Well I am picking this up, temporarily. I have to finish. I have had a random inspiration though I feel terrible. I can't remember where I was going with this ending. So I have new things planned, which will in turn make the story slightly longer. Mostly for now it is in Meg's POV.

I just reread my story and the grammar and spelling errors are pretty bad, I apologies. Yet I am too lazy to go back and fix it, you are lucky to get a finishing of this story. If I even get that far. Yet I do not care if I get flamed about grammar and spelling, if you can't stand it, don't read it. I do try to make my own corrections and I use spell and grammar check but for the little things I miss I won't bother with. This is for plot reasons only and a last drive to finish the story. But I still love you all. : )

The song is from an alteration of Music of the night sung by Barbra Streisand and Michael Crawford.

--:Cut off:--

The girl was tight and looked like she had seen a ghost. Well considering the facts that Meg had appeared out of no where, it was likely that this girl though Meg to be a ghost. It was an awkward silence that lapped between the two. Meg fidgeted thinking up a quick story. The girl blinked wide eyed for a moment. Meg stammered "Uhh, well. You see...What are you doing in my room?"

At this comment this small girl seemed to pale even more. She then stuttered "You're Meg Giry!" She pointed at Meg like she was on display at a freak show.

"Yes...What are you doing in my room?" Meg stated again.

The girl looked down at the floor. "Well, um, this is my room now. It was given to me after you disappeared." The girl paused before cautiously going on, "Where have you been? There have been tales about..." She paused again, suspenseful, "...you and the Phantom."

Meg almost flinched at hearing Erik being called the Phantom, it reminded her of his strange behavior. The Erik she knew was disappearing and once again he was becoming a phantom. Meg blurted out "I was out, mourning my mother's death. I came back and...Used the key I have to get in."

At this the girl seemed to react in a calming way. This fact seemed to show her that everything was fine. She relaxed a bit and seemed to forget that a strange girl was in her room still. She stuck out a hand "Anyways I'm Janea." Janea sat on the bed as if ready to gossip. "So is there anything between you and this 'phantom' though I don't know if I believe in him." The girl bounced on the bed and waited for an answer.

Meg raised her hand and wiped her face. She shook her head and rather weakly said "I don't know. I don't know anymore. I don't even know if he is there." Janea frowned and raised an eyebrow, not understanding Meg. Janea had strangely hit home. Was he even there anymore? What was their relationship? It certainly was not close anymore.

Forgetting about the girl entirely Meg walks out of the room. She closes the door behind her leaving a very confused girl in the room. Yet Janea was quick to pass it off and continued to stretch before she went to bed.

Meg walked the shadows of the opera house in a daze lost in thought. No one saw her as she walked; the people that she did pass didn't give her a second glance. She stopped when she found herself in box five. Watching down at the stage, no one was on the stage at the moment. She sat in one of the chairs and laid back.

What was she to do? Erik was hiding like the ghost that he was. There was no way to find him when he didn't want to be found. She didn't have the courage to put back up her noise makers. It wasn't worth it. Maybe Erik just needed some time or possibly another slap in the face.

With this thought driving her she stood and moved towards the beam that was yet another trap door. (He was after all the trap door master) She leaned down and grabbed the bottom of the pillar and pulled up. Normally the thing just slid up and stairs led down. Yet the Pillar didn't move, she paused and stood up and took a long look at the pillar, yes this was the one, but why wasn't it opening?

Below the opera Erik sat in anguish. He was sitting behind an infamous mirror that was in the old room that was once Christine's. So many things had just gone wrong. Between here and the house by the lake, so many wrong choices made. It all had to do with his human feelings towards these two women that had been in his life and ripped it apart.

At the time Erik was kneeling down his hand on the rope that held the supports. There was a hook that could be undone so the trap door would be disabled. He was letting go. He paused with his hand on the door.

Yet his own hesitation was getting on his nerves. He couldn't stand this. He turned and pounded his hands against a wall and just for good measures he kicked it as well. With sore hands and a throbbing foot Erik quickly reached down and unhooked the door. There was a light thump of the counter weight and Erik turned away. There was more than one trap-door he was going to have to undo to keep everyone out. Not that anyone was really wanting in, none but possibly one. But he was too dangerous. He couldn't control himself at times, it really was frightening.

