Time: 3:00 p.m.

Date: October 12th, two years later

Place: Titan's Tower

"Woo!" Beast Boy whooped excitedly as he bounced around the living room, hyper beyond human comprehension. He grabbed Raven and kissed her then jumped back, laughing.

Raven sighed and rolled her eyes, unable to keep a slight smile off her lips. It was almost their two-year anniversary, and they had decided to celebrate with the other titans, since the two other couples had gotten together at about the same time. It just made since.

Cyborg was lounging back in the couch, shoveling down handfuls of popcorn. Speedy sat next to him, not quite touching, but close enough. They were not demonstrative with their relationship, and it had taken the others almost three months to noticed that the two of them were traveling just a little more then was necessary. Beast Boy had been hurt that has friend hadn't told him, but had quickly gotten over it.

Star and Robin, on the other hand probably couldn't have been closer. They lay, claiming the end of the couch for them to lounge in. Robin was behind Star with his arm around her waist, and his propped up on his other arm so that he could see the TV.

"BB, calm down man." Cyborg snapped, throwing some popcorn at him "The movie's about to start." Beast Boy laughed again, and then threw himself down on the couch next to Raven, ignoring her half-joking glare.

All three couples had made it two years…it was amazing, and none of them could have predicted it would happen, but it had. They all still had their squabbles and fights, of course, but nothing major.

Happily ever after may not exist, but this was close enough that they couldn't tell the difference.


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