((Ayushi: Hi I'm the author of this little fic! I hope you all like it. I worked so long to think of a good one that no one else has done. Still if a story has been opened like this. I'm sure mine will have at least a few twist and tangles the other person did think of. Ok now for the important stuff.(haha)

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After the movie: This story starts right after the end of the new movie released in 2004-05

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I need someone to proofread my story. As you read through you are likely to find some to a lot of typos. I hope someone will like this story enough to beta read it for me. I would absolutely love anyone willing to.

Well that's all for the semi-important stuff. Now onto the first chapter!!!))

"Meg stay here," Madame Giry told her daughter frantically as she led Raoul away. Meg felt scared and confused as she watched her mother leave with her friends fiancée. She'd never felt so alone in her life. Suddenly hands came from behind and grabbed her. They pushed her forward.

"No stop!!" she called trying to get away from them, but it didn't work. There were too many of them. She screamed for her mother, but someone put a hand over her mouth. She pushed against them. She had to get away from this insanity.

"You're going to take us to the monster," one of the men demanded of her.

"Or we'll tie you up and watch you pretty little head burn!" a woman hissed right next to her ear. It was a sea of hands and weapons surrounding her. She winced as one took hold of her hair.

"Show to us to the beast," he said and pushed her forward harder. She whimpered and felt something cold on her neck. A knife? They were serious -they were going to kill her!! She didn't struggle feeling it was useless, but started to walk towards the dressing room that she had found the mirror in.

She lead them up a flight of stairs and to the room. She went slowly trying to delay, but they pushed her to go faster.

She heard the roaring flames from the stage area still burning. Her home was burning down and she was being forced to take a mob to a man she wanted only to protect. She led them to the mirror and opened it. They charged through like a herd of rhinos. She watched them go and felt so guilty. She'd just sent a semi-innocent man to his death. She had to get there before they did. She had to try and saved him. She ran down the stairs after the mob.

She went as quickly as she could but she kept getting pushed by people. She was breathing hard, and glad she wasn't in a corset, having that on would have killed her.

The run was long and she was getting lost like the rest of them. She watched men fall into traps, and tricks. She was one of the lucky ones who managed to stay out of the way of them.

One of the men passing her knew her face and pushed her into the wall saying, "No beauties saving this beast!"

The wall moved and she fell through it. The path was sort of like a slide and easy to slip down. She couldn't stop her decent. Finally, the tunnel opened and she could see light once more. She glided out of the opening, dropping only a few inches to the ground. She badly knocked her knee as she hit the ground beneath the shallow water t she landed in. She got up without any trouble although, it pained her a bit. But she didn't care; her dancing career was over anyway.

She looked up for a moment. Her home, her life, her opera house was burning down. All her dresses, her memories, everything she had ever known was going up in flames. She had been born in this very opera house. She had been raised here. She didn't know anything else. She felt lost at the idea of having to go out into the world.

She looked back and saw the mob coming after her. She wadded through the water, making her way slowly up onto the island. She looked around trying to see the hint of a cloak or maybe the shining of a mask. She knew the signs well. She could always tell others when he was there.

She saw a little bed to the side. He slept here? She made her way to it. The swan shaped bed with its red blankets made her smile. She saw a monkey music box. She ran a hand over it then paused seeing a table by the side of the bed. She saw a familiar white mask. She picked it up and held it close to her. She started to walk over to the organ but stopped. She could hear singing coming from the walls.

She looked over at the curtain on the wall. She checked behind her to make sure no one was watching and she moved it back. Inside she saw a passage way. She knew that voice. She quickly slipped behind the curtain. She put a hand to the wall and followed the sound of the voice down into the darkness.. The song he sang was so sad, full of self loathing and loss. Finally, she saw a shadow ahead of her.

"Phantom!" she called out. The figure started to run and she chased after him. She didn't want to loose him.

"Phantom, it is I, Meg Giry, Madame Giry's daughter. I mean you no harm," she yelled and saw him slow down a bit, but he didn't turn towards her.

"Leave me alone," he said his voice hoarse with tears. She got a little closer. She had to warn him.

"But Monsieur the mob will find you," she said desperately.

She put a hand on his arm as he stopped. He turned to look at her. She gasped seeing his whole face up close and jumped back bumping the wall. Her knee protected at the fast, sudden moment. She felt like retching. It was so deformed, so disgusting, yet still she had to help him. If she didn't, who would? Just because his face was deformed didn't mean he deserved to be treated like a animal all his life.

"That should teach you to leave monsters alone," he whispered to her walking off his head hanging down, his hand grasping the wall as though he was having trouble keeping upright. She watched him feeling guilty. How could she have been so rude as to act like that? She took a deep breath.

