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Chapter 2.

Lyra (AKA: Ninja Chic for those who don't know yet) walked downstairs and turned on the TV. Here eyes were half open and her hair was a complete mess. The reason for her waking early on a Saturday morning was that One Piece would be starting soon, but for now it was the crappy new version of the ninja turtles. As she walked into the kitchen to fix herself some cereal the end credits for the ninja turtles began to roll. She took a bite of fruity pebbles when she heard something from the other room. Something…evil…...

"I'm Tony Tony Chopper"

She spit out every bit of cereal that was in her mouth and turned to the TV. It was a preview for the new season of One Piece. Her only question was why was Rika claiming to be Chopper? To her dismay it wasn't Rika talking…

"No… they didn't… they can't…no! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Lyra screamed in the air.

"Shut up and go back to sleep!" a stupid voice from her mothers room could be heard. It was her stupid sister who had no life, but that wasn't the case. Lyra silenced her screams and walked to the computer.

"I have an idea for Chapter 8…." She began typing as the horrible opening for One Piece began.

Down with the Dubbed
Chapter 7.

"I-I'm sorry about your eye" Usopp tried apologizing as both he and Larry sat on the floor.

"It alright" Larry wore a black patch over his insanely red eye.

What the two didn't realize was the danger they were in, well the danger Larry was in. On the other side of the wall the straw hats were watching the dubs….

Both Larry and Usopp jumped as a black boot kicked the door open. The door broke from its latches and flew toward them. They both screamed as the door barely grazed the hairs on their heads slamming into the wall behind them.

"AGH I DON'T WANNA DIE!" Usopp screamed jumping into Larry's arms. Larry stood wide eyed at the figure coming toward him.

"Hey you bastard I gotta complaint!" Zoro said sarcastically as he made his way across the room. His swords stood by his side as he gripped one's handel.

"Agh! D-d-do you have an appoint-" Larry was cut off by Zoro's hand grasping his neck. He pulled him up to eye level. Since Larry was a little shorter than Zoro his feet danged a few centimeters off the ground.

"I don't need one!" he paused giving Larry the evil eye before continuing. "What the hell is your problem?" Zoro's yell echoed around the room.

"W-w-wh…ahhh…are..." Larry tried talking but his inability to breathe stopped him from speaking. Usopp sat in complete silence. So that's how Zoro go the job done.

"You know I'm sick of you and your damn company ruining perfectly good anime!" He unsheathed one of his swords and held it at his side. With his other hand he lifted Larry a little higher by his neck. Larry's left eye began twitching as Zoro's blade came near his neck. "I'm gonna finish you ONCE AND FOR ALL!" Zoro was about to pull out his other sword and cut him twice in midair when…

"Not so fast crap swordsman!" Larry witnessed a large black shoe slam down on Zoro's head. As Zoro fell to the floor in temporary unconsciousness, Sanji took his place in front of Larry. Using the same gesture Zoro did, Sanji brought Larry to eye level, chocking him in the process.

"I gotta bone to pick with you Mr. Fittersworth…" he exhaled smoke from his cigarette in Larry's face making him cough a little. "I warned you I'd be back if you ruined my precious Nami-san's plot and look what happened" Larry desperately wanted to tell him he had nothing to do with the decisions of what was dubbed but decided for his safety, it would be best to remain silent. Usopp remained sitting in complete silence. As Zoro strained to get up from the floor, and Larry struggled in his grip, he noticed that Sanji was definitely getting the job done.

"You made my Nami-san angry, for that you will pay…" The dark shadow that suddenly appeared under Sanji's eyes was indeed unpleasant, but not as unpleasant as what was to come….

"I can take care of myself Sanji!" Larry witnessed a red metal rod slam across the side of Sanji's head. He soon joined Zoro on the floor. In Sanji's place stood a very, very pissed off Nami. Larry had yet to see the wrath of Nami since she was so nice to him last time.

