ok, ok, so I had some mess up with the ruler bar. Anyway, for those who didn't read the preview, this is a collection (or will be anyway) of different IMMSE characters' viewpoints, starting with Hibiki. This particular poem takes place right after he was exposed in episode 12.

I dedicate all of my stories/poems to different people. This poem is dedicated to my english teacher, Mrs. Atkins (no relation to Dr. Atkins of Atkins diet fame), who has inspired me beyond the confines of my youth.

I stand as they gasp, the pictures revealing my lie.

She smirks in her triumph, daring me to speak, to retaliate.

I can't speak; I'm too ashamed of myself, lying for a simple job.

I disgust me.

I bow.

My shame is complete, she has won after all this time, she has beaten me.

Perhaps I was never meant to be a kyoshi, I never thought I'd stoop so low.

I'm nothing but an idiot, thinking it could last forever.

I walk.

My head spins.

They stare.

Who am I?

What am I?

What have I done?

I'm a liaand a failure.

I change.

I think.

What am I to do?

I can't go back, not after this, not now anyway.

But where else am I supposed to go?

Why me?

Why is it always me?

Why am I so misunderstood?

I need to get away, far away, as far from here as possible.

I need to find myself…

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