"Monsieur, please, I don't want them to find you," she said following him closely.

Once again she put a hand on his arm trying to stop him. He looked at her again, but this time she was not frightened away. Even in the light of the candles the hung on the wall she could see him clearly. She wished she was stronger about it, but something that horrible was hard to look at. She felt such pity for the man that had to live with that face.

"Let this monster die in peace you little ballet brat!" he said, his temper flaring. He took her arm and slammed her against the wall. She let go of him and fell to the ground. The Phantom was about to make a run for it when he saw a familiar face.

Madame Giry walked out in time to see this and said simply, "Tsk Tsk Erik is that how you treat my only daughter. You have already scared my other child away,"

"I don't care about you old woman. Leave me alone," he growled at her walking away although he felt a bit guilty for causing Meg pain. What did that matter? What did anything matter anymore? Christine would never be his. He was doomed to a life without her, without meaning, without love or light. She had taken all that from him. He just wanted to die.

Madame Giry went over and helped her daughter up. Meg's knee hurt worse then before and she looked at her mother nervously. Madame Giry drew her close.

"Erik stop your childish behaviour this instant! We are here to save you," Madame Giry told him strongly. She wasn't' scared of him or the dark. She hadn't been for a very long time.

He turned back to them yelling, "Save me! From what Madame Giry? Save me from death?! I welcome it with open arms," he said flinging his arms wide as if embracing his own death. He looked over at them glaring. He obviously didn't want to be saved. He turned and walked away into the darkness.

"Wait please!" Meg cried pushing away from her mother.

He turned back to her, a sad, confused look in his face. This girl he had slammed into the wall only moments before, this girl who had seen his face and looked about ready to faint wanted him to stay. What in the world could he offer her? Surely the little dancer had no interest in music? Maybe she was just captivated by the story of the phantom. He could see no logic in their help.

"What use do you have of me?" he asked glaring at both his would be rescuers. He wanted to tell them both to go to hell and leave him to bathe in his own blood, yet his tongue stayed silent.

"Erik, you are like a son to me. I have watched over you, covered for you and helped you all these years. Do you think I will let that all go to waste and watch you kill yourself?" Madame Giry asked him sounding impatient.

"I am not your son!" Erik yelled.

"Monsieur please we have need of you. We are now homeless and shall be on our own on the streets. What will two ladies do without someone to protect them," Meg said.

She was lying. She knew they would be alright on their own. Her mother had many connections, but she didn't want the phantom, who she had wanted to meet for so long to vanish. Not before she got a chance to know the man who haunted her dreams. The man who had loved Christine with such a passion. The person who had written Don Juan -the most passionate opera of all time to her mind. Her mother was right, he was a genius. She had heard her mother whisper it during one of the rehearsals of Don Juan before the performance where the phantom himself had appeared, stunning them all.

"That is a lie. Do not lie to me child. I am not needed in this world. Let me try my hand at in the next," he said looking away from them both. He felt tears coming to his eyes. Christine did not need him but he still needed her. He need her terribly. His body ached without her close to him. He loved her more than he loved music if that was possible. He need her back. He slammed his fist into the wall.

"WHY!?! Why did you leave me," he said and fell to his knees weeping, "Christine…..CHRISTINE!!!"

Meg turned back and heard something behind them. She realised he was making too much noise. She bent down to him, putting her hand on his shoulder trying to comfort him. This was her finally chance. She had to get him to save himself.

"Monsieur please come us," she said, looking him full in the face. She slowly brought the mask up and slipped it on his face. She looked at him desperately begging him with her eyes to come with them. She was so scared, and confused but she just knew he had to come. She couldn't let the cruelty of the world devour such a unique soul.

He got up slowly looking down at the child. He had watched her grow up. He had seen her birth. He knew every hair on that head. Knew every expression on her face. He'd see her as a child watching opera, then slowly joining them as she got older. He had watched her dance hundreds of dances. He remembered her as his little dancer, his Little Giry.

Erik's eyes wandered over to Madame Giry. He remembered her pain stricken face as she watched him in his cage so many years ago. He remembered the strength she had shown everyday keeping his secret, despite the guilt. She had never lost faith in him. She looked for him in the shadows when everyone else was blind to him.

Both of them together did not hold a candle to his Christine, his angel. He needed her or living was not worth the pain. Still looking at the only two souls in the world willing to help him. He couldn't help but feel guilty for letting them down. They gave him a little hope. He wondered if it would be enough. He decided to see what they could offer before he ended his life. He could always take his life, but he would never get a second chance to try to live. The pain in his chest didn't stop with his decision. He sighed.

"Come we must be going," He grabbed a candle stick of the wall and led the way, the ladies following him.