"Do you know how much sense that made?" she whispered darkly. Larry looked up from the floor as she gripped her bo tightly. "I ASKED YOU A QUESTION!" she yelled.

"I didn't do anything!" Larry stared crying with his back against the floor his hands raised in a defensive position. Nami was angry and as most of the boys knew she wasn't very merciful when she was angry.

"Ok so Bellemere just went to Arlong's prison? Why didn't I find her then when I was younger? Why did I visit her tomb stone then? Her sacrifice was her life and you f#cking bastards just edited that out!" she swung her bo across Larry's face sending him flying through the wall and into the other room. Larry's crash sent useless paperwork and desks flying everywhere. He slid across the floor until he crashed into a file cabinet, which afterwards fell on him.

Nami made her way into the next room through the convenient door that connected the rooms together. Usopp could hear a girl scream and a girl yell. Most likely the yelling girl was Nami and the screaming one was Larry. Usopp continued to remain still as Sanji tried to get up.

"That's my lovely dove" he said with hearts in his eyes as he massaged his neck from where the bo hit him. As soon as he stood up he was tripped by the sheath of a sword. Sanji fell with a loud thud hitting his head in the process, knocking him unconscious for the time being.

"You bastard! My head f#cking hurts" Zoro stood up from the ground holding his head with both hands. As he stood he scanned his surroundings. There was a huge hole in the wall, people yelling and screaming on the other side, and Sanji unconscious on the floor.

"Usopp what happened" he asked as he walked over to him, kicking Sanji on the way.

"Ummm… Nami became the exorcist" He answered. Zoro's eyes widened.

"Damn… I'm glad I was unconscious for that…" he itched the back of his head confused as to what to do next. "Man I wanted to torment him, but now I wont get to, there's nothing I could do to scare the sh#t out of him that Nami probably hasn't done already" both nodded in agreement.

"Hey how did Luffy take the new episodes?" Usopp lifted an eyebrow.

"Where is Luffy?" Zoro scanned the room. Luffy was the first one to enter, but he never confronted Larry? Where did he go?

In the closet of Larry's office….

"So this is where he keeps the meat!" Luffy had a big smile on his face as he opened the refrigerator door. He dug into the secret refrigerator well hidden in the back of Larry's closet. It was heaven. There was ham and pork and beef and bacon and sausage and ham again! All already cooked on top of that! "I- I guesh (smack) ihafta yellahim (gulp) layer ferrall he's (chew) dun" Luffy's words slurred together as he stuffed his face with meat.

Back at Larry's office….

"You boys ready to go" Nami asked in a perky voice smiling the whole time. Zoro and Usopp did there best to ignore the smears of blood on her shirt, face, and bo.

"Um… Nami… is that blood on your bo?" Zoro finally asked. Nami shrugged keeping her smile on.

"Poor bo" Usopp whispered.

"Um where's Larry?" Nami pointed to the next room then walked back to the waiting room. Zoro and Usopp walked to where she pointed and looked inside. Both winced upon seeing Larry's deformed bloody, bruised, and broken body.

"Oww that had to hurt" Zoro pulled out a camera. Usopp began to twitch. He would never EVER get Nami angry EVER again after seeing this site.

"Hey what are we looking a- ah what the hell is that thing?" Sanji twitched as he saw Larry rotting on the ground.

"S'cuse me guys" Lyra walked between the group and up to Larry.

"What are you doing?" Zoro lifted an eyebrow as Lyra put her hands together. She preformed curaga making most of Larry's injuries go away. Larry got up and swayed form side to side still in pain. Zoro let out an angry sigh. "Damn Final Fantasy magic, I wanted him to die" he leaned against the wall as Lyra turned to him with a smile.

"I'm sorry Larry" she said before walking away. All four of the guys looked at her before she exited the room.

"What is she…?" Larry started. He cut himself off when he saw a small blue nosed reindeer at the door. He had no pupils and developed fangs. None of the guys could stop the enraged reindeer from charging at Larry, not that they would if they would anyway.


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