This is a prequel in which 2 of my characters are setting up a little scenario. They are always 24 Laura holt, 28 George ski. The time is about one week before the Antonia Graza is to sail for America. Location: Paris France, a small cafe near the Eiffel Tower next to the Paris Hilton on the Champs Élysées.

THE Meeting.

Scene, cafe table 2 chairs nice little decorator flower set on the round stylish table. A young gentleman is seated reading a newspaper in a dark suit. He seems waiting for someone who is very late.

A little darling girl saunters by in stylish apparel with a raspberry beret while holding a small dark bunny as she whispers to it. Be happy Midnight, she says as she walks by, you'll be fine.

Further down the street, another young woman, mid 20's dressed in red high heeled pumps, sheer stockings, an angled black miniskirt, topped off with a wide bar horizontal black and white top, with bare shoulders approaches George Ski at the Cafe. She smiles at him and does a small pirouette in front of him displaying her newly acquired prises.

Mr. Ski states flatly, "So Laura not the usual Sombrero and tassels?, What occasion is this?"

Laura stops cold and gives Ski the kind of look that could kill, a glare so sharp that water could have frozen. I have an assignment for you, Ski and your going to take it. No if ands or buts. Here is the file, read it well, and as per Holts agency rules relating, JUST to you, we will distance ourselves from you should you, giggle, fail.

Ski snickered; "Nothing ever changes" he mutters and looks casually at the file. His head straightens and then he says. This is a baby sitting assignment! I will not do this!!

Laura Smiles knowingly.. and pulls out a brown manila envelope from her purse. She presents the first document and says to Ski. Ski, Have you ever heard of the German small car insurance firm AutoZiech ? I have information from them that certain serial numbers belonging to a pink Rolls-Royce went through their facility. Don't I remember that a little while back you and Lady Penelope Creighton Ward were hmmm, friends? Ski hesitates and then blinks, err yes but, he says. Laura pulls out a second document, from the French firm L'autoRoute and again a set of documents leading toa paper trail with a Mademoiselles Celin Jacynthe Dion as the owner of this amazing pearl white Citroen C65Eg that has mysteriously disappeared. Another of your friends Ski?, asks Laura.

Ski replies , "Well, errr Yes I" , Laura cuts in and hands him a third manila envelope and a small package and says, with a gleam in her eyes "That's All I wanted to hear, and OOh Did I keep you waiting ?" she winks at Ski and turns walking away smiling to herself.