Facing my Fears – a fanfic by cometobed

Chapter Five

Hermione stepped out of the shower and threw a towel over her dripping body. Leaving a trail of wet footprints behind, she walked over to the mirror and rubbed her hand on it in order to get rid of the fog that had accumulated there. She grabbed her brush and began to drag it through her hair. She gave it a final spritz of hairspray before smiling at her reflection and strolling over to the outfit she had lain out for herself ten minutes previously. Her cheerful disposition lasted all the way downstairs to the common room, where she flounced on to a comfy chair and opened a book.

Saturday always had been her favorite day. You could sleep in (although Hermione usually did not choose to) and you could stay up late reading a good book without worrying of the tired nature you would feel the next morning. She sighed happily and turned the page.

She looked up as she heard the portrait hole being opened. Ron clambered through, soaked and muddy. "Hermione!" Ron called, skidding over to her and getting mud all over the carpet.

She looked at him, confused. "I thought you were supposed to be at Quidditch," she said slowly.

Ron handed her a dirt-stained note and did not smile. "I'm supposed to be, but Harry made me come up here to give you this," he said, gesturing at the note. "It's a love letter from your precious teacher," he sighed. Ron looked extremely annoyed at having to skip Quidditch practice.

Hermione's heart jumped in her chest. Ron turned his back on her and clambered out the portrait hole, leaving Hermione alone to read the note.


Meet me in the Great Hall as soon as you can. Its urgent.


"Rubeus?" Hermone called uncertainly into the seemingly empty Great Hall. She glanced around the room, worried as she did not hear –


'Ermione's heart leapt as she turned and was promptly enveloped into a warm embrace.

"Baby" said Hermione concernedly. "What is it?"

Rubeus pulled away, and Hermione gasped as she saw that his beardy face was streaked with tears. She also noticed that he wasn't wearing any pants.

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