Here are the families and their ages and powers. They are all human.

Piper and Leo Halliwell (Wyatt)

Piper- witch-48-owns a club called P3- powers: power to change the speed of molecules in objects and people, creating the effect of freezing time (only for the frozen object) when she slows molecules, and the effect of explosion, when she speeds up the molecules.

Leo-whitelighter/Elder-44- poses as a handyman or doctor- Powers: (see whitelighter and Elders)

Wyatt Matthew Halliwell -17-witch/whitelighter-powers: has too many to name has whitelighter powers but has more from his witch side.

Christopher Perry Halliwell -16- witch/whitelighter-powers: has too many but he is like Wyatt but he has less powers. also has psychokinesis

Phoebe and Jason Halliwell (Dean)

Phoebe-witch-46- works as a advice columnist has 2 books out and had a talk show Powers-premonitions and the power to levitate; in addition, she is an empathy.

Jason-47- a mortal- owns the Bay Minor a newspaper is Phoebe's boss doesn't mine about the witch stuff

Parker Dean Halliwell -11- witch-powers-to levitate and has lighting balls; no one in the Halliwell line of witches has ever had lighting balls, Parker is said to be the future active charmed one.

Peyton Grace-8-witch-premonitions and she has empathy, she got her empathy power when she turned 7 she still can not control her power.

Paige Matthews ( Halliwell/ Warren)

Paige-witch/whitelighter-half sisters to Prue, Piper and Phoebe-44-has whitelighter powers and she can move objects with her mind she can finally heal on her own- head of the magic school.

Pia Prudence Matthews-Halliwell- 5-doesn't know who her dad is-whitelighter/witch- powers-whitelighter -astral projection.

Lucius and Melody DeJulia (Miller)

Lucius-Elder/whitelighter- died in year 2016 - best friend and mentor to Leo Wyatt

Melody- died in year 2014- witch- was best friends with Paige Matthews before she became a Charmed One.

Nicolett Alexandria-16-witch/whitelighter/Elder- is the only kid who has a Elder's power by birth- powers- Elder-whitelighter- good energy balls.

Elders - Elders are high whitelighters that govern all good magical beings. The Elders select future whitelighters and provide information and guidance to current ones. While whitelighters are supposed to help others, they follow a strict set of rules in doing so. The Elders take responsibility for ensuring that whitelighters follow these rules. When an Elder retires, he must pass his powers to another being, who then replaces him. An Elder can only pass on his powers at certain times, such as the equinoxes.

Whitelighters - A person that does a great deal of good during his life may become a whitelighter after death. Whitelighters are sort of angelic creatures that watch over good people, both mortals and witches, and try to keep them from coming to harm. Whitelighters have the power to heal, hover and can travel by orbing. While whitelighters eat, sleep, and otherwise function like regular human beings, they cannot be mortally wounded. These wounds will magically heal themselves. The only way that a whitelighter may be killed is by a darklighter's arrow, which is tipped in a poison made specifically for that purpose. While the Elders can track whitelighters, if a whitelighter chooses to stop using his powers the Elder will be unable to track him. If a whitelighter is trying to disappear, only a blood relative can locate him again. If he chooses not to use his powers for a long period of time and the Elders can find no other way to locate him, eventually he will lose his whitelighter abilities