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I'm a freak, an outcast, kicked out of my own village, disowned by my father. Ever since I can remember I've had strange scars on my hands, also the gift to manipulate the elements, such as pulling the stones out of a wall, gathering fire into my hands and turning it into weapons or projectiles, making strange moving figures out of the earth and making trees fall with a flick of my hand. I can't make the elements, just manipulate them but I can't manipulate man-made substances like steel. I have been on my own since I was 15 and I'm now 18, and over the years I have got into lots of fights and I have learned to always keep a few things handy such as matches, canteens of water and pebbles and of cause a dirk, I carry these things in case there is no objects to manipulate. The only thing I've got left to live for is to find out what am I who am I, what are my origins.