Title: Truth or Dare

Chapter 1: Come On You Chicken!

Rating: Pg - 13

Ages: Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku (16)

Genre: Romance/ Humor

Words: 1816

Pages: 5

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha, but it doesn't stop me from wishing I did.

Summary: Inuyasha and the gang are stuck in the Higurashi house because of a blizzard that trapped them alone. Kagome gets the idea to play truth and dare. What will be revealed? Will true feeling be told? Inu/ Kag, San/ Mir

Kagome, Sango, Miroku, and Inuyasha were over at Kagome's house to watch some movies, while drinking hot cocoa. Okay so it's snowing outside and it's really cold and that's pretty much what was happening. The four people I'm talking about have known each other forever. It was even before they learned how to walk, or talk, or insult. Their parents were all friends, and so on. Soon when they were old enough to talk they all became friends. There wasn't one time that these four were ever sad, or even lonely.

Okay that would be a lie. See Kagome is the nicest polite one, with a soft heart. It was pretty much obvious that a girl like her could never hurt anyone. That's why a lot of people liked her. It was because even though someone might her, she would never in return hurt him or her, in a spree of getting revenge. She knew that even though people are mean in the world, it didn't mean that she had to act the same and in return sink to their level.

Miroku and his cursed hand are perverted. He's a pervert, or what Sango calls him Houshi. He's the one person that would continuously touches other women in hopes that they would "bare" his children because he thinks that if you're still a virgin by the end of high school then you are a lose beyond all reason. Miroku keeps touching Sango's butt and that's as simple as I can put it. She in return slaps him and that's a normal routine. So you're wondering why he doesn't touch Kagome? See secretly Inuyasha told Miroku she was off limits. He touches her and BANG Miroku will never see daylight. Miroku knew he didn't want that to happen.

So anyway Inuyasha was the rough kind of guy. He had the whole long hair and amber eyes fad going on. He never revealed his intensions to anyone and even though was known as the "bad boy" of the school he never put his friends in danger or included them in something he knew would get his friends into trouble. Not matter what his friends came before reputation. He was known as the rebellion. He was the leader and if things didn't go his way he'd "just FEH!" or just agree to shut everyone up. Secretly he liked Kagome and was a real softy, but he couldn't let anyone know that could he?

Sango was a tough girl. She couldn't care less about her appearance, and didn't give a crap to anyone. You mess with Kagome you mess with her. Personally just leave her alone or she's bound to get pissed. So don't get her angry or it would be your last day with your body parts still intact to you. Basically the whole group cared about Kagome and if something went wrong then it was big trouble for you so no one ever tried to mess with the girl.

So back to our story… Right now they're watching a movie called Scary Movie III! So it's peaceful, with no noise, except the one that was being produced by the movie that was playing. Kagome's mom, grand pa, and brother went to go visit her aunt cause she wasn't feeling well. They left Kagome because she had a lot of work to catch up on. Recently she got the flu and missed some school. The first day she got back Hojo came up and asked if she wanted to go out. Kagome snickered to herself at the image!


Kagome walked into the halls after her 3-day flu. She saw Hojo come up towards her. Great! Why won't he just take a hint? Arg! Inuyasha! Come on Inuyasha save me! Let's just hope Kouga doesn't come!

"Hello Higurashi!" Hojo smiled at Kagome hoping that she's return the gesture.

"Hello Hojo!" Come on Inuyasha! Anytime! Kagome thought as she wished that Inuyasha would show or Hojo would just leave her alone for once.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go out Saturday!" Hojo asked for what was the 1,000,000th time in the world.

"Um –" Kagome stuttered hoping to buy time.

"She can't!" shouted another voice that was just behind her.

Kagome looked up to see Inuyasha behind Kagome and sighed in relief. Thank Kami! (God) Inuyasha lifesaver. Let's see if you have something to back that up!

"Who are you?" Hojo tried to glare at the new comer, but sadly failed.

"Hobo if you haven't noticed that I'm Kagome's boyfriend then you basically missed the news of the century." Inuyasha said trying to keep his cool at the boy who just never understood anything.

"It's Hojo!" he shouted at Inuyasha.

"Whatever Hobo!" Inuyasha carelessly replied.

Kagome snickered to herself. It was true. Inuyasha called him that because he was just difficult. That's why she fell in love with him, such a long time ago. He was the out going type. He was what she considered down – right sexy. He was rough, and who could resist the ears. Yes Inuyasha was ½ demon, half human. He was a Hanyou. He had 2 triangle ears on top of his head! "Higurashi is this true?" Hojo asked her.

Personally she thought he was about to break into tears, but knew she couldn't be mean to him and lead him on. "Yes Hobo! I mean Hojo! He is my boyfriend." Kagome sighed.

