Summary: Jazz was once a respected mamber of the wizarding community. Until the awful events of Halloween, 1981, when her world came crashing down. After fifteen years, she is starting to remember who she was and who she is. And maybe, just maybe, she can be the family that young Harry Potter so desperately needs.
Jazz' POV
I had everything. I was a successful member of the Order of the Phoenix, under cover at St. Mungo's. James was, of course, deeply embedded in the ranks of the top Aurors of our day, as was Lily. Remus was employed; I'm not sure where, but Dumbledore was keeping him busy. And, naturally, Sirius was where James was, though not quite as successful.
When we were younger, people used to say James and I looked alike. Sure, we were both gifted with Dad's impossibly soft black hair, though I'd inherited a bit of Mum's wave while James was stuck with a mess. And, of course, James took after Dad with his hazel eyes and near-sightedness. I got Grandmum's navy-blue, almost violet eyes. Both of us are kind of pale, skinny and bony, though I, fortunately, have a few more curves than my twin brother.
In school, we could match each other in any class. Except he was always better at Quidditch than me. That's all right; I wasn't jealous because I'm afraid of heights. It used to make us laugh. I was actually physically stronger than him, though his reflexes were infinitely better. I guess that's the difference between our athletic capabilities: I could have played a Muggle sport with a lot of running and jumping easier than him.
But I always had a little something James never had. I'm sort of like a prescient. I can see some things before they happen. Ironic, though, when you take note of the fact that the girl who can see the future, can't remember her own past. Or…couldn't, rather. I couldn't. At the time of the telling of this story, obviously, I could remember it. But during the actual events described in this story, I was suffering from acute amnesia.
As far as I remember, I've had what I call 'true-dreams.' Not always, and mostly when I was asleep, though a few happened when I was awake. I remember one particularly…graphic true-dream that happened during a particularly hot Potions class, with my brother's best friend as my partner. Needless to say, Sirius and I didn't end up getting good marks on that day's lesson… The dreams are like miniature prophecies, premonitions that come true. I tried to stop one once, but it didn't work. I came to dread having them, even the good ones. It sort of ruined the fun, you know? But some of them were terrible. And there was nothing I could do to stop them from happening.
That's how this whole mess started, I suppose. With one of my true-dreams. The first time I had it was the day Lily finally said yes when James asked her out. That night, I dreamed a flash of green light and an evil laugh. The second time was the day they announced their engagement. That time it was the green light, an explosion, a scream, and the laugh. The third time was the day of the wedding. I actually had that one during the wedding ceremony, which was almost a disaster, because I nearly fell into Lily. Sirius managed to dive gallantly across the dais and catch me, holding me upright throughout the rest of the ceremony. I heard my brother's voice that time, telling Lily to take Harry and run.
The fourth time, the first time I actually saw people in the dream, happened on the day Lily announced to the family that she was pregnant. I struggled to block that one from my memory, and most likely would have succeeded if my nephew and godson hadn't been born nine months later.
On the day Harry James Potter was born, I had the worst vision yet, as I held my nephew and godson in my arms.
It was dark that night, very dark. The littlest Muggle children had gone to sleep, their mouths sticky from all the Halloween candy they'd collected, especially the spectacular candy the Potters always gave out up at Godric's Hollow.
James and Lily, a bit tired at the prospect of the Muggle Halloween party in the village, thanked Jazz profusely as they swept out of the house in their robes, the one day a year they could wear them in Muggle society without worrying. Jazz smiled and waved, keeping one eye on the still-crawling Harry by her feet. She loved playing with her nephew.
"So, Harry, what are we going to do while Mum and Dad are out tonight?" She picked the toddler up and smiled at his baby giggle as he reached out chubby fists for her. "You hungry?" He chortled again when she tickled his tummy with a raspberry. "Let's go see what Mum and Dad left us for dinner!" Carrying her nephew into the kitchen, Lily heard a soft click, like a lock being sprung and turned, curiously, towards the front door. "Sirius? That you? Come on, Harry and I are going to eat dinner! Join us; we'll make a glorious mess!" She waited, but no one came and then she gave up, deciding she'd heard something, and continued digging through the cupboards. "How about some pumpkin pasties, Harry? With pumpkin juice. I know my little nephew loves his pumpkin juice!" She handed the baby a sippy cup full of the orange juice and watched as Harry contentedly drank it. "You are easily pleased, little one." He babbled at her a moment and went back to his juice.
With a crack, Sirius appeared in the kitchen, a grin on his face. Jazz glared at him, hands on her hips, but smiled reluctantly. "Jazz, love, you're looking ravishing this evening," he said, eyebrows wiggling suggestively.
