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Wild Assail
A Gundam Seed Alternate Reality Fic by X-Sprinter

Original Productions of X-Sprinter

Full Summary: After signing a peace treaty, Kira and the others are hired as part of reinforcing the Obviation Forces of the Union of Orb, a peacekeeping military joint by the Orb Union, ZAFT and OMNI forces. Our five pilots namely Kira, Athrun, Yzak, Nicol and Dearka, have been teamed up for operations such as retrieval in the desert part of Earth since local wars has been rising to a big conflict. Mixed races such as Coordinators and Naturals join forces to battle each other. The CAFGU or Civilian Action For General Unity and the Robbers who define themselves as "Wind"

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Chapter 01: Operation Wild Assail C.E.72 Morganroete, Orb

A pilot in his teens boarded the ZGMF-X50S Independence

He pushed some buttons and turned on the system which indicated


He then launched of from a Battleship currently under repairs for their next mission and went out for a test run.

After an hour…

"It works great chief Murdock" Kira said. "Well bring it back here for the final updating of the OS" Murdock instructed.

Flight Lieutenant First Class and Squadron Leader, Kira Yamato, pilot of the upgraded ZGMF-X10A Freedom, which is now ZGMF-X50S Independence a new prototype considered to be with the same strength of the Freedom but has no N-Jammer Cancellers, yet has a new equipped weapon system and navigations as well that deflects the N-Jammer's frequency at Earth.

Kira then walked out of the cockpit on to the catwalk and made his way to his colleagues.

Kira is now known as one of the ace pilots. He then arrived at the Gundam Pilot's lounge and found his colleagues and former enemies. "Hey Kira" Nicol greeted gleefully. As usual, Yzak was pretty serious yet nodded at him and Athrun welcomed him as well as Dearka.

"So Lieutenant Yamato how did it go" Athrun smirked. Kira was just promoted about 4 hours from now so that's why Athrun was teasing him. "Well the Independence worked fine it's your turn Wingman Zala" Kira teased as well.

Flight Lieutenant First Class and Wingman of the Squad Leader, Athrun Zala, pilot of the revised version of the Justice known as the ZGMF-X49S Victory. Much more powerful than the Justice and the N-Jammer has been removed. It's bulkier and stronger than the Independence but when it comes to agility, the Independence is more agile than this suit; nevertheless they are equal in everything, well… almost.

Flight Lieutenant First Class, Yzak Joule, pilot of the mobile suit GAT-X409 Combat, the upgraded version of the GAT-X102 Duel, it has more armaments and is capable of using the Strike's packs. Still uses the General Unilateral Neuro-link Dispersive Autonomic Maneuver or GUNDAM Operating System

Flight Lieutenant First Class, Dearka Elsman, pilot of the mobile suit GAT-X603 Fury, upgraded version of the Buster. This suit discarded it's high energy beam rifle and is now equipped with a Nova Cannon which is more destructive, yet accurate since it has homing capabilities. It's what you call technology people. Same as the Combat, it still uses the same system

Flight Lieutenant First Class Nicol Amfari, Pilot of the mobile suit GAT-X391 Blaze, upgraded version of the Blitz. Losing the Mirage Colloid, it is now equipped with Radar Jammers so no enemy can detect him. Also in addition, it can multiply itself just by using its smoke emission called heat mirage. Still uses the GUNDAM system same as the Combat and Fury

Last but not the least, Commander Mu La Flaga, the Hawk of Endymion and ace pilot of the OMNI forces is now transferred under the command of Commodore Murrue Ramius.

Pilot of the mobile suit GAT-X222 Mutiny, the upgrade of the Strike. New packs have been created such as the AOA, AOD, and AOO packs.

Their battle ship Archangel, under the command of Commodore Murrue Ramius, Orb Union and Obviation Special Forces, it has been upgraded from 2 Gottfrieds Cannons, it has been modified to 4 rotating Gottfrieds (one on top of the other so it rotates). Everything was doubled with the exception of the lohengrins cannons since there is no space, so the Archangel is bulkier than it was that it could destroy the Freedom just by itself. With added technology, it could exit the earth's atmosphere without the help of a catapult. This ship has also upgraded the Laminated armor to a double coat and also has Neo-Titanium alloy beneath the armor surface and is truly a remarkable and a formidable foe for the rebels.

24th February, C.E. 72… Morganroete Base, Union of Orb

"Is everything ready" Murrue asked when she entered the bridge. "Yes ma'am, all systems green and we are ready for take off" Lieutenant Newmann replied. "Good, Get everything ready, we depart Morganroete in about 2 minutes" Murrue finished.

The alarms sounded… "Archangel, all systems green in our side, you are clear for take off." The control room radioed to the Archangel. "This is the Archangel, taking off," Murrue said and the Archangel exited with the 6 new mobile suits onboard.

