Hello Shizzy here with my first ever Y-G-O fanfic! Ok, I lied it's not really mine my friend wrote this I'm only posting this for her. ( GO ROCHELLE!)

Disclaimer- Neither me or any of my friends own Yu-Gi-Oh! (Dammit)

Joey – (crying) It's just so mentally confusing.

Seto – Emphasis on 'mentally'.

Tristan – I feel your pain dude. ROCK ON!

Joey –.:sniff, sniff:. It's a constant reminder of how cruel the world can be.

Serenity – It's okay big brother, let it go.

Yugi – I can't believe the world is so cruel.

Yami – I can't believe the authoress is so cruel to let us sit through this shit.

Seto – Why can't you believe that?

Tristan – Shhh, he's about to tell us why he's crying. Go on man.

Joey – I can still hear them taunting him…saying (blows his nose).

Serenity – what big brother?

Joey – Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!

A/N – I knew the ending was gonna be dumb but DAMN! Hope you got a few laughs. Review please!