Chapter One: why there is night and day

By: Dralan

Disclaimer: ok this applies for this and the next chapters that are written about the characters described below. With that said, I don't own any of the characters that are named in this story or anything else as well, so please do not sue me ok? I don't have any money opens his wallet and watches a moth fly out screaming about being free and that the things inside that thing are starting to call her mommy see? There is nothing in the confounded thing that is worth money.

Ok now let's get this story rolling. Oh and the few character that are not part of the teen titans Manga (if there is one) and the television show are of my own idea.

Dressed in her usual purple cloak and dark blue-black leotard. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos… Azarath, Merion, Zinthos…Azarath, Merion, Zinthos…" she kept chanting as she sat cross-legged in the air on top of titan tower. What no one notice about this situation is that Raven was starting to sweat profusely do to her concentration.

Now I'll bet you are wondering as to what led up to this show of concentration. Well it started not but three days ago with a letter from Beast boy's parents.

"Alright, mail call" Robin yelled out, as he walked into titan tower. "Let's see here… Starfire you have a package from Cook's ©, Cyborg there is a letter here for you, Beast boy you got a letter too."

Beast boy came over from the game he was playing against Cyborg and took his letter on the counter that was for him. He looked at who it was from and then made sure it was addressed to him. Beast boy shrugged as he started for the stairs. When he got to his room he noticed silky on his bed sleeping. 'My parents…Why would my parents send me a letter?' he thought as he opened the letter. As he started to read the letter he started to pale.

Dear Garfield,

It's nice to finally get a letter out to you honey. How are you? We are doing okay and so are your brother and sister. We wear hoping you wouldn't mind me and your father coming up to visit you for a weekend.

You see we are coming to visit you so we can see your friends and see this Raven you talk about in the few letters you were talking about. She looks very cute for you to be dating.

You should ask her out some time sweetie. But you don't have to listen to your mother. I just want you to be happy and everything honey. Oh and we will be coming up June 30th. Its June 25th right now honey, so in about four or five days me and your dad will be up there.

Signed your ever loving mother,

Martha Logan

P.S. please don't forget to tell your friends that we will be coming up to see you oh and don't worry about us we will have a place to stay when we are up there in Jump City.

"My mother and father are coming up here? In three days?" Beast boy thought out loud. "Why would they want to come here?" Beast boy decided not to think about it as he went to his desk and pulled open one of the drawer's to deposit the letter into it. 'Okay I need to tell the guys that my parents are coming by and that they are just going to need to be shown around and what not, probably by me.' Beast boy went to his door opened it stepped out just as Raven was coming by it only to run into her. "Ouch." he said as he fell back and hit his head on the metal door frame.

"You okay Raven?" Beast boy said as he looked up to notice that Raven had fallen as well. Just that she was in nothing but a towel and that she had fallen in not the best way either. With her legs spread slightly Beast boy could almost look up the slit in the towel to see her nudeness under the towel. Mind you that Beast boy did nothing of the sort. As he shot up start and turned away from her just as he felt the beast with in try to get him to look back at the display.

Raven on the other hand just looked on a little confused at Beast boy's display. 'Beast-boy? What is he doing?' she thought while sitting there. "Beast-boy?" Raven asked attentively. All she got for a response was a low growl. 'Is he ok? It looks like he hit his head and its bleeding somewhat.' Raven got back up and made her way over to him raising her hand to the back of his head and started to heal the wound there. The only problem about this situation was the fact that Beast boy started to purr as she healed him.

Raven noticed this fact and started to wonder as to what was going one with him. "Beast boy, Can you hear me? Come on Beast boy look at me please?" she asked him.

Beast boy did just that. Only when he turned to face her his eyes were the wrong color as well as his two bottom teeth were longer and sticking out of his mouth too.

While Raven was taking all of this in Beast boy started to stand and advance on her slowly. "Beast boy…come on Beast boy wake up!" Beast boy just kept advancing on her. He grabbed on to her arm gently and started to pull her to him.

"Come on Beast boy snap out of it. It's me Raven, your friend. ( I know what you are thinking why isn't Raven just using her powers on him…well she's wanting to be nice to him and what not)" Raven said this while trying to lean away from him. In doing this only started to put her on her back more quickly. Raven started to notice more things as she tried to get away from Beast boy. Firstly was the fact that she was only in a towel, secondly was the sizeable bulge pressing into her thigh.

The beast with in Beast boy kept egging him on. 'Come on Garfield move faster… take her… you know you could if you wanted…just a little further and you can kiss her Garfield… just a little more and can take her to be your own.' 'But I don't want to…she is my friend…I… I love her too much to even do that to her…' all the while as this was going on inside Beast boy's head Raven was starting to run out of room to move.

"Beast boy…please stop…I don't want for us to do it like this. Please Beast boy, stop." the instant Raven said that Beast boy just stopped. He then started to lean back and grabbed his head tightly as if in extreme pain.

"Ahhh…Raven said…no…I…won't…I-I love her… to much… to hurt her…AHHHHH…Raven…please don't be…angry with me." Beast boy said as he fell to his side clutching his head tightly and his face contorted in extreme pain.

"GARFIELD" Raven yelled as she caught him before he hit the ground. "Wake up Garfield, please wake up…" Raven held Beast boy to her side as she sat there with his head in her lap.

A second latter Starfire came up with Robin behind her. "What happened friend Raven?" she asked attentively as Raven sat there with Beast boy in her arms. Raven looked up and explained things quickly to the both of them as she started to get up with Starfire and Robin's help. Robin a minute later picked Beast boy up and carried him off to the infirmary.

About twenty minutes later, a fully dressed, Raven comes in to see Beast boy connected to a number of machines most of which are strapped to his head while two IV's were connected to his arms. 'Beast boy what happened back there…was that the beast trying to get out?' Raven thought as she made her way over to Beast boy's side. She gently rested her hand on his cheek as she thought all of this. 'Beast boy tell me what is wrong…and did you really mean it when you said that you loved me? I hope so Beast boy because I love you too.' Raven looked to see that the door to the room was locked and then leaned down to lightly press her forehead against his own.