Quickly Erik moved throughout the opera house disabling the trap doors. The last one was the one to Meg's room. He stopped outside the door, he did know about Janea. He had knew as soon as the girl moved in, but he wasn't really on talking terms with Meg, on his own account. At the moment two voices chatted up from the room.

"It was creepy, she was pale as a ghost, and she looked just dreadful." Janea's hyper voice broke easily through the wall. Sadly Erik paused to listen.

A pair of feet shuffled around the room and the squeaking of the bed signaled that the other person had sat down. "You said she just was there? She didn't just appear?" The voice was Victoria Dimond. She was a girl that had found a strange talent for listening to gossip. Though she never seemed to tell what she learned.

"No, she kind of was around the corner; she said she had a key." Janea said.

Janea sighed and continued. "I don't know. Though she looked concerned. If she had appeared out of no where or not I think she was with the Phantom. I asked her and she just said 'I don't know.'" Erik leaned against a back wall. He closed his eyes and continued to listen.

Victoria had grown quiet, she wasn't sure about the 'phantom thing' she had seen him during the mob, but he had seemed defeated until he escaped, inhuman. It scared her terribly. She didn't like talking about it, she would prefer to only talk about Meg, and stay away from the subject of the Phantom.

Not able to stand just sitting there any longer he moved to the door and lifted the rope off the hook. The counter weight landed with a thud. Erik heard Janea scream at the noise and Victoria gasped. It was just then that the door burst open, "What's going on in here?" Sorelli's voice nervously piped.

"I think it was him!" Janea whispered.

Sorelli then said "Come on, it was possibly...the...rats. Let's go to my room." There where hurried foot steps and the door closed. Erik was left alone. He took a last look at the door before moving off to a place of solitude, though there was one last door, one that he did not block off, the only one that was left to his house.

Meg heard steps behind her and she quickly stood and looked behind her, blindly hoping that a half mask would greet her. Yet he hopes where dashed away when the there was a loud thump. Meg slowly walked out of the box and moved the curtain aside.

She was started to find three girls. Sorelli, Victoria and the new girl Janea where in front of the entrance to the box. Janea was on the ground and the other two were helping her up. They all had a look of panic on their faces. Victoria looked up and was the first to notice Meg. She screamed and dropped Janea. Sorelli looked up quickly and recognized Meg; she relaxed slightly and continued to help Janea up, who was staring at Meg.

Meg felt self-conscious and tried to straighten her dress that she was wearing. Awkwardly Sorelli moves towards Meg and gives her a light hug. Meg returns it, yet feeling the tense situation she only gives Sorelli a quick pat. Sorelli looks around at the other two slightly frightened girls. She then asked "What where you doing in the Phantom's box?"

Meg bit her lower lip and shrugged. Sorelli just smiled and said "Well we got to go." It was then that the three girls left quickly. Meg watched the leave, what was up with them? She shrugged. She had to get out of this, they suspected her of something. Maybe they could leave, go somewhere else. Maybe Erik could relax...

Meg set off rather determinedly off down the halls and towards the next quickest trap-door down, that was in the main opening in the stair case. There was a switch that was in a crack, Erik could access in ways unknown to Meg but she knew if she leaned down she could get it with her pinky. She lowered herself down and pressed the switch. Nothing happened. Meg quickly stood and looked around and thought of the next closest trap door.

That was in the chapel. At a quick walk she turned towards the empty hall ways. She quickly trotted down the steps and moved towards the wall where there was a brick that was loose. She moved towards it and pushed it, she heard a mechanic click, and she waited.

But nothing happened. Becoming frantic she pushes harder. Yet she still gets no reaction. Meg was finally getting the hint, she slumped to the floor and started to cry. She pounded her fist on the wall. "No Erik, you can't do this." She whimpered. She looks up and shouts "Erik! Please Erik, I don't know why you are doing this to me."

He was pushing her away. She couldn't get to him he was locking himself away. Once again Meg sobs, she had never cried before she met Erik, but now it was becoming a routine. She whispered "Come on Erik, please, please Erik."

The first place Erik had gone was to the roof. It was like he was recounting the year or so here. He sat at the point of betrayal. He really wasn't in remorse over what had happened. Yet he was taking it in as a learning experience, though he was doing it quiet bitterly. He was taking his memories and storing them way with sticky notes that said "This is what happens when you fall in love!"

