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What's So Great About Valentine's Day: Part II

Robin grimaced, trying to force his tie into a decent bow. "I hate tuxedoes", he muttered to his reflection in the window.

"Then why you wearin' one, man?" Robin looked from his makeshift mirror to his friend. Cyborg was adjusting the flowers in the pink and red bouquet he had purchased for his date. "I'm taking Star out to dinner", Robin explained. "It's a nice place. I have to wear a tux."

Cyborg grinned, his natural eye crinkling mischievously. "Sounds like somebody's trying to impress somebody else."

Robin threw a couch cushion at him.

Beast Boy's head popped up from behind the couch. "You all ready for the Big Night?" A huge grin covered his green face.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Robin muttered, finally attaining a reasonable bow.

"Are you sure you know what you're doin', B?" Cyborg asked.

"Do I ever?" Grin.

Cyborg and Robin exchanged glances. "Cyborg's right," said Robin. "Raven's not exactly a Valentine's Day kind of girl. I'm surprised she's even going on this date."

Beast Boy started waving his hands in front of him. "It is not a date!" he denied. "We're just… going out as friends."

Robin and Cyborg exchanged glances again, this time coupled with amused smirks. "Sure, man," Cyborg quipped. "Whatever you say."

Beast Boy glared at them. "Don't you two yahoos have somewhere else to be?"

Robin nodded. "Just waiting for Starfire."

"I am ready." Starfire walked in wearing the gown she wore to Kitten's Junior Prom. Only now it fell to just above her knees.

Robin jerked his eyes away from her legs and forced himself to look her in the eye. "What happened to your dress?"

Starfire blushed and adjusted the skirt. "Is my appearance unacceptable? I am afraid Silkie thought my gown was fit to ingest. I was able to save most of it, but the bottom was ruined." Her voice held a note of apprehension.

Robin smiled at her. "You look great. We'd better get going. Our reservations are in half an hour."

"Need a ride?" Cyborg offered. "I can drop you off before I pick up Sarah."

Beast Boy rolled his eyes. "Whatever! Just get going!" He ushered the group toward the door.

Cyborg raised an eyebrow. "You that anxious to be alone with Rae?"

Robin nudged him and gave him a look. "We'll meet you at the party," he told Beast Boy.

"Yeah. Sure, Whatever. See you." The second the door closed, Beast Boy ran over to the window. It was only a few minutes before the T-Car sped across the water, aimed for the city lights.

"Perfect." Beast Boy rubbed his hands together as he turned away from the window.

Now the real fun could begin.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos… Azarath, Metrion, Zin—"

Beep, beep, beep, beep…

A stream of black energy reached out and shut off the alarm. Raven unfolded herself from the Lotus position and stretched her cramped limbs. Meditating for several hours straight was painful, no matter how often one did it. In any case, it was time for her date with Beast Boy.

No. Not a date. We're just going out as friends.

Raven's reflection nodded at her in agreement as she picked up her brush and ran it through her hair. Raven had briefly considered dressing up, but rejected the idea almost before it had been formed. It wasn't a date, so there was no reason for her to dress up.

I can't believe I got myself into this. What was I thinking? I wasn't. That's how I got into it. I must be crazy.

After several minutes of debating her own sanity, Raven decided her hair couldn't take any more abuse. Trying not to cringe at the thought of an evening of "fun" with Beast Boy, Raven left the safety of her room.

The door to the living room opened with a hydraulic whoosh. Raven stepped into the dark room, finding that all of the lights were off. The moon shone through the window, casting eerie shadows throughout the room.

Looks more like Halloween than Valentine's Day, she thought, pulling her cloak around herself like a shield from the shade.


Raven jumped, her eyes searching the darkness for whatever has made that keening noise. It sounded again, making Raven jump once more. She tried to ignore the ringing in her ears so she could identify the tone. It seemed familiar. Like a gong. Or a bell.

Or a doorbell.

Groaning inwardly at her cowardice, Raven turned herself into a mass of black energy and flew down through the floor to the bottom level. She had forgotten that the Tower had a doorbell. But considering that the only people who ever visited would just tear down a wall and waltz in, her forgetfulness was understandable.

The doorbell rang again a Raven returned to solid form beside the control panel. Her hand hesitated over the button. She could very well be walking into a trap. Raven looked around, finally settling on Robin's filing cabinet for criminal records. She wrapped her black energy around the large object, lifting and preparing to throw it at any intruder. Stepping slightly to the side, out of the line of fire, Raven opened the door.

"Hey, Rave—YAH!"

Beast Boy dropped to the ground, narrowly escaping death by cabinet. Huge violet eyes blinked at him from the doorway. "Beast Boy?"

Beast Boy stood and started brushing himself off, grimacing at the formerly exquisite bouquet. Dang. He'd spent a lot of time picking that one out. Oh, well. He could buy her some roses or something later.

Although she would never admit it, Raven was embarrassed. Her only excuse was that she hadn't expected Beast Boy to use the front door. Not when he lived there. Fortunately, her raised hood hid her warm cheeks. "Why didn't you just wait in the living room? Like a normal person."

Beast Boy removed an orchid petal from his hair. "This is part of the Experience."

"Getting office furniture thrown at your head, or flower diving?"

Beast Boy glared at her before kneeling down to sift through the flattened bouquet. After a quick but thorough search, he uncovered a lily that wasn't too crushed and offered it to Raven. "I'll get you something better when we get to town."

Raven stood silently for a long moment before reaching out and accepting the blossom.

Beast Boy grinned at her and grabbed her other hand. "Let's go!"

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