"Not interested, Sirius, how many times do I have to tell you?" she shot back. The friendly banter was second nature to them both after so many years of being mutual best friends with James. "Come to join Harry and I in our Halloween feast?" "No, actually. Since we all have a free night, and we're all trying to relax, I thought I'd take Harry off your hands and go see Peter. He's probably lonely, going into hiding, and I thought a visit from me and Harry might cheer him up a bit." "Can't, Pads, sorry. Harry's got curfew, and you know the rule. He's not allowed outside Godric's Hollow without one of his parents or me." Sirius pouted at her, but she only shook her head, looking truly regretful. "Sorry. Maybe when someone finally gets rid of the threat, then we'll be safe and none of us will be in hiding anymore…" She sighed, as did he, and then he nodded and Disapparated with another loud crack. "Your Uncle Sirius wants to get us in trouble again, Harry, what do you think of that?" "Si-wus," he said, then grinned up at her from his chair.
"That's right, Sirius! A troublemaker if I ever saw one." "Jazz. Jazz give Harry juice now." Smiling at her nephew's limited grasp of grammar and vocabulary, she poured more juice into his cup and picked him up. She carried him up to his room and they sat on the floor, playing with Harry's miniature Quidditch set until the boy's eyes started to droop.
He fussed when she tried to put him in his crib, so she held him, going into her room, still cradling him in her arms.
She woke suddenly when a scream echoed through the house. Rubbing her eyes and cuddling a whimpering Harry, she heard her brother's voice. "Lily! Find Harry, take him and Jazz and go! I'll hold him off!" Despite screaming instincts to stay in her room, Jazz ran out into the hall to see a wide-eyed Lily Potter come charging up the stairs. She looked relieved to see Jazz and Harry safe, and took her son from his aunt's arms.
"Apparate to Sirius' flat, Lils. Keep Harry safe. I'm going to help James." As she set her foot on the top step, there was a ringing crash from downstairs and yell of pain from her brother, viciously cut short. "No!" she whispered, voice agonized. Bounding down the stairs two at a time, she found her brother lying in a boneless heap on the floor. Kneeling to take his pulse, as she'd been trained, she failed to notice Lily, behind her, tears flooding from her eyes, coming down the stairs.
"Move side, girl," demanded a high, cruel voice. "Move aside!" "Not Harry, please, not him. Take me instead, please, not Harry!" Jazz turned, slowly, and saw the terrifying sight. Voldemort loomed over her sister-in-law, pointing his wand at her and her son. Lily shoved Harry onto the step behind her, protecting him with her body. Her eyes were on James' still form and Jazz felt a surge of bile rise in her throat.
How did he find us? rang through her head. Only Peter and Sirius knew! How did he find us here?
"Move aside, you silly girl!" Voldemort ordered.
And then Jazz saw how the Dark Lord had found the Potter home, protected as it was by a powerful Fidelius Charm. Peter Pettigrew stood just off to one side, watching the scene with a look of morbid fascination on his face. If she'd been coherent; if her twin had not been lying on the floor in front of her, she'd have seen the futility of trying to attack Peter without her wand. As it was, though, she wasn't coherent.

"Avada Kedavra," whispered Voldemort. A flash of green light, a rushing sound, and with a thump, Lily Potter tumbled to the floor, dead, leaving Harry sitting defenseless on the step, looking first at his mother and then at the looming figure above him. "And now," the evil lord hissed gleefully, turning his wand on the infant. "You will plague me no more. Avada Kedavra." The green light flashed, but instead of a rushing sound, an infant's wail resounded in the dark. Voldemort's high, cold, cruel laugh was cut short as the world around them exploded, sending flaming rubble out onto the massive grounds. Jazz was knocked flat, halfway towards a smirking Peter, and he was flung aside as well. After a moment, the only sound to be heard in the dark Halloween night was the howl of young Harry Potter.
It was horrifying because I saw, for the first time, my brother's murder. And I was helpless to stop it, to do anything for my screaming nephew. When I returned to the wizarding world after almost ten years outside of it, suffering from amnesia, I could remember only flashes from my school days. Names and faces, smiles and frowns. I remembered no one fully, nor did I remember the last thing I'd seen before succumbing to the blackness of oblivion: Harry, my little nephew Harry, being picked up by the old Hogwarts groundskeeper, Hagrid.
Because those events in my vision happened, just as they appeared to me. And like any of my other true dreams, I was unable to stop them, though I recognized them. Oh yes, I recognized them, as they happened on that Halloween night in 1981.