He then moved on to the chapel, where it had all started with Christine. There he sat and laid his head against a wall. This trap door had already been disabled. It was there that he fell asleep. It was not like him to just fall asleep but he was stressed. He slept, luckily, without dreams.

Yet it was short lived when he heard sobbing. He knew instantly who it was, and the fact that his name was being repeated time again and again. He stayed silently until she stopped calling for him and cried quietly. He had to leave, he couldn't stay here, he made a move to stand but he was rather careless and his foot scrapped against the ground.

The crying was cut short with a sniff. Erik paused afraid of being discovered, but he was too late. "Erik?" Meg said. Erik heard her stand. "Erik I know you there, show yourself! Stop hiding like this. Is there something a matter with me? Please tell me." She paused but Erik didn't respond, he felt weakened and he sat back down again. He didn't bother making noise, she knew he was there. "Erik don't go away! Erik come back, please come back!"

She thought he was leaving. He should have, what use was it to him to just sit there? Meg again started to cry, Erik sat back emotionless as he could possibly be, and he was separating himself. He felt emotions to need control. He felt a desire to be unknown like the man to mystery, no longer just a man. It was too hard to be human. His emotions rose up and slowly took control.

Meg sat with her ear against the wall, he was there she knew it. Yet he had fallen silent and she couldn't hear him move. Her first thought was that he had left. He wailed at the door but she got no response. He was gone, what could she do? Her life was falling apart.

Lying back with her back against the wall she looked up and took deep breaths. She couldn't cry anymore. She felt her body shake as she thought of how she could get to Erik. There where other ways to get below the opera, long ways but still they where there. There had to be one way that Erik used to move in and out of his house.

Still not knowing if he was still there Meg talked to the chapel, "Erik I will get back, I don't care how, but I will." She snorted and crossed her arms. Not really knowing that she was almost back to back with Erik, only a wall separated them.

Closing her eyes Meg recalled Christine always being down here. Praying to her father and talking with her angel. Christine was always in this room in her spare time before she went to bed. Meg remembered walking in on her before everything started, right after Christine had sung in Hannibal. Meg somehow found peace here. She watched as a candle flickered in the darkness. Who knew what time it was.

Like her memories where coming alive, and she was in Christine's shoes a haunting voice started quietly and rose from the shadows. Meg turned around expecting an angel to come down but she knew who it was.

Night-time sharpens,

Heightens each sensation . . .

Darkness stirs and wakes imagination.

Silently the senses abandon their defenses

Helpless to resist the notes I write

For I composed the music of the night!

Meg closed her eyes once more. She let the music flow around her, the voice was just so pure. It seemed to tell a story unto it's own. A story of sadness and finding one's way through a dark world.

Slowly, gently

Night unfurls its splendor.

Grasp it, sense it, tremulous and tender.

Hearing is believing, music is deceiving,

Hard as lightning, soft as candle light,

Why was he singing now? He had only sung to her once and that was before he admitted to loving her. She was enraptured by the voice; she herself had little singing talent. Yet she knew it had some significance so she listened to the words. Hearing is believing, Music is deceiving...Why would he say that? His passion was music. She frowned and listened on.

There you trust the music of the night...

Close your eyes,

For your eyes will only tell the truth,

And the truth isn't what you want to see.

In the dark it is easy to pretend

That the truth is what it ought to be...

As the song progressed and slowly grew silent Meg finally got the message. In the dark it is easy to pretend that the truth is what it ought to be...He was passing it off like it was a mistake. Meg turned and pounded against the wall. "No Erik, that is not how it is! Erik you listen to me now, I don't know what got into that head of yours behind that stupid mask, but all I am going to tell you is that you are wrong!" Meg stood up and wiped her nose and snorted. "Like it or not Erik I am finding a way to you."

She got no reply. There was no more shuffling, he was gone along with his music. Meg tried the trap door for good measure but it still didn't work. She brushed off her dress and walked away from the chapel. Slowly she moved towards the front of the opera house. The opera was quiet; everyone had most likely gone to bed. So she was undisturbed as she opened the front door and stepped out of the opera house.