Same date, 09:00 hours, Indian Ocean

"Call the pilots to the briefing room" Murrue ordered and went to the briefing room.

Kira and the others saluted when Murrue entered and signaled to sit. "This is what we are up against… (She turns a projector on as the lights were turned off) This is Rashid Abdul, known as head of the rebel forces named as Wind… he and his comrades are rebels and are fighting against vigilantes known as the CAFGU or the Civilian Action For General Unity forces. They however got hold of mobile armors, such as Bakoos and Astrays. Our Military presence here is low, that is why these groups kept fighting, the Obviation forces' mistake was to let their organizations develop that we are already dispatched. Usually these should be handled by regional stations but were now defeated. We still don't know what we are up against so don't feel over confident. Our first priority is to stop their acts and we will be stopping over at Madagascar, where we will get information. Madagascar is a place of rebels with extradition immunity to other nations. Let's just say that the country is a place where very bad people ends up."

"Well why don't we arrest them while we're at it" Yzak as usual made his sarcastic comebacks. "Lieutenant Yzak, We cannot do that or else we won't have any contacts, besides, Madagascar is not our jurisdiction anymore" Mu replied. Yzak snorted and shut his big mouth.

"Well, Anyways Lieutenant Yamato, Lieutenant Zala, you will be assigned to pick up the informant at the address later that will be given to you by Lieutenant Argyle" Everyone stood and saluted as Murrue exited the room. "Dearka, wanna spar?" Yzak challenged as they took their briefing papers and walked out the door

"Yeah, I have nothing better to do" Dearka shrugged. "Nope you have" Someone said. They turned around and saw Commander La flaga. "You three are on stand by with me, let's go" Mu dragged Dearka and Yzak who were resisting. Nicol waved a 'see ya later' and followed the commander.

All of a sudden, the alarm went off… "Attention all pilots, attention all pilots, we have 3 unidentified aircrafts approaching us with great speed… All units are to be prepared for scramble, I repeat… Level One battle stations" The Bridge said at the intercom.

Knowing that the Archangel has only two launchers, they decided to put the Independence and the Victory there. The rear hatch was opened for the Fury and Combat. The Mutiny and the Blaze are on stand by.

"Ma'am, the three units are not responding to our call" "Instruct the Independence and the Victory to chase it" "Yes ma'am, Kira, Athrun, you are both instructed to pull the felons over" Mir said.

"Roger that, Kira Yamato/Athrun Zala Launching" Kira and Athrun said in sync.

"Commodore, it seems that these are mobile suits." Kira radioed.

Then the three mobile suits fired at them. Kira who was shocked was hit by the head of the mobile suit and slowed down; Athrun on the other hand had OS malfunctions and had to retreat as well.

09:30 hours

"What models were those, it was definitely not a Ginn" Athrun paced around the Pilot's lounge. They still had 30 minutes to go before they go by helicopter inside the border of Madagascar.

"Zala, if I only knew what you were talking about, I would let it go, but unfortunately it's not, so mind telling first before thinking" Yzak said as he was reading some newspaper.

"Attention Lieutenant Yamato and Lieutenant Zala, your mission orders has been cancelled, I repeat your orders has been cancelled"

"What the, why would the Commodore cancel a mission like that?" Athrun said as he ran down the hall and up to the bridge. Kira was already there and was discussing what happened.

"It seems that the informant was ticked and killed, so we are on our own," Murrue said.

"We are docking on a floating base, Plant 9. Our ship will be re-supplied since we are equipped for a covert operation, I think we won't need that anymore, Let's just hope we have a warm welcome" Mu explained.

Plant 9… Mission is now 2 hours past

"This is nice" Yzak said lamely as they neared the port

The Archangel landed and was welcomed by the commanding officer of the base. They saluted at each other and walked to the conference room of the base.

"Welcome Commodore Ramius" The head said in a French manner. "I thank you for letting us re-supply at your base" Murrue said as she sat down with Mu and Newmann acting as her bodyguards.

"Well we are honored to have an elite crew from the war here. Please make yourself at home." The head said and gave a mischievous grin.

"Shall we start the loading" Murrue said and they all exited the bases' head room and rode a jeep to the Archangel. "You have a nice base here" Mu commented. "Why thank you Commander. Coming from an elite commander like you, it truly is a great honor"

As they entered the Archangel there were some argument going on. "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS" Murrue asked sternly. "These people won't leave the Suits alone ma'am" Yzak shouted. "Commander, what is your men doing?" Murrue asked and was shocked that the bases' security pointed their guns at the Archangel crew.

"I believe you people has nice military equipment as well. The Independence and the Victory are here as well. How lucky of us to get this powerful weapons" The commander said and laughed. "Lock them up now" The commander ordered then the alarm went off and


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