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Wednesday, May 19th 8:29am - Marty's Apartment

Marty's radio alarm displayed 0830 hours and rings. The song it was playing was the chorus of Huey Lewis and the News' 'I Wanna New Drug'

I wanna new drug
One that won't hurt my head
One that won't make my mouth too dry
Or make my eyes too red

One that won't make me nervous
Wondering what to do
One that makes me feel like I feel when I'm with you
When I'm alone with you

Marty slams his clock and cried "I've had enough Huey Lewis for one day"

He got out from his warm bed and wore back his boxers. Marty looks at Alex who was still happily sleeping. Her body was covered by the white blanket on Marty's bed. Marty smiles. He had never slept with a girl before and he was grateful that he finally met someone who likes him for what his is. He goes near Alex and gently kissed her on the cheek. She moaned a bit and opened her eyes.

"What time is it?" The brunette asked half awake.

"8:30." Answered the boy "You better wear something before they find out that we slept together last night."

Alex got dressed her pajamas and Marty grabs a towel and puts on a bath rouge.

15 minutes later, Marty and Alex were in the bathroom. Marty was in the shower, behind an opaque glass while Alex was at the sink, brushing her teeth. She was in her bath rouge

"Thanks for giving me the blue toothbrush Marty." Alex said and puts the blue toothbrush back on the cup.

"Uhh..Alex The blue toothbrush is my dad's. Your's is white. Why did you used it?" Marty answered from the shower.

Alex's eyes widen in shock "Um no."

"Hey, uhh could you grab the soap on the sink." Marty requested.

Alex grabbed the soap from the sink and knocks on the shower door. Marty opens the door and pulls Alex in.

"Marty. What are you doing?" Alex muttered and looks at Marty.

Marty was wet. The shower is still running. Marty removes Alex's bath rouge and pulls closer to him. Their lips touch and they sigh in deep love.

Later, Diana was at the shower. Martin was still fast asleep, leaving Java, Alex, Clover and Sam sitting at the living room watching TV. Clover wore a blue tank top and denim shorts, Sam was in a black shorts covered by her green cardigan, Alex in a yellow shirt and green shorts and Marty wore a red shirt and jeans. He was on the phone. He puts the receiver down and sat down with the others.

"Java hungry!" The caveman cried. He was wearing his usual clothing

"I ordered pizza. It should come soon. Sorry we have to wait"

Suddenly, they heard a loud scream coming from the bathroom. It was Diana.

"What the hell!" Marty runs to the bathroom and the others follow.

Alex goes to the bathroom and did a martial art move she learned in gym class to force the door opened. Marty rushed in first and opened the shower door. Martin's stepsister lied on the floor, naked. Her body was covered in spots of slime. The shower was still running Marty and Java started blushing.

"C'mon Java. Let help her up" Marty ordered

They carried her to the living room and covered her body with Marty's bath rouge. Java woke Martin up and they waited for an hour. Then she woke up.

"Diana? She's waking up" Marty cried out loud

Diana started to opened her eyes. Everyone stared at her in relief and hoping to find out a few answers.

"Oh sis I'm glad you're alive!" Martin cried out and hugged his step sister.

"I'm never going to bathe is showers again!" Diana yelled

"Diana, what did you see while you were in there?" Marty asked in a non-nonsense tone

"Well... I saw something green.. It.. It came out from the shower and it grew and grew... it attacked me and I can't remember"

"Java scared" The caveman cried after hearing Diana's scary story

"Poor Diana" Marty said. He sat beside her and puts his arm around her neck to comfort her "Must be one hell of a bath" He continued. Alex started frowning in anger and jealousy.

"But why did it attack Diana?" Sam trying to think of an answer "We bathed before her and nothing happened"

Marty started thinking. Sam's words from yesterday afternoon came to his mind "Littering!"

"What?" Everyone asked in shock

"Littering! Diana, did you litter in the Chicago River yesterday?" Marty asked and holds her hands tightly

"That's crazy! I never litter" Diana denied. Everyone else stared at her with a no nonsense look on their faces. Then she confesses "Okay so I did. It's just one tiny Styrofoam cup. No biggie"

"No biggie? The monster must be angry at everyone who's litter at the Chicago River." Marty giving a good explanation

"So the monster is after them!" Clover added

"Grab the keys to the Suburban Marty, cause it's spy time!" Sam said and presses a button on her X-powder. Her clothes changes to her usual green WOOHP jumpsuit.

1:48pm - South Michigan Avenue

"Grab the keys to the Suburban Marty, cause it's spy time!" Marty mocked at Sam. He was in his suit and tie "Spy time my foot. We've got no clues whatsoever!"

The WOOHP team and Mystery Crew were inside the WOOHP Chevy Suburban in a busy Chicago street infront of Marty's Apartment. The spies were in their jumpsuits and the others were in their usual clothing.

