Wild Assail

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Full Summary: After signing a peace treaty, Kira and the others are hired as part of reinforcing the Obviation Forces of the Union of Orb, a peacekeeping military joint by the Orb Union, ZAFT and OMNI forces. Our five pilots namely Kira, Athrun, Yzak, Nicol and Dearka, have been teamed up for operations such as retrieval in the desert part of Earth since local wars has been rising to a big conflict. Mixed races such as Coordinators and Naturals join forces to battle each other. The CAFGU or Civilian Action For General Unity and the Robbers who define themselves as "Wind" As the group of "Wind" develops and becomes a formidable foe of Orb and ally of the Atlantic Federation, Kira and the others find themselves hiding under the country of Scandinavia as they try to find a resolution as Orb takes another path in it's ideals.

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Phase XVIII:Victory Explodes

Cosmic Era 72, after a long war between the coordinators and naturals, the Clyne Faction achieved their goals in getting the peace that they wanted, but in order to preserve that peace, the Orb Union and the Clyne Faction founded the Obviation Forces. A group of enforcers stationed around Earth and space to achieve true peace and to control all military activities that the OMNI and ZAFT forces are creating. Under the government of Orb, the Archangel has been assigned as the flagship for Earth of the Obviation forces as a veteran warship in CE 71. Together with that, the Kusanagi is again divided into its original form, divided to 5 modules for better relay from Orb to space and vice versa. The battleship Eternal is the flagship for the PLANTS and Space as it is also a veteran warship of the Clyne Faction in the same year as the Archangel's.

Due to these circumstances, the Earth Alliance and the ZAFT forces signed a treaty that will preserve the peace of mankind for the coordinators and naturals.

Chapter Recap: "This is ZGMF-X50S Independence, Kira Yamato… request to launch and pursue suspect…" Kira requested as he closed his visor and started the Independence up. Even without clearance, he took the liberty of preparing the suit and transfer it to the launch bay. "Independence, you're clear…" Rowen replied and in no time, Kira launched and passed through the fighter jets which were trying to follow the Victory. "CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!" Murrue demanded as she entered the bridge. "M-ma'am!" Rowen stuttered as he stood up from the captain's chair and saluted together with the CIC officers. "Well!" Murrue inquired. "The Victory… uhm… launched without authorization and the Scandinavian defense building ordered a scramble on it… we're also sending Lieutenant Yamato out…" Rowen replied. Murrue sighed.


"WHAT! Okay.. we'll try to watch him from here… roger that" Andrew replied and closed the transmission. He floated out the bridge of the ship and went inside the planning room where Dacosta and few of his men were sitting waiting for him.

"I just received a call from the Independence which is headed here… that the Victory launched and is headed to the PLANTS… We are somewhat requested to keep our eye on the unit and give assistance if necessary… Dacosta… you're on Zala detail… the Pink Princess would like his safety…" Andrew ordered as Dacosta saluted and exited the room.

Mckenzie Airbase, Colorado

"Commander Peacecraft… what a pleasant surprise to see you here… Brigadier General Taylor at your service sir" The General saluted as Milliardo walked pass him.

"I need my ship resupplied and information about the Kingdom of Scandinavia… every detail from last year up to now… what they're capabilities are as well…" Milliardo ordered sternly as he went inside a structure where the officials of the base were.

Palace of the Kingdom of Scandinavia

"Ah, it's nice of you to join us Commodore… we were just talking about our plans for now" The Vice Minister informed.

"Well you did leave a message in my room" Murrue smiled at the Vice Minister as she took her seat.

"Well we were discussing on plans on how to retake Orb and it's possessions." The Vice Minister briefly explained to Murrue. A lawyer beside the Vice Minister then stood up.

"Putting that in mind… We plan on retaking mainland Orb and the facilities in Mendel colony as well… which is why I require the Archangel crew's cooperation in this matter. The Principality is capable of going on-land transport and is capable of withstanding coldness… am I right?" The Army Chief of Staff explained and questioned the Commodore.

"Yes.. I believe so General…" The Commodore confusedly nodded and answered the question.

