Ya, well…" he shifted nervously and frowned "I've been busy. What's up?"

"I wish to speak to you about the trip. Did I do something wrong? You seemed very angry with me."

"No, not you Starfire…I was just…" he sighed "Never mind. Listen, I'm in the middle of something. I'll talk to you later." He turned and disappeared into the gloom of his room. The door slid shut, startling Starfire. She stared at the metal before her for a few seconds, then sighed and walked down the hall towards her room.

Robin stared around his room sadly. It was in total disarray; he just didn't care enough to clean up after himself. He was glad he had gotten rid of Starfire, but he wished he hadn't had to lie to her. Truthfully, hadn't really done anything since they had gotten back three days ago. He had too much to think about to really want to do anything. Like the butterflies that showed up in his stomach every time he came near the redheaded alien.

Could it be that he had really fallen for the young princess? He hoped not…it wasn't that she was a bad girl, god knows, it was just that he had nothing to offer her, and therefore no chance with her. Besides, if she did like him, what would her parents say? She was royalty for a distant planet; he was human with no exceptional skills. The masked boy sighed and buried his head in his hands, and was starting to sink into a light doze when the alarm went off. It was going to be a helluva long day…

"What's the problem?" Cyborg yelled as he charged into the main room. Much to his surprise, the room was empty. The game system was still set up because he and Beast Boy had been racing each other earlier, but that was the only sign that anyone had been in that day "Robin? Raven? Star? BB?" he asked, peering around the room.

The alarm was starting to get annoying, so he strode to the command center and turned it on "What's up?"

A small, nervous looking man stared at him "Are you Robin?"

Cyborg sighed and shook his head "No, I'm Cyborg. Robin isn't in right now; what's wrong?"

The man stared at him for a few more seconds, then shrugged "Alright. My shop exploded; I don't know what happened, it just went up. The cops haven't found any remnants of a bomb though, and I was wondering if the Teen Titans could investigate it."

Now it was Cyborg's turn to stare "This is an emergency?" he asked the empty room "Alright, what's the name of your shop? I'll come check it out."

"Paul's Pizza." The man said simply, then turned off his communicator, leaving Cyborg to stare at the blank screen.

"Paul's…" the hybrid whispered, blood slowly draining from the human side of his face. Beast Boy and Raven had gone out to get lunch for them many hours ago, and had mentioned going to Paul's. At this thought Cyborg fainted, falling to the ground just as Robin and Starfire rushed in.

Time: 11:33 a.m.
Date: October 12th
Place: Paul's Pizza

"Now will you tell me why you've been so fidgety lately?" a rough monotone said clearly over the chatter of other voices.

"Er…well, see, Rae…" Beast Boy trailed off and sighed "Listen, do we have to talk here?"

"I assumed that the reason we were here was to talk." She said calmly "That's what you told me as you were dragging me from the tower."

Beast Boy sighed again, hoping they would call his order number to give him more time to think, "Well…Listen, Rae…There's something I've been meaning to tell you."

Raven looked at him sharply, sensing odd emotions coming off her friend and extremely secret crush. Confusion, Embarrassment, Nervousness, and…Love??? She gaped at him, barely hearing his next words.

"See, Rae, I really like you, and I was wondering if you would like to go out sometime…"

Raven POV



As Raven stared in shock at the green boy across from her, the last thread of control over her emotions snapped, and the gas tanks in the back of the restaurant exploded with enough force to drive the two teens through nearby window.


Well, that was part one. Hope you like it. It might take a while to get the next part up, it might not; depends on how much homework I get sigh Ciao