"Shut um Mitchell. Something will come up soon" Sam answered angrily

The radio in the WOOHP Suburban started to detected a signal and plays it on the radio "All units we've got a report of a man being attacked by a green monster at 2526 West Madison Street. We request assistant immediately"

Marty starts the SUV. But it didn't and a light in the speedometer rack started blinking and beeping. Marty looks at it for a second and rushed out of the SUV

"What's wrong Marty?" Alex asked as she took off her seatbelt.

"We're outta gas" Marty answered and gets in the middle of the road. He quickly took out his fake police badge and points to an oncoming sliver 2005 Mazda MPV. The MPV screeched to a stop and Marty opened the door.

"Hey man, what the hell is this?" Exclaimed the African-American driver after Marty opened the door

Marty flashes the badge and said "Chicago Police! I'm afraid I've gotta use your car for official police business"

"Chicago Police? Your badge says NYPD" The driver exclaimed as he looked at the badge

Marty sighs. He was unhappy that Jerry gave him the wrong badge "Damn" He muttered under his breath "Look, just get outta the car okay?"

Marty grabs the guy in the shirt and pulls him out the the seat "Hey!"

The sliver 2005 Mazda MPV pulls infront of Sam, Clover, Alex, Java, Diana and Martin. They got in the vehicle and Marty drives off towards West Madison Street

"The cops are on to us! Faster Marty!" Clover cried as she looked behind

Right on their tail was a Chicago Police Chevy Suburban, slowly catching up to them

"All units we're in pursuit of a stolen sliver Mazda MPV. License number LYE478. Heading east on South Michigan Avenue" The driver reported during the pursuit

"Roger that. We've set up a spikes strip 4 blocks east from your location"

After a couple of blocks, the stolen 2005 Mazda MPV goes over the spike strip, puncturing the tires and screeching the car to a halt. The pursuit was over and police had caught up to them. One of the officers from the Police SUV got out. He was in a police uniform. The officer opened the driver's door. "Marty?" He said with a surprised expression on his face

"Hey dad" Marty answered innocently

3:30pm - CPD Headquarters - South Morgan Street

"Marty, tell me, why did you stole the car?" Kerry demandingly asked his son.

Kerry Martin Mitchell is Marty's dad. He's worked with the Chicago Police for 20 years. He loves his job more than his son and never get to see his family often.

"For the damn 25th time It's an emergency" Marty answered angrily

"Don't you ever use that word in front of me young man." Kerry warned "You've just caused fifty thousand dollars in damage."

"Dad. All you care about is your damn job. Yes you're serving the city. But what about me! You weren't there on my birthdays, the day I took my driving test, the day I graduated, or anything. Why should I even call you my dad if you're not there for me!" Marty boomed. It shocked his dad, Martin, Diana, Java, the spies and the officers around them. Marty looked around him. Still pissed off, he walked out of the building. In concern, Alex followed him.

"Martin Andrew Mitchell. Get back here!"

"And I taught my relationship with Diana is bad" Martin spoke softly to himself.

Marty sat outside the building on the stairs. Infront of him was a parking lot, full of Chicago Police vehicles. He was looking on the floor feeling very glum. Marty pulls down his tie to loosen it. Just then Alex spotted Marty and sat beside him.

"Hey Marty" Alex spoke softly in concern

Marty turned to his left and faced Alex "You know Alex, good thing I've got you. You made me feel a little better"

"Thanks Marty"

Marty smiles. He felt better. He turned back infront "I just wish I could tell my dad that I'm working for WOOHP. Maybe that would clear things up. Too bad my job's a secret"

Marty puts his arm around Alex's neck and kissed her full-on on her warm soft lips. But something was not right, they felt someone watching them the whole time. They stopped and turned around to see Marty's dad behind them, grinning.

"Uh.. hey dad." Marty squeaked and rubs his lips.

"I'll leave you alone" Alex said and rans to the parking lot.

Marty watched as Alex ran away. Looking at his dad's face, he was worried but ready to face his scolding "I haven't seen you do that in 3 months"

Marty was surprised. His dad had never seen him with his past girlfriends before "What?"

"I heard everything" Kerry told. Marty's eyes widen. Kerry sat beside his son and puts his arm around his son's neck. "Why didn't you tell me you're working for WOOHP?" He continued

"Well... WOOHP's supposed to be a secret, right?" Marty answered his dad nervously.

"Yes but every police officer in the world knows it." Kerry explained. Marty was shocked. If he had told his dad earlier, he would have completed the mission

Marty's eyes filled with tears "Dad.. I'm..I'm sorry"

"Me too" Kerry answered and hugs his son. Tears rolled down from their eyes and onto their backs. Kerry stood up and pulls out a key.

"What's that?" Marty stood up and wipes off the tears with his hand.

"It's a key to my car."

Marty smiles and takes the key from him "Thanks dad"

"Now go do your mission."

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