Chapter One -

"Ms. Granger?"

Hermione started. "Yes, Professor?" she said, trying to appear more alert by sitting up straighter.

"Do you have the answer?" said Professor McGonagall, looking very surprised at Hermione's lack of attention.

"Um...could you repeat the question?" Hermione said, her cheeks burning.

"Never mind," said McGonagall, giving Hermione a strange look before directing her gaze at someone else. "Finnigan…"

Hermione drifted back to her daydream once more and toned out all other words from Professor McGonagall.

She knocked twice on the door. "It's me," she said huskily.

The door slowly opened and revealed a dark room filled with numerous vanilla candles. A single rose lay on the oak table, shadowed by a tall figure who took her in his arms…

The bell rang, waking Hermione out of her daydream. She shook her head, unconsciously packing up her books. She couldn't take it any longer. She had been having the same dream again and again, and, she decided, it was time to take action.

Since transfiguration was the last class of the day, she rushed up to the Gryffindor girls dorm to change into something she had been saving for a while now. Actually, she had bought it on a dare during one of Lavender's Hogsmeade parties. It was a sleeveless black mini dress, with a deep V-neck and open cuts in various places, revealing some of her tanned skin. She quickly put this on, and, not being able to wait another second, raced off to Hagrid's hut.

Hermione knocked twice on the large oak door, just like in her dream.

"Who is it," said a deep voice from inside.

"It's Hermione," she said as sexily as she could.

"Oh," There was a low creaking noise, and the door opened to reveal Hagrid. His beard was long and tangled, and Hermione longed to bury her face in it. He was sporting his usual tan long-sleeved shirt and dragon skin vest, with thick black trousers kept up with a thick silver belt. Hermione resisted the urge to tear it off.

"Come on in, 'Ermione," said Hagrid, ushering her inside, curiously examining her outfit and feeling his pants shrink. His eyes widened and he gulped, wiping his sweaty forehead. Hermione hesitantly made her way inside and sat down on the large, soft bed that was placed next to the table.

"'Ermione," said Hagrid, noting her nervousness. "Is 'ere summat you want t' tell me?"

Hermione straightened her dress nervously. "Well…yes, Hagrid. I…um…I – love you."

Hagrid could barely believe his ears. Was he dreaming? It had to be a dream…

Hermione was visibly sweating now. "Rubeus – did you hear me? – I said I love you."

This seemed to be the encouragement that he needed, for he made a low growling noise in the back of his throat and pulled her to him, capturing her lips in a passionate kiss. Hermione moaned and Hagrid slipped his huge tongue into her small mouth. This made Hermione curious to know the size of some other body parts.

Hagrid rolled on top of her, breaking the kiss so he could slip her dress off. Hermione undid his belt as she had been wanting to do ever since she walked in that door more than 5 years ago. She slipped his pants down his tree trunks of legs and pulled down his XXXXXXXXL boxers. She gasped at what sprung out and smacked her in the face.

Soon enough, it was all over, and Hermione was sore all over, but feeling more – full than she had ever felt, for Hagrid had fallen asleep as soon as they had finished their frenzied activity, and had forgotten to – er - remove himself. Hermione could feel her own eyelids closing as well, but before she fell asleep, she realized that they had forgotten to use a condom.

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