"Why not me?" Hojo asked her.

"Um cause he's my type?" Kagome guessed not even sure of herself.

"Maybe next time?" Hojo asked with hopeful eyes.

"I have a boy friend there is no next time." Kagome squinted at the boy.

How was it possible that even after she said she did have a boyfriend that the guy never seemed to understand that she wasn't interested in him? He was too polite for her. "Alright, but we're friends right?" Hojo asked her.

"Sure!" Kagome smiled happy at the idea.

Hojo's face lifted and walked of. Kagome sighed in relief to herself. Hojo was gone and there was no Kouga so far. YES! WOOT! I'M IN THE CLEAR!

Kagome was in her thoughts when Inuyasha started talking. "What no hug?" Inuyasha asked Kagome with a puppy pout.

Kagome looked up once again to see Inuyasha pouting. They always had this hug thing. Whenever one saved the other they would get a hug! Kagome smiled. Inuyasha had his arms spread out for Kagome. Kagome giggled and jumped in. They held each other until a voice came towards them. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING WITH MY WOMAN YOU MUTT? GET AWAY NOW!" shouted Kouga angry at the fact that his woman was in the arms of another man.

Kagome and Inuyasha broke away to look at Kouga. He was angered and staring at Kagome and Inuyasha, who were still together, but just held hands. "What are you talking about Kagome's not your woman."

"Yes she is!" growled Kouga.

"No she's not!" argued Inuyasha.

"Yes she is!" Kouga shouted as he approached.

"NO!" yelled Inuyasha.

"YES!" Kouga screamed.

"Come at me wolfarina!" Inuyasha challenged.

"Pleasure to!" Kouga argued with Inuyasha.

Kouga lunged towards Inuyasha, but Inuyasha stuck his fist out and hit Kouga. Kouga fell to the floor unconscious and everyone started laughing. Kouga was defeated so easily! Inuyasha and Kagome smirked. Inuyasha was the first to break the silence. "Where's my hug?" he asked her with his puppy dog eyes.

"This one deserves more than a hug." Kagome smiled as him.

First Kagome gave Inuyasha a big hug. Then when they were done she gave a mall peck on his cheek. Inuyasha and Kagome laughed and went towards the classroom. They weren't scared to hug or give a kiss. Nope it wasn't, but their secret love towards each other was.


The movie had just ended. Inuyasha, Sango, and Miroku got up about to leave. "Bye Kagome!" shouted Sango as she headed towards the door.

"Bye Lady Kagome!" laughed Miroku as he too headed towards the door.

"See you Kags!" hugged Inuyasha as he followed the other two.

The three went to the door and opened it. All three came face to face to a giant block of snow. They were trapped. Sango closed the door and went back to the living room. "Hi Kagome!" came in Sango giving her a big hug.

"Hello Lady Kagome!" bowed Miroku as he entered the living room.

"Hi Kags!" entered Inuyasha as if it was nothing new.

Kagome laughed at the event. "Let me guess you're trapped?" she guessed knowing what might have happened.

"Yup!" answered Sango as she made herself comfortable on the couch.

"I know what we can do!" Kagome voiced as a smile graced her face.

"What Kags?" Inuyasha asked unsure of what Kagome's idea might be.

"We could play truth or dare!" Kagome said as she giggled with childish joy.

"We could…" Inuyasha protested not wanting any secrets to be let out.

"Come on Inuyasha it'll be fun. I'll make Ramen." Kagome bribed him knowing that at the sound of having ramen Inuyasha would do anything.

Inuyasha put a finger to his thin and thought. "Alright." Inuyasha replied nodding as Kagome went to go make ramen.

After 5 minutes Kagome came back and looked over at Sango, Miroku, and Inuyasha. She sat down after giving Inuyasha the ramen. Then Sango, Miroku, Kagome, and Inuyasha sat down in a circle. Kagome spun the bottle and it stopped at Sango to decide who would go first. "Alright. Kagome truth or dare?" Sango asked the girl.

"Um Truth!" Kagome uneasily replied.

"Okay! Um Kagome do you like Hojo?" Sango lazily asked unsure of what to exactly ask.

"As in?" Kagome pushed for a clearer answer.

"As in a hot guy like everyone else!" Sango said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Yeah right and I love Miroku. Of course not!" Kagome denied shuttering at the thought of actually going out with Hojo.

Inuyasha sighed in relief. She didn't like Hojo that was a big load of his chest and he felt happy. "Okay Inuyasha truth or dare?" Kagome asked him since the bottle landed on him.

"Feh! Truth!" Inuyasha gruffly replied.

"You're no fun! Fine! Inuyasha do you like Kikyo as in a girlfriend?" Kagome simply asked wanting to know the answer.

"Um…" prolonged Inuyasha.