"Well the Prince will be leading the Principality, Gabriel and Mirabel towards the north part of Orb to pin the Alliance forces down. Meanwhile… the Fleet Admiral has decided to send ¾ of our naval capabilities with a long expedition towards the southern part of Orb… it's route will be by the Atlantic.. to the Indian Ocean and down under Carpentaria to the Pacific and down under Orb." The General finished.

"Surely we will encounter a battle with the Dominion once our naval fleet has exited our protected waters which is why one of my Admirals has decided to… "sacrifice" ¼ of our naval capabilities to let the carriers pass and at least give some press to the Federation at Orb" The Fleet admiral explained.

"How do you suppose we could beat them with just F-16's?" Commodore Ramius asked.

"Well the naval force of the country will lure every suit they have out while the three ships infilitrate from the north…" The General replied. "Expect that they have Morganroete and Orb's facilities there… so prepare for the worse"

"We have made preparations to resupply the Principality immediately and the his highness will be making a statement later" At this, the vice minister's attention turned to the ringing telephone and immediately answered it, after a few nods, he gave the general the signal. The general on the other hand picked up another telephone and made the call. With the last call, all the ports in Scandinavia has sounded and prepared the escort fleet's launch.

"Prepare 15th and 14th divisions! All units to be armed… widen submarine scan range!" One of the Rear Admirals shouted at the defense headquarters.

Washington DC, Atlantic Federation Captial…

"Sir… I think you should see this" One of the President's cabinet members entered the President's office and turned on a television set.

"It seems a massive effort by the Kingdom of Scandinavia is being set up as we speak, numerous tanks and infantries are rolling out the inland bases headed for the ships that are docked and ready to be launched at anytime. The Royal Air Force's units are being assembled as well and all air and naval traffic has been ceased…"

"What are they doing!" The President asked as they saw the naval strength the Scandinavian's are preparing by their territorial waters.

"I don't know sir… but Colonel Peacecraft is on line 2 and is awaiting orders from Colorado"

"Put him through" The President sighed. As the monitor showed up, a white blonde male appeared on the screen.

"What do you want…" The President snarled at the platinum blonde colonel.

"I'd like to inform you that I'm taking ¾'s of your military strength here in Colorado to intercept the Scandinavian voyage… You have no authority to stop me…" Milliardo plainly stated and shutted the communications as he gave a hand signal for the Dominion to launch. Natarle nodded at her helmsman and proceeded with it's launch heading out to catch up with the ground forces that are to board sea vessels scheduled to intercept the mass fleet of KoS.

30 minutes after Scandinavian deployment… Mid Atlantic Ridge route

50 Scandinavian destroyers have stopped 4000 miles east of Miami preparing a clear path and interception to any hostile vessel.

"Report" The Vice Admiral demanded as he entered the bridge of the flagship that was assigned to clear the pathway of the main fleet.

"20 carriers alone has passed our defense line already.. waiting for 30 more with their escorts" The Captain reported after saluting.

"We just received reports that the alliance is preparing an attack force from Colorado treading the states of the United States" The Vice Admiral stated as he read some reports regarding the ship's present location.

"Sir detecting aerial units coming in fast…" The ship's CIC informed.

"Vice Admiral?" The Captain looked up at the Vice Admiral who was standing at the highest point of the bridge. The said commander lifted a telephone while looking at the screen projecting aerial units blinking in red approaching to their position.

"On my authority… go weapons hot… give warning shots and maintain this present location" The Vice Admiral gave word as he continued to contact his superior.

"Roger that… all ships to weapons hot" The Captain informed the other ships as their anti aircraft guns mobilized and aimed at the incoming units from afar.

"This is Delta Tango One Niner Seven… we have visual of the enemy ships counting 13 on my visual…" Informed by the incoming aircrafts of the alliance.

"Bombardment is a go… repeat.. bombardment is a go" the officials at the other side informed the lieutenant and prepared for bombing run.

"OPEN FIRE!" The Captain took the cue from the Vice Admiral and fired the anti aircraft guns at the incoming unit.

