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PG-13 rating for Offensive Language and Nudity

Monday, May 17th 1:30am - West Randolph Street - Downtown Chicago IL

Fred, a bookstore owner was working in his bookstore all day. He put on his green coat, locked the glass door of his shop and walk down the side walk. For a busy city, the streets were strangely deserted. There was no one around either. Suddenly Fred heard an eerie sound. He turned around, but there was no one was behind him.

"Hello" He said "Is anyone there?"

Fred turned around and continued walking. After a few minutes, he heard it again. Terrified, he ran as fast as he could to an alley only to find out it was a dead end. He turned around and saw a black shadow cover him. He screamed at the top of his lungs and the figure covered him. Leaving only his covered slime shoe.

Totally Spies: Undercover and Martin Mystery in

The Chicago Mystery

Tuesday, May 18th 2:30PM - South State Street - Downtown Chicago

Marty, WOOHP's only male spy sat on an empty bench, in front of a store. The city was full of people as usual, cars filled the streets. Marty wore a denim jacket, a red shirt underneath, jeans that match the jacket and red with white Nike Bruins. He was listening to his green I Pod mini when he spotted a friend waving at him. Marty unplugs the headset and raises his right hand in greeting

"Hey Marty!" His friend called out cheerfully. He was wearing a white shirt, black shorts and blue basketball shoes. He was holding a basketball in his right arm.

"Yo, Kenny. What's up?" Marty answered

"You wanna play some basketball?" Ken offered, showing the basketball to his friend

"No thanks" Marty rejects and smiles

"Hey. I heard the Mr Lawrence disappeared yesterday." Kenny boomed in a no nonsense tone. Marty had a wired look on his face

"Mr Lawrence?" Marty asked. Clueless about the person

"Fred Lawrence, you know. Mikey's dad. The bookstore owner?"

"Oh. I see." Marty lied. He's still wondering who is this Lawrence guy. For a person who knows almost everybody in Chicago, it was likely that he knew him.

Ken's cell phone started ringing. He took it out from his pocket and answers it. "Yeah? Okay... I'm on my way." He presses the end key and puts it back in his pocket. "Well Marty, I've gotta go." He said and left the area

"Bye Ken" Marty waved as he left.

Marty puts back the headset on his ears and listen to his music. Suddenly, the concrete tiles that the bench was sitting on opened. Plunging Marty and the bench in a dark hole. Marty screamed in shock as he plunged in. After a few seconds, the concrete tiles close back up as if nothing happened.

"DAMN YOU JERRYYY!!" Marty cursed as he slide down the hole that lead him to WOOHP.

2:37pm - WOOHP Chicago Division Headquarters

Marty landed hard on a pink couch. A second later, Sam, Clover and Alex landed on top of Marty.

Marty pushes the girls aside "Get the hell off me!"

"Hey Marty!" Sam said with a sweet smile. She wore a blue dress "Do you think the P Diddy is cute?"

"No way!" Clover interrupt. She was in a red tank top and pink pants "Nelly is cuter!"

"You guys are wrong!" Alex argued and look at Marty with a very cute look. She wore a Blue striped blouse and a white mini skirt "What do you think of Usher Marty?"

"Uh... Sorry. I hate those hip hop stuff or whatever you call it" Marty confesses

"Good Day spies" The director greeted

"Hey Jerry" The girls answered and raises their hand in greeting

"Hey um.. How come it takes me 10 second to reach WOOHP? It usually takes me like about 2 minutes." Asked the curious 19 year old teenager.

"Welcome to the WOOHP Chicago Division Headquarters spies." Jerry introduced and answered Marty's question. It still looks the same as the HQ in LA.

"Looks the same to me" said Marty as he looked around.

"Now please pay attention, In Chicago, 50 people have been reported missing for the last 30 days. The police and FBI found nothing. So its up to us to find out and hopefully put an end to this mess."

The spies stood up and walked over to the moving walkway. Jerry presses a button on his computer and the walkway moves. The wall opened up and they enter the equipment room. (I don't know what those things are called OKAY?! It's that flat escalator you see at airports)

"GLADIS" Jerry cried out his robot assistant and GLADIS changed the girls clothes to Jumpsuits and Marty's to a black suit and tie.

"Ice cream perfume that will freeze any item on contact" Jerry spoke as a robotic arm passes the Ice cream perfume to Clover.

"Sam, you'll get the Scanner bio lab watch" The robotic arm moves towards Sam's right wrist and 'screws' on the watch.

"Alex, this is the laser lipstick. Capable of cutting through thick walls and metals"

"And Marty. These are the keys to a Chevy Corvette. I trust you to take care of it well." Jerry requested and GLADIS puts the keys on Marty's open hand.

"Don't worry. A car's like a friend. Only cold blooded " Marty looks at the keys. It was not from a Corvette "Hey. These are keys to a Suburban SUV"

"GLADIS. I said Chevy Corvette" Jerry requested again. He was getting a little irritated

"Negative" The robot answered

Jerry sighs. It seems that the robot has a mind of his own "Well GLADIS knows what's best. Again"

"So much for driving a cool car" Sigh Marty. He was looking forward to driving a Corvette.

"And here's a little something for the 4 of you. The UPWATI. Able to withstand up to 1000 meters of pressure underwater" Jerry spoke and the robotic arms 'screws' the suit on the spies.

