Ok I'm just starting out on this story and this is my first Just to get that into your heads that I'm a beginner, hopefully you shall enjoy. This story may take a while due to the fact that it is a rp so I do not fully control what happens to any of the characters but my own (Erik). Also I do not own these characters they are from the book by Gaston Leroux, the story is more based on the movie though (due to the fact he is not dead). There are some made up characters from my role playing site.

A week after Erik let Christine and Raoul go. Meg Giry had entered the Phantom's layer before the mob arrived. She found out that all three where gone. When the mob came and asked where he was Meg said that she saw him drown himself. The mob believed her and left, Meg was quick to fallow them.

So let it begin…

His life was over; there was no reason for him to live, for she was gone. Yet here he was walking in the rafters above the changing rooms. It had been a week, a week since she left him. A week since she and the Changy walked out and fled Paris. He had lost himself in the gaping hole she had bitterly torn out of him. His normally greased black hair lay in clumps and stuck to his forehead. His black cape was wrinkled and dirt splotches could be spotted on it. He had lost all reasons to take care of himself. He had not eaten since she left but that was no large feat he had gone longer without food.

Erik's feet seem to drag against the dirt covered floor of the rafters. In his gloved-right hand a lantern was held, helping him see his way. Not that he really needed it, he had lived in the dark almost all his life, he could do without it. Whatever the matter he carried it with him now.

His free left hand reached out towards a wall as he stumbled, supporting himself as he moved onward. He felt unstable; the world seemed to be spinning. The world had begun to spin a couple of days ago and it had not stopped. Feeling the need to rest for a moment Erik clumsily walksed towards a low beam. His empty hand reached up to move dangling

When Erick placed the lantern down on the ground as he sat, pain showed through his black bottomless eyes. He lowered his head and his back ached, gloved hands reached upwards and placed themselves on his scalp.

A quiet humming was coming from the room under him. He raised his head up and lowered his hands so they could push up his battered form. Bending over he picks up the lantern and walks towards the wall closest to the room where the sound was coming from.

Then a knock was heard, Erik stopped and listened. He held his breath in order to hear the voices inside the room. Quietly he took a few steps forward and again fell into silence.

'Miss. Diamond?' That voice was familiar to him, it was the lead Ballet girl Sorelli.

Sorelli poked her head into the room and spoke again startled upon seeing the other singer. 'I'm sorry to disturb you Miss. Diamond'

Erik realized that the opera house was getting more people. He had been…distracted and had not noticed. He wondered if there was anything else that might be going on.

Sorelli continued on, the next thing she said interested Erik. Then again, it was about him. 'Everyone is so tense with all this talk of the Opera Ghost'…The lead ballet girl pored a cup of tea, the sound of the water in the cup seemed loud as the room grew quiet. Miss. Diamond had not yet spoken. 'All this talk of the Opera Ghost... I just don't know what to make of it all. I suppose he exists, I don't know how else to explain all the accidents. Now they are all saying he is dead.'

Timidly Miss Diamond reached for the glass of tea that was handed to her. A quiet thank you was given as she raised the cup to her lips. After a moment on thinking about the Opera Ghost she spoke, she spoke softly. Erik moved closer to the wall listening. 'I...I guess…I guess I really don't have an opinion.'

Erik then started to get distracted, thoughts that led back to Christine. Was it his face that turned her away? Was it that she just loved Raoul more? He would never know. Turning around he leaned against the wall and he spoke to himself, his voice was quiet and the words were drawn out painfully. 'Why couldn't you love me Christine?' He had been feeling so weak…the boards under his weight gave a rather large creak. He stopped and held his breath waiting to see if the two girls had noticed.

He let out his breath cursing himself, if they noticed who would have cared? He knew though, that if they found him he would be done for. However, right now if they thought he was dead, that would be for the better of it.

Victoria Diamond first heard the noise, her body tensed up, Her breathing seemed to grow rapid and she spoke with hushed tones 'Did...did...did you hear that?' She spun her head around fearfully as if ready to see someone, namely the Phantom standing nearby. The Opera Ghost was supposed to be dead, right?

Sorelli agreed that it was him. She didn't believe that he would have died in the first place. Then again, what if they both where just imagining things? She spoke her voice shaking trying to comfort herself along with Victoria 'I-I'm sure it's just a rat... or something...'

Erik couldn't help but smile at their panic stricken talk. They where so foolish to think of him right away, then again why not think of him right away? He was in all a ghost right? He realized that he could not stay here any longer. Someone would come up here and he was in no state to flee or fight.

He put his hands against the wall and pushed himself onto his feet. His gloved hand picked up the lantern as he walked towards his safety, his prison.. His feet were barely picked up off the floor, so that he makes little noise as he left the panicked ballet rats to themselves

-This chapter was beta read by YiyangYoung. Thanks a lot to you this story will become better-