Principality's Bridge

"It seems the escort fleet is now engaged in battle… we are requested to assist the Scandinavian assault from the north….our route is quite extreme going through the dead zone running by the north pole and down to the Pacific… before we even reach Alaskan aerial surveillance… the Principality will be submerging together with the Mirabel and Gabriel as we fire a way through a thin ice that the Gabriel will be detecting… from there we make our way towards Orb by underwater and we'll have to pray that there won't be any Allaince ships on the way.

Orb Union

"Roger that sir" The commanding officer that is heading the EA/Orb occupation nodded.

"Rally up the Orb forces and ask them who shall fight Scandinavia with us in exchange for their freedom and money.. QUICKLY!"


"Something's not right… the Archa-" Milliardo wasn't able to finish as they heard an alarm.

"Checking thermal signatures.. it's the one from those back at the Philippines.. it seems to be accompanied by the Freedom!" Dominion CIC informed as the Negligence closed in on the Dominion. Heero launched on his Wing Zero, followed by Deo, Quatre, Wufei and Trowa with the G-Freedom, Sandrock, Altron and Heavyarms respectively.

"Prepare my unit… I'm launching to… don't stop the launch of the daggers… inform the others that we're taking on this ship." Milliardo ordered and Natarle saluted as she gave orders to intercept. Soon both ships are firing at each other while continuously defending themselves from enemy units.

"Milliardo Peacecraft… Epyon launching!" Milliardo announced as he launched with his red mobile suit which eyes glowed in the skies and dawned over the Wing Zero. The Wing Zero jumped off the Negligence and chased the Epyon putting them to a dogfight… with this happening… Heero tried disabling Milliardo's arms by using the beam saber… seeming it might not work, he pulled back abit and pulled out the buster rifle. The Epyon dodged swiftly to the side instead Heero hitting a few strikedaggers along the line of fire. The Epyon used it's own beam saber to cut the beam rifle into two making it explode and throwing the Wing Zero tumbling in the air, the Epyon easily caught up and kicked it in mid-air sending it falling to the waters. Deo who was seeing this slashed another dagger before fleeing away from the other 3 that was on ground and decided to battle the Epyon which was quite persistent in falling down. The G-Freedom closed in as it pulled out two beam sabers from each side of its waist and charged at the Epyon. The Epyon flipped over and tried to kick the G-Freedom upwards, unfortunately the Epyon was too slow as the G-Freedom fired it's rail guns downwards at the Epyon sending it pummeling down. It easily caught up and maintained it's altitude but again, unfortunately he was out numbered as he was lucky, his reflexes was quick enough to evade the Altron's dragon claw which missed inches of the red unit's head allowing it to stay in the battle a bit longer. From behind, the Sandrock released it's cloak revealing itself and almost cutting the Epyon in two but instead, it sliced off it's left arm and right hand. The Epyon immediately turned around gracefully firing it's Vulcans making the Sandrock shield itself. Still at the air, the Heavyarms took careful aim and fired all of it's missiles and gun rounds at the Epyon. Dodging almost half of the Heavyarms' arsenal, the Epyon was badly damaged and was forced to retreat back at the Dominion. The Dominion however didn't cease it's assault and grew stronger as it fired it's positron cannons at the Negligence disabling it's port side weapons.

Somewhere in Space

"WHAT!" Admiral Bartfeld screamed in disbelief as he received information that the Victory was headed for a suicide course to Mendel Colony.

"I thought he was headed to the PLANTS!" Bartfeld frantically screamed at the intercom.

"Well he changed course sir… Lieutenant Yamato wants us to rendezvous with him at Sector 3" Dacosta informed.

"Very well.. launch immediately… that idiot!" Andrew slammed his fists on the table and walked out of his quarters heading to the bridge.

Mendel Colony territorial airspace

"Victory… you are requested to slow down and identify!" Mendel Colony command center tried to reach the berserk unit that was headed towards them.

"Sir… the mobile suit is not responding" The commanding officer of the base informed their executive officer at the moment.

"Shoot it down.. blow it up into smithereens!"