The walkway leads them to and an open door and the roof opens. The girls activated their jet pack backpacks while Marty activated his jet shoes and they flew out of the building and into the city of Chicago.

2:45pm - West Randolph Street - Downtown Chicago

"Can't believe the MOM make us visit Chicago" Martin complained

Martin Mystery, a secret agent in an paranormal investigation organization called "The Center" was driving down the street in a white Hummer with his stepsister named Diana Lombard and a caveman whom they call Java. They were going to investigate on the disappearance of the 50 missing people.

"You've been whining all day about Chicago. Could you please stop?!" His annoyed sister requested.

"I mean it's a city. How could The Center ever detect paranormal activity here?" Martin muttered while looking at his sister.

"Martin look out!" His stepsister pointed out. Martin slammed on the brakes but got tangled on a back of a Black 2003 Chevy Suburban SUV. The drivers door opened. It had the WOOHP logo on it. A man in a black suit and tie came out. Martin too got out to inspect the damage.

"My Suburban!" The agent cried. It was Marty "WOOHP's gonna kill me!"

"Your SUV. How my car?! The Center gonna kill me!?" Martin cried out loud.

The boys look at each other and started to fight. The spies, Diana and Java got out of their vehicles and sigh.

"You bastard! You wrecked my SUV" Marty exclaimed angrily

"Yeah well who asked you to park in the middle of the road in the first place?" Martin argue

"The lights are red you dimwit!"

"Who are you calling a dimwit, loser?!"

"You want a piece of me?!?" Marty, showing his fists

"Bring it on sucker!"

"Grrrr!!" Both Martins growled with their noses touch.

All of a sudden Martin stopped and glared at Clover's looks. She notices it and Martin runs towards her

"Agent Martin Mystery." Martin said and takes out his Secret agent card "You mind if I ask you a few questions"

Clover sweatdrops and said "Ughh. Like I'm not gonna date you"

Martin's jaw dropped and gives a very unhappy look. He starts crying and runs around the street. Luckily there were no cars on the road.

"What an immature idiot" Marty muttered to himself and crosses his arms

"You have to excuse my brother. He's a little wired sometimes" Diana said and Marty turns her attention to her

"That's okay... Uh...." Marty paused

"Diana. and this is Java. The caveman" She introduced

"Um. My name's Marty Mitchell." Marty introduced and shows his WOOHP ID card "These are my partners, Sam, Alex and Clover" He continued. The girls smile sweetly at the Mystery crew. "You know what happened to Fred Lawrence last night?"

"Fred Lawrence. We're on that case too. Maybe we can work together" Diana suggested. Martin was still running like a big baby.

Marty smiles "Sure. You know Diana, you're kinda cute"

"Jeeze, thanks" The redhead answered with a charming smile and blushed

Alex coughed and Marty gives a sorry look. Java goes towards Marty and shakes his hand "Nice to meet you Martee"

"You're squeezing my hand!!" Marty trying to let go of Java's hold. But it was too strong. Java releases Marty and he falls.

"Soree" The caveman apologized

"That's okay...Java." Marty answered and stood back up. "Well lets grab your brother and go"

Diana pulls Martin's ear and lead him to the Hummer. Everyone got back in their cars and left. Outside the bookstore, there were 2 Chicago Police Cruisers parked. Marty parks behind and the white hummer parks behind the SUV. They got out and together, they went inside the store.

"Hi you must be the WOOHP and The Center agents here to help us. I'm Sheriff Thompson." The African-American cop greeted and shook Marty's hand.

"Hey. So what did you guys find?." The Canadian asked

"All right girls lets look for clues" Sam said and the spies joined the officers who are looking around the store.

"There's no sign of a break in or bloodstains."The officer discourage them on searching "Cash and books are still intact."

Marty puts on a thinking look an looks around the store. All he saw was the books and shelves. Then he spots something near the door.

"The coat rack seems empty." Marty spotted and goes near it.

Thompson looks at the rack. "Hmm.. You're right."

"So he must have not been in the store when he got kidnapped." Sam taught.

"Now what? This is a big city. How are we gonna find clues?" Marty exclaimed.

"Hmm... this could be a clue" Diana spotted something on the sidewalk. They looked down to find out it was a blob of dried green slime.

"Great find Diana." Marty said and Diana blushed "But eww... disgusting" He exclaimed

"And look. It's a trail and it's leading to that alley." Alex spotted and points towards the alley.

The WOOHP team, the Mystery crew and officer Thompson followed the slime blog trail to an alley. There was nothing except a slime covered shoe.

"Oh my god. That is soo disgusting!" Marty freaked. He hates slime.

"I'm gonna go back to my car and puke" The officer said and runs to his police cruiser.

"I think it's cool" Martin stated. He activated his U-Watch and the Slime Scan appeared. He grabs it and puts a sample in the device.

"It says here that this slime is from a slime monster" Martin reading the monitor on the Slime Scan. It immediately disappears from the palm of his hand.

"Check the Legend Dex Martin" Diana suggested

Mystery activated his U-Watch and the Legend Dex hologram appeared. He used his hand to navigate and searched "There it is. It says here that the slime monster was discovered on Lake Michigan during the 70's. At that time it was said to be harmless."

"But why did it attack now?" Alex looked at Martin in the eye.

Martin looks up and said "I don't know. But that's what we're gonna find out"

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