"But sir! It's the Victory! It's Lieutenant Zala who's piloting that… Her highness' future fiance!" The Commander persisted.

"How can you be so sure… J-just shoot it down damn it.. that's a direct order! You want us to be targeted!" The desperate executive commander screamed. He fears Athrun Zala as it might uncover his true colors of trying to reclaim Orb. The commander of the command center sighed and gave the order to intercept as numerous Murasames were launched from it's main hangar. The Victory launched it's pack clearing it's path as it sliced two Murasames out of the way, he then pulled out his beam sabers and charged on another making it's way to the second defense line of Orb. Meanwhile the colony launched 5 Izumo classes desperately trying to take down a single unit. Just then, the Eternal arrives…

"Athrun… what are you doing!" Lacus said through the intercom from the Eternal. Kira on the other hand was preparing to launch at the Eternal's flight deck listening to the conversation.

"Trying to kill the person who killed Cagalli!" Athrun spit back as he sliced another Murasame mercilessly with his unit's eyes glowing in the darkness of space.

"Sir… we have detected the Eternal but it seems it's not entering our territory of responsibility" Command center information department informed.

"Launch 3 more Izumo classes and pursue the traitorous ship" The executive commander gave an order and launched 3 more with the Kusanagi as it's vanguard.

"Admiral! 3 Izumo classes launched from the East port headed this way with the Kusanagi!" Dacosta informed as he looked upwards to his Admiral who pushed a Haro away and gave an order to advance a bit.

"Athrun Zala!" Lacus persisted on calling out making him return. "This isn't how we're supposed to do it!"

"I'm sick and tired of waiting Lacus… I'm doing it my way now…" Athrun charged on 3 Murasames closing in at the open hangar where 2 Izumo classes appeared blocking it's way in firing it's cannons.

"Kira… please…" Lacus looked at Kira through the intercom and he nodded as the Eternal's flight deck opened…

"Kira Yamato… Independence… LAUNCHING!" He informed as he launched speeding through the Murasame's without destroying a single one continuing to dodge each fire from enemy ships. He passed the Victory and stopped infront of it with it's eyes glowing pulling out it's beam saber slowly.

"Kira… move away…" Athrun glared. All Orb units stayed in position as the commotion happened.

"Sir we have detected the thermal signature of the Independence from the Eternal and it seems it's blocking the Victory's path!" Command Center informed.

"Cease all fire… it seems that ship isn't traitorous at all… hold my order to attack the Eternal but keep an eye on it" The executive officer informed all Orb forces but made the Kusanagi maintain it's interception course for the Eternal.

"Don't make me fight you Kira" Athrun kept his glare through the intercom but Kira didn't budge instead, he maneuvered his suit to a fighting stance.

"Damn it!" Athrun charged at the Independence… Kira on the other hand went into SEED mode and dodged backwards and then to the side as the Victory made a back kick… The Independence then took the opportunity to fire at the Victory and slice it up easily making it's legs and arms explode bringing the whole suit in a critical condition…

"Lacus!" Kira said through the intercom as Lacus nodded and informed the Admiral to pick them up. The Independence then pulled the Victory's remains back to the Eternal.

"Sir… the Independence and Victory are retreating and the Eternal has entered territorial airspace!"

"SHOOT THEM DOWN DAMN IT!" Orb forces recommenced their attacks after being fooled by the Independence of being on their side and fired at the Victory… Athrun fell unconscious as half of the cocpit exploded but remaining intact with the torso of the destroyed mobile suit. Kira got in at the emergency deck of the Eternal as it sped off fleeing the battle with the Kusanagi chasing them…

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BE ADVISED: The Atlantic Federation thinks that they are battling the Archangel… only Natarle and the Dominion crew knows about the real name of the 3rd Archangel class and Deo Averill is not Duo Maxwell, just to clarify things, the name Deo is NOT a typographical error of Duo. Another thing… the specs for the Outbreak, Blizzard and Turmoil will be posted at my Xanga site sometime next month since I'm tight in schedule. Infinite Justice and Strike Freedom will be making appearances after 2 chapters


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